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  1. Good day. Not sure what the problem is, and maybe I'm not up on the latest news, (I lead a sheltered life...) but most have known for a long time that there is no cure for this "CarOwner" virus everyone has been talking about...
  2. Good day, From the same site, although tough to tell, it looks like the '69 offered the triple stripe... http://www.oldcaradvertising.com/Buick/1969/1969 Buick Ad-02.html EDIT: Didn't really pay much attention to the setting of this ad, seems odd. I'm pretty certain that if I was golfing and happened to see a car parked in the middle of the fairway, regardless of the car, there's a pretty good chance I wouldn't be going for the green on my next shot... 😊
  3. Ed, good day Not sure if you checked here but these look dual stripe... http://www.oldcaradvertising.com/Buick/1971/1971 Buick Ad-03.html Later,
  4. Good day. Always found it interesting how the big makers picked and chose their specific models. In the end, I'm glad it was Buick that got the Riviera... For what it's worth, and naturally very biased, but first gen pick is the '64. Refined a few things from '63 and the rear styling of the '65 looks off to me, but more so it's too bad that the '65 didn't do some form of hide-away headlight into the grille. When the clams are open, it takes away from the striking design of the feature cornering lamps. But at this point in time, any Riv is a great Riv.
  5. Good day. The Riview showed up yesterday in Edmonton (Canada), thanks. With every copy I receive, I'm still very impressed with the quality of this publication. Props to all involved, well done. Later,
  6. Good day. Thanks for the great suggestions, as soon as I read em, it was like "doh, why didn't I think of that. " When my kids were young, they/we all learned how to decipher Roman numerals by the dates of the old Disney classics such as Dumbo, Snow White, Jungle Book (<-one of the best soundtracks ever) etc. that they/we watched endlessly. Since The Riv is part of the family, it was a no brainer. Unfortunately first choice MCMLXIV wasn't available so went with Plan B but dropped the RIV. In spite of the province no longer using the letter I, (and no longer using mon
  7. Good day. For what it’s worth, right, wrong or indifferent, my ‘64 has the secondary wire off of the negative cable, and the negative cable connects to the power steering pump. In the 40+ years I’ve owned it, I don’t specifically recall ever changing the negative cable until recently but if I did it woulda been in kind. I would have assumed the secondary was there for a reason. The shop that I trusted to do the recent work would’ve also just replaced what was already there. Later,
  8. John good day. Albeit a shaky hand measure of my ‘64, it appears to be a tad (+/-1/16” less of 2”). Both tabs have a pretty smooth radius, it looks like you might be challenged to restore the curve for smooth operation. Andy’s ‘63 still has (Aug 2018) the hood if you need to look for a spare. Nonetheless, hope this helps, good luck. Later,
  9. Good day. Clicked on the "next unread topic" link and came across this thread that is pretty cool. My first "real" car as a teenager was a '61 Pontiac Laurentian, so I do have a soft spot for Pontiacs, but in spite of how well the 2+2 was presented herein, it sure gives me pause to once again appreciate that Buick did indeed get the Riviera... Oh, and the French connection to the bat cave... priceless. Fun thread. Later,
  10. Good day. Original or not, I would like to find replacements. Has anyone ordered any mats from here: https://www.legendaryautointeriors.com/product/64-72-original-repro-skylark-gs-floormats-dk-saddle-w-wht/ Their webpage search function leaves a little to be desired, but they do indicate that they fit the Riv' and they do look like the above photos. Any comments would be appreciated. Later,
  11. Good day. Sorry, I didn't want to hijack the recent thread that this quote was posted to since this woulda been way off-topic, but it did trigger a question regarding my floor mats. The blue floor mats that are in my '64 were in the car when I purchased it in 1980. The photos were taken about an hour ago. The car had just under 80K miles when I bought it. (I've added +/-40K) I don't recall how "new" the mats may have been when I bought it, but I do recall that they weren't brand new to make it more saleable to buyers (me) at the time as the chips in the round circles (
  12. Good day, Thanks guys, it’s amazing how the eye can be fooled. I know how stupid cameras can be, they’re easily fooled too but they can still be useful. Now that I tried a different LED lite in the garage but still with the iPhone, the HTE sample is indeed dark blue, and as best that I can tell it actually appears a little lighter than the original. Go figure. I suspect viewing the small dark sample on a bright white piece of paper fooled both man and technology. The former getting easier day by day... Anyway, either way I still think I’ll go with Plan B and
  13. Good day. So I received the vinyl samples from Clark’s today, (little over a week) and as much as I love my blue interior (Trim 621), it’s times like this I wish I had black, or red, or white where there are no options. They sent three samples to ensure I choose the right colour. My concern is that the sample for what I need- dark blue (HTE) per their chart, doesn’t look blue to me at all. I know it can be difficult to photograph these samples and get the proper white balance with an old iPhone, so they may not show the true colours I see, but the individual ones are pretty close.
  14. John, I received the following email today related to the pricing request from Clark's I noted above.^ -- The Front seats are $119 per set. The rear sears are $90 per set. Shipping a full set of seats to your Postal Code estimates around $180-$225 The Package area is $365.00 and can be covered in the matching vinyl that the seats are made in. Shipping for the package area estimates around $210-$235 Brokerage fees are included in the shipping estimates, but any duties/taxes would be separate and your responsibility for payment. -
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