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  1. No reproduction that I know of and I don't believe there ever will be. Bob Bonto
  2. All the factory literature shows the front plate holder. When I ordered my 71 GS, there was no option on the wholesale order form to delete. Most likely someone wanted a cleaner look and removed it. Bob Bonto
  3. Bill, I'm not having problems with my radio, mine works just fine. it is the person who posted the question that is having problems. Robert Bonto
  4. Radio is on it's on circuit. Robert Bonto
  5. A standard RY8 relay should work. The relay is located above the left kick panel. The radio is on a separate circuit, check the fuse for radio. Robert Bonto
  6. In checking one of my old Buick master parts catalogs, it shows the hose for 67-68 full size models. the 69-70 hose is showing a different part # which means they are different Robert Bonto
  7. This past Sunday I attended the Molto Bella car show at Stan Hywet in Akron. Andy Star bought his magnificent 65 Riviera GS to the show. The car was a huge hit, needless to say I am still drooling . Here is the link to the article that appeared in Monday's Akron Beacon Journal. Bob Bonto
  8. The 455 engine does give off a lot of heat and depending on what the outside temperature is. Unless you find something leaking.
  9. That is not entirely true that the side molding was not available in 71. I had placed my order for my 71GS the last week of March. A few weeks later in April, the owner of the Buick dealer called me and asked me to stop in. He showed me a promotional picture from Buick that showed the side molding that had just became available. He asked me if wanted to see if they could add it to my 71. I said yes. A week later, the dealer called me and said that my car was in production and it was too late to add. Another mid year change was the medium gold vinyl top that had become available in February 71, which mine has. Only 456 71 Riv's left the factory with the medium gold vinyl top. I do not know how many had the side molding. Bob Bonto
  10. If they are so popular, why did GM phase out the Chevy Volt? Bob Bonto
  11. Try Just Dashes , pricey but they do an excellent job of restoring your original pad. Robert Bonto
  12. You are correct, the handle does not remove. It is the same for all 71-73's. Bob Bonto
  13. No one at this time is making battery trays. Robert Bonto