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  1. Try S/M Turnswitch http://www.turnswitch.com/speakers.htm
  2. It is an absolute PIA to change. The last time I had to replace one on my 71, it took 3 guys to lift off the hood. You may want to try removing the bolts to the inner fender and see if you can get the inner fender down enough to get it out. This is one thing the Buick engineers screwed up. Robert Bonto
  3. I changed mine back in 2003. I bought AC Delco 6428629 Bob Bonto
  4. I don't think this came out of a 72 Riv with posi, the one tip off was there was no posi tag. In checking the full size Buick service manual for 71, the axle code for 3.42 posi should be QAO. The service manual did not list any AO codes for any other full size Buicks. Perhaps this is for the Skylark series. I cannot tell you what the 95 represents as the manual does not have any such info. The last letter "O" designates the manufacture which was Oldsmobile. I believe that Buick used the same codes for a number of years. Robert Bonto
  5. I checked my 71 today, that is a rubber cover for a insulator. I have attached a copy from the 72 assembly manual, as you can see where it is and there is no bolt. the diagram shows where the bolts are. Robert Bonto
  6. Yes the Riviera GS handling package A9 included radial HR70/15 tires. As Seafoam pointed out, if the tires are more than 10 years old, they need to replaced. Bob Bonto
  7. Had my booster done by them last year, also got a package of "booster nuts". Great people to do business with. Robert Bonto
  8. I believe this is what you are looking for. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1969-1974-Buick-GS455-Electra-Riviera-Skylark-temp-switch-6489285-400-455-NOS-/223895028523 Robert Bonto
  9. I've had Bilstein shocks on my 71 Riv for many years now. In my opinion, you cannot get a better shock. They are not cheap, but they do come with a lifetime guarantee. Performance Suspension Technology sells a set for $472. https://p-s-t.com/
  10. Like Ed, Chris was also a very dear friend of mine. He would also call me once a week. He came to Akron one year to take in The Glenmoor Gathering car show and ended up helping to judge a class. I still miss those weekly phone calls. Robert Bonto
  11. Sorry about that, thought I was in the lower hose section. Dug into my old Delco & Gates catalog. Delco 24062L Gates 20919 Robert Bonto
  12. Rock Auto shows Delco 26035x https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=346757&cc=1021442&jsn=929&_nck=ZExt1ysfqhqWnq%2BEvUNdS3Txyey60IDtnjPWF5UU9J0BWQv7pvqZbkEUk86%2BAYIh3BPX4eQfsOhfPtfXcs%2BkRqDR0Sa2a%2BhvqsSsSjYvj4RAususIe8lddE2BDygnTCU3UiF4qHmDXzjzocE3btdExpRNC%2FDB2zHRQqHWcYQ2dMd%2B3p85oFPevloKagioisLzSZ2nleTSHSC6%2BwHrMF4ZoMEj01TN98sbU85JsqMoqKaRI23NXzh9whlObsXgCdXNvDKsMmZLirvz%2FXE7HQ7iQWiNqcXWwMQ%2Bx5mGW9B8HqM56s%2BK5JPgX6QpMc4JSAILsKq6FGtquOy6MZjgrG1AdMrzGVlKcpf&jsn=929&_nck=ZExt1ysfqhqWnq%2BEvUNdS3Txyey60IDtnjPWF5UU9J0BWQv7pvqZbkEUk86%2BAYIh3BPX4eQfsOhfPtfXcs%2BkRqDR0Sa2a%2BhvqsSsSjYvj4RAususIe8lddE2BDygnTCU3UiF4qHmDXzjzocE3btdExpRNC%2FDB2zHRQqHWcYQ2dMd%2B3p85oFPevloKagioisLzSZ2nleTSHSC6%2BwHrMF4ZoMEj01TN98sbU85JsqMoqKaRI23NXzh9whlObsXgCdXNvDKsMmZLirvz%2FXE7HQ7iQWiNqcXWwMQ%2Bx5mGW9B8HqM56s%2BK5JPgX6QpMc4JSAILsKq6FGtquOy6MZjgrG1AdMrzGVlKcpf
  13. No reproduction that I know of and I don't believe there ever will be. Bob Bonto
  14. All the factory literature shows the front plate holder. When I ordered my 71 GS, there was no option on the wholesale order form to delete. Most likely someone wanted a cleaner look and removed it. Bob Bonto
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