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  1. Awesome! Looks like I'll be buying some horns. Thanks guys, appreciate all the advice!
  2. Good morning! I sanded the metal to bare where the horns attached to the bracket on both surfaces and still nothing. Whacked ‘em a couple more times and still nothing The car was sitting in a barn for over 25 years before I got it. Is it possible the inside is so corroded it will no longer function? They’re obviously riveted together. If they’re junk wouldn’t mind cracking one open just to see the guts!
  3. Thank you so much guys and happy Easter! Per the wire test there was no spark and the horn did not sound. Whacked the horns (was fun, hehehe) and still nothing. I tried a voltage meter to see if there was at least power going to the horns. When I pressed the button the needle jumped as it should. So does the horn have a ground inside of it or is where it attaches to the support it's ground?
  4. Hello! I have a '71 riviera purchased summer of last year. The horn did not work on it. I was going to replace the steering wheel anyways with a GM classic 3 spoke one. The steering wheel has since been replaced but no horn, a clicking noise though when the button is pushed. Per some reading I suspected the relay. Replaced that and still no horn but the awful key buzzer. There is a ground coming off the wires to the relay, although not really corroded I sanded all the contact surfaces. Still no horn. Could the horns themselves be bad or could there be a ground lurking somewhere that needs
  5. Hi! Finally got my baby home after fixing all the stuff required for Missouri safety inspection, however registration is proving to be the next hurdle 🙄 In the meantime of getting that sorted out there’s lots of work to be done to make her cruise worthy. For one thing there’s no tunes. My 71 has the original radio.. but it seems to be broken my service manual hasn’t arrived yet to see how to take it out but it appears I would have to remove the whole dash face and drop the steering column, is that correct?
  6. Art, Yellow cars aren’t my favorite but I certainly like yours! I’ve been following that post too. There’s some nice combos on there. Graphic design is one of my skills, I’ll virtually try on some wheels in photoshop with the ideas provided
  7. Thank you for all the info and advice! I'm not a fan of hubcaps although the "cover your nuts" comment was cute XD I will certainly keep the original hubcaps though whether they stay on the car or not. My first car was a '72 Duster. The hubcaps are the only thing I have left from it. 😪 I agree with the custom wheels sentiment. I work at a custom car shop and feel like we use the same overwhelming trendy design on several vehicles. just different finishes and sizes 😕 If aftermarket wheels are in order they'll be something "timeless" I had so
  8. Art, Noted. I’m cool with 15’s. Not trying for a modern look with big wheels and thin tires. But good to know I could go bigger if wanted. I put 15’s with meaty tires on my 79 El Camino and they rub the lower control arm a little when making a tight turn parking. That one can take a beating though as a majority of the parts have been replaced in the 15yrs I’ve owned it. This riviera is all original and would rather not replace a bunch of suspension parts.. yet.
  9. Oh, ok. 15’s look tiny on that car! Thank you!
  10. Hi! I’m the new owner of a ‘71 Riviera. I’d like to put some different wheels on it. Undecided if I should do stock rally ones or aftermarket. Right now it has plain steel ones with stock hubcaps, they appear to be 14”s (car is currently at the shop). What’s the appropriate bolt pattern, offset, etc. if I decide on custom ones? Will 15’s work?
  11. Omg, the charcoal grey with red interior is gorgeous!
  12. I just purchased this ‘71 “barn find” riviera. I’m only the second owner. The car is all original save for the earl sheib esque paint and “aftermarket” sweepspear trim. Runs and drives! She’s going to need a lot of TLC but I’m up for the challenge!
  13. PWB Thanks for the kind words.. Yea it's a big bummer... when the shop told me about it I was like "what?!? a PLASTIC intake?!?. What genius came up with that engineering?!? In my case it melted and let coolant in the cylinders. The second time the lower intake failed.. Apparently the coolant had wrecked havoc on the other parts and it's fate was sealed.. The car was relatively reliable before that. If I didn't have a demanding day job (Aviation) and need something reliable.. and already own another old "car" (79 El Camino) I would consider replacing the engine..
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