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  1. Post # 4292, 2nd. Picture up from the bottom. The town must let you hang any and all the signs you like, look at all those plastered on that building, Dale in Indy
  2. Those of US over 80, know it ALL, Dale in Indy
  3. Click on the like above the picture of the car to get the price of $24,900.00 Dale in Indy
  4. Maybe the clamp is so tight it has put the hose in a wrinkled position, thus causing it to leak thru the wrinkles. Probably not, but maybe. Dale in Indy
  5. I was well aware he was commenting on the owner of the car in question. If that's his opinion, I say it's MINE, to say, WHO IS HE TO CALL SOMEONE AN IDIOT. I will leave it at that. Dale in Indy
  6. To call the owner an IDIOT, is just wrong. We as owners have the right to do what we like, YOU can say you don’t like the mod, but to call him an IDIOT, poor choice of words, and simply WRONG We have beat this topic to death in the past, allow those that wish to do their own thing do their thing. I’m all for your decision to be a purist, that’s your right, so is deciding to modify our right. Matt loves his Limited, I’m happy for him, I’m thrilled with my modified Limited. I have never picked on a purist, just don’t call me an IDIOT. Those that know me, know, they would never call me an IDIOT. I suggest you edit your comment. Dale in Indy appy
  7. Rear fender welting appears to be same color as car, weren’t they BLACK from factory? Wondering, Dale in Indy
  8. Merry Christmas Bob, I do see your point, no hard feelings here, FOR SURE! Dale in Indy
  9. I guess the fact you were addressing issues you had TWO years ago watered down the post. From what I have read and also learned from a couple Michigan friends that attended this year, the show was well received. Dale in Indy
  10. If you mount coil-overs using the old shock mounting points be aware those mounting points were NOT designed to support the added pressure/weight coil-overs will produce. The original springs SUPPORT the car, shocks only control the bounce. Ask any coil-over supplier, they will give you info on how to modify the mounting points, failure to do such is asking for trouble. Dale in Indy
  11. Anyone that goes to a show knowing the rules, then when at the show attempts to change the rules, isn’t being realistic. Of all the shows I have attended over 60 years I have never found a reason to complain, RULES are RULES. Go to the promoter, and suggest they consider changes for future shows. Dale in Indy
  12. No Ben, NO, NO, NO, YOU know you would add the air brake, Dale in Indy
  13. There probably has never been a show that complaints weren’t abound. You knew the rules up front, either don’t attend or START your own show, then listen to all the cry babies. Ask any promoter, they could write a book on cry babies. Dale in Indy
  14. They are STRAIGHT EIGHTS, hehe, if a VISOR is included, RUN, RUN Dale in Indy
  15. Great car & colors. Personally I would never restore a high end car, and add a after market tire kit. I’m guessing that’s what the owner wanted, and that’s his/her choice. Dale in Indy
  16. I showed a car there in 2001, while there I heard a couple staff members talking. The drift of the conversation was crowd size. In an effort to control the crowd from so called lower class folks, he said they raised the price considerably in an effort to control such. Not a nice conversation to hear, for sure. I heard/read later that the price increase didn’t produce the desired result, in fact a record crowd showed up. That show is high on lots of folks DO LIST so price didn’t have an effect. It just produced more profits. Go when you can. One of the cars this year was a protype by Inifiniti, a race car inspired by one from the 40’s. I am using pictures of it as my inspiration for my Buick Sixteen large scale model. If I could figure out how to copy/paste I would post a picture of it. Dale in Indy
  17. Veneer coming off,,,,,, reminds me of a friend that had a car with veneer on many interior trim pieces. He and his wife took their young relative to the zoo, driving home he kept hearing a snapping noise. He kept an eye in the mirror, and the young one was sitting quiet and looking out the window. He continued to hear the snapping, well when he got home he took a look in the back, well, the kid had picked off most of the veneer, NOT A NICE FIND. Fitty fo, just be glad that kid didn’t get close to your wagon, That was his BUBBLE WRAP. Dale in Indy P.S. I’m making progress on my BUICK SIXTEEN. Two Straight Eights hooked end to end in my 36” long race car model. I’m keeping FItty Fo posted with pic’s. It’s my most involved/detailed piece. No Visor though. Got to love that Ben.
  18. I really miss updates, has anyone heard from, or has info on this builder/build? Dale in Indy
  19. Nice, very nice. Great color combo toooooooo! Dale in Indy
  20. Love dim dare 50’s, Ben probably thinks they are missing his special add-on, the exterior air brake/parachute. Got to love that Ben, Dale in Indy
  21. Key to pulling tape off is to use this method,,,,,, don’t pull the tape straight up, but bend it dack so the non sticky side is touching the back of the tape you want to remove. This way you are cutting the paint, not lifting it up & off. You may already know this, and pull the tape while the paint hasn’t dried, that helps also. Dale in Indy
  22. As I recall riding in one in the 50's it had a lot of body twist as it rode over the rough roads of the time. Sure is something about a steel top car that helps control such, IMO. Dale in Indy
  23. Well for whatever reason, I really feel it is very distracting. Go fish go. Dale in Indy