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  1. You are correct, the handle does not remove. It is the same for all 71-73's. Bob Bonto
  2. No one at this time is making battery trays. Robert Bonto
  3. Randy, Buick stated with the internally regulated alternators in 71 on the Riv's Bob Bonto
  4. There are two books , 1 1963-73 by Chris Wolfe publisher Motorbooks International Chris was a very dear & extremely close friend, he came to Akron back in 2001 to attend the Glenmore Gathering show and he autographed his book for me. Sadly he passed away a couple years ago. From time to time, his book will pop up on Ebay. 2 1963-78 by R M Clarke, publisher Brooklands Robert Bonto
  5. I think you need to check where Venezia tires are made :Venezia Tires is a private-branded label made in China. The tires are manufactured for, sold and distributed exclusively by American Omni Trading Company, an international import/export company that is based in Houston, Texas. Your Venezia tires were made in China for a distributor that is based in Houston, TX. Being the corporate credit Manager for a wholesale Tire Distributor, we know where tires are made. The company I work for does not sell passenger or light truck tires, we only sell OTR, farm & tractor tires. Our salesmen get many calls a day about passenger/light truck tires, they only recommend Hankook's. I checked my Hankook' they were made in Indonesia, not china. Every tire manufacture has several tiers of tires, Venezia is the lowest tier. I know all about Omni as they buy from us. Bob Bonto
  6. I've been running the Hankook H724, they are available at Walmart Bob Bonto
  7. They are 235x75 Initially I purchased a set of Cooper Trendsetter, less THAN 2 weeks later brown spots were coming thru the whitewalls, the dealer replaced them and that set lasted about 3 weeks with brown spots. I called Cooper and complained, they agreed and they sent a 3rd set to the dealer. Before they even jacked the car up, we inspected the tires. You could see all the brown spots right thru the blue tape. The dealer said he was done and I was done. Told him to get me the Hankook's The Hankooks have been on the car since end of Oct. 2016, have had absolutely no problems and they ride excellent. Bob Bonto
  8. The Hankook Optima is 1/2 wide. Yes Diamond Back will make any size but their prices are extremely exorbitant, I was quoted $265 a tire. Got 4 Hankook's for less than $400 out the door. According to production #'s only 1574 73's were ordered with the Deluxe wire covers. Bob Bonto
  9. It has been repainted once, you can see the overspray on the left rear window rubber jamb seal. they also used tape for the stripes vs the factory was painted. certainly a driver. Bob Bonto
  10. Matt I have to disagree with you on the point that we should be hoping this guy gets a MASSIVE score with this car. I truly believe you are missing the point that what everyone is trying to say is the dealer is trying to hype this car as being a #1 councours car when in reality it is a low 2 to 3 car and it does not justify the ridiculous price he is asking. Bob Bonto
  11. Yes I watched the video, like everyone else I lost count on the incorrect items. I don't believe it was a frame off resto, just someone getting carried away with black paint, even the gas tank is painted black. I got so tired of listening to the overhype that I quit watching it. This guy sure knows how to spin it. He should be a politician. Bob Bonto
  12. While i'm not against any dealer making a fair profit, this is just plain ridiculous to think anyone with a half of brain would pay $80K for this car. As my mother would always tell me, a fool and his money are soon parted. The facts are that that the boattails are not commanding that kind of $ no matter what condition it is in. Check the Hagerty valuation values. Asking $80K and getting it are entirely two different items. Bob Bonto
  13. There are several Facbook forums, here is one for the boattails Bob Bonto
  14. Randall, In checking my archives, I found 596 72's were built for special car order paint -extra charge & 735 special car order paint-no extra charge. They are listed as option code 35 & 37. I think that if someone wanted another GM division color, some would be extra charge and some would not. At this point it would be hard to know what the actual paint code was. it would have been nice if GM would have put SCO & then the paint code #. Good luck. Bob Bonto
  15. The data plate will show the two digit paint code. If you notice in the box for exterior paint, it is blank, the dealer had to put in the code #. as there were so many colors to choose from . Bob Bonto