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  1. Took the front seat out to have the petrified foam cushion replaced. Wondering if the two seat motors require lubrication? They look like sealed units and they work. If it ain't broke don't fix it? Thanks
  2. 55 Roadmaster 4dr. power seats. Is it possible to remove the lower seat cushion without removing the entire mechanism or the upper(vertical) cushion? I am using the 54 body manual as reference and it's a little unclear. The foam padding is deteriorating and needs to be replaced.
  3. Conversely, a four way seat can be made a two way seat by removing a motor. Joke, c'mon, it's Halloween!
  4. Take a look at this thread. 1955 Steering Column Height Adj.
  5. Got to this topic, 1955 Steering Column Height I found it necessary to get the dash back in my car after I painted it. It's a fiddly job.
  6. Last weekend, Best of Show award, Long Island Chapter,all Buick show.
  7. Heel pad pic. Sorry for the delay. Apologize for the carpet, in process of Spring cleaning>
  8. Button on left is starter(will return to gas pedal start one of these days).Power antenna,pretty sure original. White stripes on knobs I have seen with and without. Been told some factories did some did not(my car born in Atlanta). When I repainted my dash, there was faint white paint on the knobs so I redid them that way. Some don't like the look,too busy,but aren't all cars from this era a little busy?
  9. Bought Daytona last year for Roadmaster 4dr. from SMS. Been told it is original type carpet. Needed to be trimmed mostly the length of the sides. I secured it carpet tape. slightly lumpy in some areas but they came that way when new. Made protectors from huge excess. Altogether nice carpet,my opinion.
  10. I'm thinking now, maybe mine was dealer installed. It's a little difficult to reach when driving.
  11. Speakers been replaced,just thought a pic might be helpful. Rear speaker is a tight fit with the evaporator under it.
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