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  2. Coolant operating temperatures: These are exerpts of the bulletin.
  3. Not mine - what is the world coming to when this is considered a parts car? I see a complete car with that solid as rocks vinyl interior in usable condition, a straight body with some rust in the usual spaces, fully equipped with a/c, front cornering lights, even power bucket seat . Of course there is no price, so if the guy is wanting $4500 for it, that's a deal breaker, but he isn't likely going to get that out of the parts, locally. Not to mention, it's one of the nicest color combinations for that year - race car red. Power trunk release too?
  4. Hi, I'm trying to remove the steering wheel on a '41 Buick Special. I cannot figure out how to remove the horn button. The manual says to pry it off with a small screwdriver. I cannot get anything to budge, and would prefer to not break something that's original and hard to find. Any help and guidance out there?
  5. It's highly doubtful it's a scam. Scammers try to get their victim to download files or click on links. He's simply asking for information he can download. If you receive a message with an attachment or a clickable link from someone you don't fully trust, don't click on it. Doing so may download a malicious threat or take you to a website with malicious code. Good protection is to use Mozilla Firefox for the browser, it is much more secure than Microsoft Internet explorer. Most attackers target explorer because that is what most people use. Firefox has many built in protections. It has an up to date database of malicious sites and will block them if inadvertently accessed. If you're using Windows XP (still) or Windows 7 32 bit on the internet, it's time to upgrade, those old systems were very un-secure with easily accessed ports. Move up to at least Windows 7 64 bit (newer computer with a 64 bit mother board). 64 bit PC running Firefox is pretty bullet proof. This guy just wants help. -Ron
  6. Any particular model or body style?
  7. Hi all Has anyone ever found the factory build sheet inside their ‘65? If so where did you find it? Is there a common location I wonder.... I’m soon to remove back seat (seatbelts) and some of the carpet up front (lifting console re courtesy light) so will have a ‘butchers’ as we say in London ‘butchers hook’ = look ..think Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins... Cheers Kev
  8. Was reading the '56 Tech Bulletins Manual and came across some information that addresses issues which seem to pop up here on occasion. I will post these as separate responses hoping that will make it easier to search for in the future.
  9. "This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available."
  10. Paul has sage advice regarding an electric fuel pump mixed into a vacuum tank to get the fuel to flow. WHY? to lazy to get the original system sorted out to the way it was when it was new? or if you don't know , find out who has had it done and go to them. Join the Franklin Club , if there are modern replacement parts that will make the Franklin go as intended the members will have tried them out and you can rest assured that what you will buy and install will work well with no problem. Better to sort it out properly first rather then to just dump some oil in it and think that will then lube everything that has been washed clean by the gasoline that should not have been there. I was going to mention use "common sense" but as a good friend told me ( and Paul as well) 30 years ago " everyone has common sense , not everyone has good sense" .
  11. ...I also asked the same chap if he could repair the original relay, but sadly he couldn’t...I would have loved to keep it with the car ...I’m funny like that, hence reinstating the old beat-up metal air cleaner decal...
  12. Another ghastly and pretentious replica, run away, NOW! I think that is a bit harsh. If Radion likes the car and the price is right , Why not ?
  13. Another ghastly and pretentious replica, run away, NOW!
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  15. Are you sure your 12v Charger has enough amps to power the horn? Horns use relays for a reason, they draw a lot of power. Do an ohm reading to see what resistance you get.
  16. Plug wire is a quick and easy fix. Maybe do the oxygen sensor while you are there.
  17. I thought Buick also offered it that year as well, and labeled it 'Accu-Ride' Craig
  18. In my experience the spark plug wires are the most likely thing that would cause the misfire you are having at low RPM when the torque converter is locked and you try to accelerate.
  19. I wonder if VW of America still has its "European Delivery Program" that was popular for a number of decades. Perhaps one can be purchased that way. Craig
  20. number one issue is DOT glass and emissions standards.............. at one time, an American could bring in one "grey" car in their lifetime. dont believe that exists anymore. I always dreamt of bringing in a Porsche 911 ions ago.
  21. When I worked on the timing chain on my 1924 light six I went through the studebaker parts books. The same sprocket part numbers for the later EM are used all the way up to the end of that family of six cylinder engines. An example, cam shaft sprocket part number 120006 according to the 1928 to 40 six part book was used on: GE, GJ, GL, S1, 53. Older parts books also show this part number for the standard six and EM. The same is true for the other two sprockets. The parts book shows a number of different chains by different manufacturers but the same sprockets were used for at least 10 years. They list each new chain type as superseding the previous one. I ended up removing the hunters link from my chain as per the repair manual. That took care of the slackness issue.
  22. So, no one should direct him to a PDF for the shop manual? We are awake and alert, to the disappointment of all dishonest people; but I believe this to be a real request.
  23. Randy, try connecting a jumper wire from the battery positive post to the positive {+} on the coil. Ben
  24. WAKE UP ! Of course it's a scam..after a few contacts he will have you on the hook, and move on to the real efrfort.
  25. VW will no longer offer the Toureg in the US market. We get the Atlas, a much bigger vehicle. If one REALLY wants a new Toureg, is it difficult to buy overseas & ship here? What about import duties? Would parts & service be difficult to obtain here?
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