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  1. Ok, that was longer than a week... Gas in oil issue is solved.. have driven it quite a bit and no funky oil, thanks for the advice! Turns out carb (AVS2) is fine except it being a little small.. 650CFM instead of the factory 750CFM... Timing was off. Factory specs 4 degrees and it was at 15! It's doing much better but then decided it's going to have an angry lifter. (facepalm) I anticipated having the heads worked on at some point so spending $$ on the proper size carb will have to wait for now.. I still love her.. she's just demanding.. lol!
  2. *eating popcorn in my Riv* Thanks for all the info on carburetors but for the record.. It does NOT have high idle! The idle is really low and I need to keep my foot on the gas for it to warm up when cold. I’ll revisit this thread with more info on exactly what carb I have later in the week if I’m still having issues.
  3. I appreciate the advice but work at a custom car shop and know if I ask the mechanics where I can find a quadrajet they’ll laugh at me.. They’d be more likely to recommend a Holley. They’re not fans of edelbrock but aren’t completely against using them. Think I want to figure out what’s going on with what I have first before buying another carb. It just might need a minor adjustment.. it worked fine for a year up until recently. With that my issue is NO idle on cold start and low idle once warm. If I run out of options and need a quadrajet can you get a “new” one? Or would you know a reputable source to get one that for certain works? Asking because I went on a goose chase with my ‘Camino several years ago for a functional quadrajet (went through two used ones that worked like ish) before just getting an edelbrock ..
  4. I don’t know.. my ‘14 Impala and husband’s ‘10 GMC truck have temp gauges.. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’d at least do that one per my experience with the El Camino.. No matter how well maintained thermostats and water pumps can fail at any time. Better to catch it before you’re stalled on the road I’m somewhat resto-modding the car so not concerned with absolute factory correctness but doubt I’ll find a gauge that goes with the interior so will find a creative way to hide it.
  5. Think we owe a lot of automotive knowledge to teenage tomfoolery 🤣 I really need to get some gauges in that car.. drives me nuts not knowing the temp or oil pressure! 😭
  6. It wasn’t on there when I got it.. not a purist so it didn’t bother me.. My ‘79 El Camino has an edelbrock and it’s worked flawlessly for 16 years. A Riviera is more or less a custom car from the factory so I don’t plan on doing anything crazy to it Likely the same guy that put the halfway fuel pump on there halfway tuned the carb, lol!
  7. Thanks again everyone! So I got that new pump put in today.. also new oil and filter too. Put new plugs and wires on there while I was at it. The gasket wasn’t properly sealed on the old fuel pump and bolts weren’t exactly right.. 🙄 had a couple “mishaps” starting it as the power steering belt wasn’t on properly and one of the wires was loose (derp!) so it was hard to tell if it’s doing the same thing starting up 😕 It definitely runs stronger but is idling a little under where it should be. I keep it in a storage locker about a couple miles up the road... put it away for now.. going to give it a “check up” next weekend and play with the carburetor a little bit. FYI it has an edelbrock.. maybe a 650? Didn’t get a chance to know for sure, was running out of daylight
  8. Thanks everybody! And ditto EmTee.. read that elsewhere.. Now what fuel pump do you guys recommend? It’s stock/factory.. but lots of different configurations are coming up that “claim” to fit my car.. 🙄
  9. I own a 71 Riviera which had previously been in a barn for 20 years. I purchased it with the fuel and brake systems replaced in a running driving car. The carb is a newer edelbrock. I’ve had it just about a year and drive it a couple times a month and never real far or fast. I had checked the oil this morning and it seemed awfully thin and past the full mark, smelled funny too like there’s gas in it. It still seems to run ok. No smoke coming from the exhaust. Plugs are a little dirty but not carbon fouled. Only difference has been that it’s harder to start than normal, have to have my foot on the gas a little for a minute until it decides to idle on it’s own. Any ideas on what’s causing the extra gas in the oil and if it has anything to do with the hard starting?
  10. Awesome! Looks like I'll be buying some horns. Thanks guys, appreciate all the advice!
  11. Good morning! I sanded the metal to bare where the horns attached to the bracket on both surfaces and still nothing. Whacked ‘em a couple more times and still nothing The car was sitting in a barn for over 25 years before I got it. Is it possible the inside is so corroded it will no longer function? They’re obviously riveted together. If they’re junk wouldn’t mind cracking one open just to see the guts!
  12. Thank you so much guys and happy Easter! Per the wire test there was no spark and the horn did not sound. Whacked the horns (was fun, hehehe) and still nothing. I tried a voltage meter to see if there was at least power going to the horns. When I pressed the button the needle jumped as it should. So does the horn have a ground inside of it or is where it attaches to the support it's ground?
  13. Hello! I have a '71 riviera purchased summer of last year. The horn did not work on it. I was going to replace the steering wheel anyways with a GM classic 3 spoke one. The steering wheel has since been replaced but no horn, a clicking noise though when the button is pushed. Per some reading I suspected the relay. Replaced that and still no horn but the awful key buzzer. There is a ground coming off the wires to the relay, although not really corroded I sanded all the contact surfaces. Still no horn. Could the horns themselves be bad or could there be a ground lurking somewhere that needs attention? Thanks! :)
  14. Hi! Finally got my baby home after fixing all the stuff required for Missouri safety inspection, however registration is proving to be the next hurdle 🙄 In the meantime of getting that sorted out there’s lots of work to be done to make her cruise worthy. For one thing there’s no tunes. My 71 has the original radio.. but it seems to be broken my service manual hasn’t arrived yet to see how to take it out but it appears I would have to remove the whole dash face and drop the steering column, is that correct?
  15. Art, Yellow cars aren’t my favorite but I certainly like yours! I’ve been following that post too. There’s some nice combos on there. Graphic design is one of my skills, I’ll virtually try on some wheels in photoshop with the ideas provided
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