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  1. The lights on my ‘63 no longer turn on when you open the door. The switch looks easy to replace, but it doesn’t look like what OPGI has listed—mine has three occupied terminals (with a blank where a 4th would go), not the two terminals on this: Thoughts? Was my car rewired with a nonstandard switch years back? And/or how to find the right one?
  2. So... I do have a digital multimeter, and, after some fiddling, was able to read 15.3V with the ignition off ( whether or not the battery was connected) and 14.9V with it running. A friend who is more mechanically inclined than I am I was rather perplexed by these readings; he is not sure what’s causing it, but is wondering if maybe it is the voltage regulator. I thought I had some work done in the past three years or so involving a voltage regulator, but cannot find anything in my records.
  3. Kev—thanks for the update. Question: was your light’s illumination speed/rev dependent, like mine is?
  4. AC has been off yesterday and today. I confess, I do not know how to check the belt tension—but am willing to learn.
  5. Just noticed—after driving around on a hot day with the ac on—that my amp light is faintly glowing. If I park and rev the engine, it will go out, as it will at about 45mph. Loose belts? Other ideas? Thanks in advance...
  6. I’m occasionally frustrated by the lack of a cup holder in my 63 and don’t like drinks rattling around in my center console. I’ve seen solutions on Amazon that slot a pocket between the seat and center console. Anyone ever try one out (or have other ideas? Thanks in advance... Inovare Designs Car Seat Gap Filler Organizer Crevice Storage Box
  7. So... not sure how this happened, but the crescent-shaped thumb 'lever' (where the person's thumb is in this photo) seems to have fallen off my cruise control switch. You'd think it would be somewhere on the floor, but no luck. Any ideas on a replacement source? There's an entire switch on eBay for sale, but I don't really need the whole thing...
  8. So, I picked up what I believe are a set of base wheel covers (see photos), for a different look than the wire wheel covers it came with. The notes in the owners manual have me a bit confused (see photo); any tips/tricks I need to know before I start anything?
  9. So, I posted about a year ago about shorting out something when one of the wires to my horn got caught up in the spring for the hood. Finally got around to bringing it into the shop, after getting a replacement relay from OPGI. Problem was that hooking up the relay resulted in this new relay getting fried. Working solution appears to be connecting the hood-mounted giant horns to the relay and bypassing the 'standard' horn. Doesn't sound quite as nice, but at least I've got sound. Wondering if there was a different horn relay used for the four-horn setup (and/or any other suggestions/ideas)... Thanks in advance,
  10. Assuming the wiring checks out, I assume I will likely need this? Also, the write up says "When the horn relay malfunctions, not only does the horn not work, but also it can cause a direct short for the whole electrical system causing the battery to drain." Sounds like I should disconnect the horn until this is tracked down...?
  11. Speaking as someone who's not an electrical engineer, where is the relay? Is it something I can replace? I definitely don't have the skills to track down a short...
  12. So, I was showing off the fancy four-note, hood-mounted horn on my '63. What I didn't realize is that the wire from the horn had gotten caught in the hood spring--so, when I hit the horn bar on the steering wheel, there was a bit of a spark under the hood. We untangled the wire (and secured it), but now the horn doesn't work. I assumed I had blown a fuse, but I can't figure out where it is. There's nothing listed in either the owner's manual or the chassis service book, and none of the labels on the fuse box say 'horn'. I did see one blown fuse, apparently for the power antenna, but replacing that doesn't seem to have done the trick. None of the other electrical bits appear to be malfunctioning. I can hear a click when I hit the horn bar--what obvious thing am I missing? Thanks in advance,
  13. I don't drive my '63 at night a lot, but I just noticed last week that, at night (but not visible during the day), the AMP light in my dash is glowing ever so faintly. Doesn't seem to vary based on vehicle speed or lights on/lights off. Haven't noticed any other anomalies or issues. I do have a friend that will run some electrical tests this week. Wondering if I need to disconnect the batter when parked until I can get this seriously looked at, and/or might this be something I can address as an amateur... All input welcome. Thanks in advance...
  14. Thanks for the link and explanation. Now, as I'm a bit out of my wheelhouse, can someone explain why several of these sites claim this battery will not fit my car? Also, if it helps, I do have the larger two-note horn on the driver's side of the hood, which I understand in certain circumstances might interfere with the battery cables.
  15. A 27F? I'm on the website and it must be staring me in the face. Can you post the specific link? All I see are 24, 25, 25S, 26, 34, and 75. I would prefer not to order one, as my car is registered for a show this Wednesday, so any guidance as far as the other groups would help; I've seen notes here also suggesting a 24 is adequate.