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  1. What a bunch of cry babies!! The Car show was wonderful,parking on the grass was fine. It amazes me how people lose sight of the fact that this show is a tremendous undertaking to pull off the way the Herschey team does. Remember boys this is a car show not a life & death situation. You guys are way too wrapped up in negativity IMO.
  2. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">here is my 70 challenger r/t </div></div> Cool ride Ted.
  3. Matt, I remeber reading about that, awesome achievement. I have had my cars at Carlisle in the Invitational "T" building but never to the Chrysler Classics shows, my 66 Belvedere was invited & accepted to 3 Concours show's this year but due to my crazy schedule I can only make the Northeast Burn Prevention Concours at Lehigh PA, I heard it's an amazing show and I look forward to it. I'm sure your car has been nominated for concours shows as well. Regarding what is faster, my 440 Six Pack or My Hemi? MMMM tough question, I own 1 Hemi car a 66 Belvedere vert and 4 Six Pack cars, my Hemi runs STRONG, so it's hard to say, they are tempermental, and flood easy & foul plugs if you don't start them and exercise them Hemi's are a pain in the a$$, for overall dependability 440 are better, Hemi's however when tuned well run like no other!!! So if all things are equal tuning, etc the Hemi reigns supreme.
  4. Thank's for the kind words the color is "Burnt Orange" the interior is the same color as well.
  5. I attended a local show (Moapr Atlantic Nationals at Englishtown NJ) and my car was picked for a photo shoot for Mopar Collectors Guide, I was bored tonight and figured I would post some pics,it's a #'s matching 70 440 Six pack R/T convertible. Enjoy
  6. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Here are some things you don't do. 1.) Don't invite them and the ignore them when they show up at a meeting. Make sure to introduce them around during the social hour. 2.) Don't gear all of the films, events, talks etc. to only the pre-war cars. 3.) Don't assume that because they are younger that they have lots of time and energy to take over the hard work of the club and dump it on them. 4.) Don't disrespect the cars that they chose to collect and restore. The focus of this club is to restore and preserve cars that are twenty-five years old or older. 5.) Don't dismiss newer ideas because "it has always been done this way". </div></div> BRAVO, well said.
  7. Bob, Good luck on your new projec, it looks solid. JP
  8. Cool story. Everytime I see your sc/rambler I Fall in LOVE all over.
  9. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> This is photo from 1979.My brother won the WV.state championship in his 1970 Dodge Challenger 440 six pack. That track was a 1,000 foot track,little less then 1/4 mile. He is the one with the helmet and I'm the one holding the trophy.Our friend in the middle. My brother did great as he was a young 16 years of age, I was 14 !!! My parents would drive one of their old Classic cars to the track and watch us race !!!! This was fun stuff,I wonder where the years go as it doesn't seem that long ago. The Challenger was restored after this. It looked great and was faster then ever but was never as much fun. It was sold because of this. Restored cars are great but I have seen alot of people restore them when they didn't need it. That just seems a shame to me but I guess,to each their own. thanks, Matt I learned to drive a 4-speed in this Challenger. FREEDOM=AMC </div></div> Any more pictures of the Challenger? More details about the car, please?
  10. You mentioned the build sheet is "Hardly there"? Scan some pics I can decode whatever you have.
  11. With out a complete "Build Sheet" getting a correct repalcement fender tag is impossible, did you check all the possible locations for another build sheet? Under the carpets, seats, up under the dash above the glove box? Hopefully the remains of the build sheet you have has the important info, Galen can make you a tag based on a inspection of the car which might help quite a bit, but will never be fully correct. Any other questions regarding your car you can email me, I have a few mopars including a GTX convertible. Regards, John spiazza@si.rr.com P.S. Galen gets his tags made by AG Backeast www.datatags.com
  12. Max Wedges IMO were the first REAL muscle cars.
  13. I agree 100%, that auction is the pits.
  14. Check out mine, keep your speakers on and pick "High Test" hopefully you have cable modem or you will not be able to see the flash presentation. www.raremopars.com
  15. As mentioned above Galen sells the "White Books" that list production figures of each model, I have the books but I can't seem to find them. Remember "Rare" & "Desirable" are two different things!! What other options does it have and what color?
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