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  1. Good day. I'm pretty sure I've seen this custom somewhere in this forum previously, but kind of a slow day...😊 I recently picked up a latest copy of the magazine "The Art of Rods & Customs" by garageshotsmagazine.com, in there was a piece on a custom '71 Buick Riviera where they grafted the front-end of a '65 to the '71 boat-tail. Not sure if I'm crazy on the paint colours, but in terms of customs, I think it's pretty cool... The builder's website has a couple hundred photos of the build... https://lowdownhotrods.smugmug.com/What-weve-done/Complete-Turn-Key-Projects/71-Buick-Riv/ Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB -----
  2. Not to mention potential sponsorships. Remember, at one time, with deep pockets Buick did sponsor Tiger, and I don't think he owned a Riv'... EDIT: Oh, don't forget that Tiger also had access to the finest "tools of the trade" money could buy, that always comes in handy too... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ----
  3. Likewise, (tho’ only one 1:1...) I’ve collected a wide variety of different 1st gen Rivs in various scales and materiality. These are a few on the dusty show-shelve but I have a whole box of various hot wheel type variations still in original packaging. Never did see the Star Trek one, pretty cool. Maybe someday I’ll look into some slot-car track to take those little Rivs for a spin... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB
  4. Good day, I was was planning on waiting to respond to this thread, but I’ve been working on getting better at not putting things off... (new New Years’ resolution) For years I planned on building a new garage, drove my wife nuts that I could never make a final decision and pull the trigger, but in 2016 I actually did get it finished. To commemorate the occasion, I carved a “plaque” that hangs over the door... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB —— EDIT: For those, like me, that believe the old adage, “pics, or it didn’t happen”, before and after of the garage...
  5. Good day. As noted in the boxart newsletter posted above, the '64 (and '63) 1:24 AMT plastic models were only issued as one-year annuals in 63 and 64, so if you do find them on eBay, they're rare and likely expensive if complete and still in the box. The '65 has been re-issued a number of times over the years so it's relatively easy to find. Your best bet on doing a stock/custom 63/64 might be to try to find one that's already been built, strip it down and and redo it to your liking. For what it's worth, I agree that the 1:18 scale Highway 61 die cast '64s is very well done. Good luck. Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ----
  6. Good day. I was gonna start a new thread, but found this one... Recently I was doing some 'housekeeping' and came across a couple 'newsletters' that I created a number of years ago for an on-line model car discussion group on Yahoo groups (ModelCarsUnlimited MCU). My son got into building models, and of course, I (ahem) supported the hobby by also getting involved. Although I built a number of different models, since I owned a '64 1:1 scale model, I focused on the Riviera. The newsletter didn't last too long... Anyway, for what it's worth, a couple BROoM Sweeps, and a couple 1:24 builds... The blue model was handpainted sometime in/around 1984 when AMT re-released the '65. The other two built just past the turnoff the century hopefully speak for themselves...😊 Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB
  7. Good day. Outta curiosity, would there be a way to receive the pdf files electronically? Unfortunately, my computer CD's are now being stored near my 8-track and cassette collections as neither of our operable Mac laptops have CD capabilities. I'd certainly be more than willing to pay a similar CD cost for the pdf files, but the plastic, hence the files, does me no good. Personally, I don't know much about setting up a file transfer, ( but I do download a lot of client files, etc at work, but for all I know you already have a stack of CDs burned with the information) but some form of a DropBox site where once we pay for the files, we get a password to access the files to download would be handy. Anyway, just wondering... HO HO HO... twenty-twenty and beyond...😀 Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ----
  8. Ed, good day. Not sure if this helps, but a quick google search found a similar ad in the October 1964 Popular Science with similar albeit slightly different text... "And, oh yes, the suspension, No corkscrewing. Buick's new "gyro-poise" roll control sees to that. Plenty of science though. Each of the 8 rear bushings is specially tuned. Just like you'd tune your sports car." Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ---
  9. Good day, This forum is dedicated to the BUICK RIVIERA. You may be better served to try here... https://forums.aaca.org/forum/40-chrysler-products-general/ Hope this helps. Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB
  10. Good Day. A silver dollar wouldn't be so bad. When I bought my '64 in 1980, I had two attempted "removal scars" of varying size on the aluminium turbines. The 'full-monty cover" I've subsequently replaced and I now use this one on my spare tire. Imagine the thieves head scratching when the entire ring busted off...) The one with the smaller scar, I've located a gentleman locally that I feel confident can fix it. He does some amazing work with metals. I can imagine a lot of these bolt-on turbines ended up with this type of damage when hubcaps (and hubcap theft) were more prevalent than what we see on today's cars... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ----
  11. Good day. Thanks for the intel, after spending a bit of time, I eventually did find him on the V8Buick forum. A very nice gentleman to deal with, great communication and although a repo, a very cool piece to have. The other good news, back in 1964 the Canadian dollar was very close to par with the US$, so the numbers are probably pretty close to what would’ve been on this sheet here in Edmonton. Close enough, I’m sure. The surprising news, I can’t believe how expensive the radio/power antenna was back then, sheesh... Anywho, Mike Tromm... can be reached at: mrtromm4@gmail.com I eventually found him here where he gives a bit of detail.... http://www.v8buick.com/index.php?threads/reproduction-window-stickers.186561/ I probably have better things to spend my money on, but I know for a fact that over the years, I’ve spent a lot more for a lot less. Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ——
  12. Good day, Although I imagine there’s lots of this going on as we speak, but I suspect over time we’ll see a number of startups offering classic car conversions to electric... I’ll leave it to my grandchildren (that I don’t even have yet) to figure out what to do with our gas-guzzling ‘64 in the future... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ——
  13. Good day. For what it’s worth, it’s tough to tell in photos how accurate the repaint colour is, but the colour you may be referring to that Buick used only in ‘64 was called “Wedgewood Blue” ( paint code HH). Mine is still in the original paint, again tough to get a true a sense in photos, but for me I think this photo represents Wedgewood blue pretty close... Good luck selling... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ——
  14. Good day. No worries, it was more of a curiosity thing if you had done the black powder coat for the '64s. Most of the photos I seen were of the silver for the '63. Sometimes owning a '64 carries a little of the middle child syndrome...😊 Seriously, I redid my turbines a couple years ago but used rattle can black. Someday we may talk about doing them to a higher quality powder coating, but I'm not quite there yet budget wise. Sometimes I kinda wish I lived in the US, if only for availability of parts and services, shipping stuff trans-border can get pretty pricy... Anyway, sorry, guys, now back to our regularly scheduled thread - vinyl to steel...hmmm... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ----