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  1. Or, what the spec would be to just skip the cooler like some Aussies do...
  2. This photo might help better than an ad..
  3. Bigger numbers always sound good and a more "sophisticated" performance message as opposed to Buick being on the horsepower sales bandwagon like the lowly Chevs, et al.. ?? Other than that I got nothing, except this kinda interesting data (once you get past all the ads) https://www.automobile-catalog.com/curve/1965/88520/buick_riviera_425_v-8.html Later,
  4. Found this on-line, not sure if it helps, but interesting nonetheless... ---- In the early to mid 1950's the American Automobile Manufacturers were in fierce competition for market share with one another. They were making all but complete model changes ever year! In 1952 the Chrysler Corporation had introduced it's now famous Hemi... as an answer to GM's Caddy and Olds offerings. By 1954 Chrysler reported to the public that the upcoming "Chrysler 300" was thus named because its Hemi engine produced 300HP. If there was a single starting point for the HP Race.
  5. Ed, I’m probably way outside my comfort zone with this stuff but have you done the same engine analysis based on their rated torque? Since the calculations of horsepower are based on torque, I would think the latter would be easily measurable then the H.P. becomes a simple calculation from the torque results. If the internals are fundamentally the same, but the torque is different I’m at a loss. Might be a chicken/egg thing either way, but they were “selling” the torque rating more than the H.P. might be an answer somewhere there.... or not.😊 Later,
  6. Finally had a day without a threat of rain, so took the Riv’ for a Sunday cruise to the links. The way my day went, shoulda left the clubs in the trunk and kept driving, way more consistent driving in the Riv, than on the tee box... Later,
  7. Wow, tough act to follow... I was able to get my survivor '64 out for a quick run today. Although Alberta just opened Stage 2 of the pandemic which includes theatres, this theatre was still closed, and made for some easy quick pics... Normally that playbill on the wall would be updated pretty regularly... Later,
  8. Canada Post & Storage finally came through yesterday, (woot woot) and today I was finally was able to take the Riv' out for a quick drive before the weather changed... Best of both worlds...😎
  9. I don't believe anywhere on the exterior, on the interior- the five radio buttons, and under the hood, the air cleaner and on the washer reservoir...
  10. Com'n, don't sell em short, Canada Post is just as good as the United States Postal Storage... I suspect my copy is safely stored in some postal outlet somewhere between there and here being admired by all the new Unemployment Cheques likely also being stored waiting to meet their desperate owners who are probably only slightly more wanting of their mail than me, all the while the postal services ramps up the delivery of flyers and pamphlets used to help ensure our recycling blue bag is full every week... In other words, haven't seen my copy yet either...
  11. Sometimes close enough, but if you move to Canada, sometimes the math is even easier... -40C = -40F
  12. Holy, moly, *jaw drops to the floor* I'd certainly be curious if you ever remember which drawer has all the the radio antenna masts for a '64, *wink wink, knudge, knudge". Later,
  13. Loving my new commute (to the basement), still working as busy as ever, not a lot of free time, (for now..) but Happy Hour is not quite what it used to be...
  14. That's too bad. Hopefully Kalamazoo will host 2021, I was quite looking forward to going there. Anywho, seems day by day is all we can do now. Thanks for the notice, much appreciated. Take care... Later,
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