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  1. Good day, Although I imagine there’s lots of this going on as we speak, but I suspect over time we’ll see a number of startups offering classic car conversions to electric... I’ll leave it to my grandchildren (that I don’t even have yet) to figure out what to do with our gas-guzzling ‘64 in the future... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ——
  2. Good day. For what it’s worth, it’s tough to tell in photos how accurate the repaint colour is, but the colour you may be referring to that Buick used only in ‘64 was called “Wedgewood Blue” ( paint code HH). Mine is still in the original paint, again tough to get a true a sense in photos, but for me I think this photo represents Wedgewood blue pretty close... Good luck selling... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ——
  3. Good day. No worries, it was more of a curiosity thing if you had done the black powder coat for the '64s. Most of the photos I seen were of the silver for the '63. Sometimes owning a '64 carries a little of the middle child syndrome...😊 Seriously, I redid my turbines a couple years ago but used rattle can black. Someday we may talk about doing them to a higher quality powder coating, but I'm not quite there yet budget wise. Sometimes I kinda wish I lived in the US, if only for availability of parts and services, shipping stuff trans-border can get pretty pricy... Anyway, sorry, guys, now back to our regularly scheduled thread - vinyl to steel...hmmm... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ----
  4. Good day,. while clicking on the “next unread topic” I came across this thread where a self-adhesive vinyl was used. Maybe have a look in page 2 of his thread... (hope this link works...) Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ———
  5. Good day. On various mediums including wood veneer to metal, I’ve had pretty good results using “Silhouette Double Sided Adhesive”. It’s pretty thin stuff, it comes in 8x11” sheets, seems to hold pretty good, and depending on what it’s adhered to, if need be, it does come off easier than stuff that’s been glued. I haven’t tried vinyl, but maybe the nature of the “tape” versus glue will allow it to expand/contract with the vinyl. (??) If your glue’s not working, it might be worth a try. It’s actually handy to have for other uses around the house/garage/car instead of just strips of two faced tape, which is often thicker. I would do a few tests on random samples of vinyl to metal, and see what happens, Should be easy to find, just google the name above. Good luck on whatever you end up doing. Keep us posted... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ——
  6. Good day. I share similar sentiments, and usually only watch the show (Gas Monkey) while I'm waiting for the commercials to end on something else I'm watching. For what it's worth, I agree that that boat-tail is pretty darn amazing. Although maybe a little/lot off-topic, I was recently in Las Vegas, and we needed to kill a few hours one morning so we went by the Welderup shop (show = Vegas Rat Rods) Had the opportunity to chat with the owner - Steve Darnell. A very cool guy, and very knowledgeable about Canada (sometimes a rarity when we travel south, yes we have trees...), hence he was willing to talk to us a bit more. Among other topics, we talked a little about car build shows on TV, and apparently, himself, Danny "Count" Koker, (Counting Cars- Count's Customs) and Richard Rawlings (Fast 'n Loud-Gas Monkey) are looking to collaborate on a new show of sorts for Discovery. He didn't provide much in the way of details, still very preliminary, so far all I know, I'm simply spreading vicious rumours. But if it does happen, we can at least say we heard it here first...😉 The bad news, or good news, for me, depending on how one looks at it, I recently just purchased a digital TV antenna, (still in the box) and we are planning to cut our cable TV, (if we can ever spend less than two hours on hold with the cable company) so I may never know either way about their show... ...ya, at the end of the day, it's probably good news tho'...😊 Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ----
  7. Good day. First off, you do an amazing job on restoring these covers, well done. And for what it's worth, my preference is indeed the look of the cast aluminium covers over the spokes. Outta curiosity, have you powder coated any in black for a '64 application? Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ----
  8. Good day. For what it's worth, if I'm looking at the same Riv', and assuming the paint is (or close to) what was the original colour, sorry, but that is not 'baby' blue... (drives me nuts...😊) it's Wedgewood Blue. (Code HH) and was one of the Riviera's nicest colours. (Obviously I'm a tad biased, since my '64 is Wedgewood Blue but with a blue (621) interior.). And you're right, the paint/chrome looks pretty good under the lighting in the photos. The car doesn't look totally original, (nice if they had a shot of the data plate) but it certainly represents well, just needs cast aluminium wheel covers. This colour may not have been the Riv's most popular in '64, but trust me, it does get noticed...😎 Good luck... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB -----
  9. Actually, contrary to popular believe, over 90% of a cow's release of methane is caused by their burps, not their farts. Since humans can somewhat relate to our release of internal gases, as both actions in humans (at least for me) is highly dependent on what we eat, apparently there has been research... found this on line... "Interestingly, if a cow chows down on easily digestible food such as corn, it produces about a third as much methane as a cow that grazes on prairie grasses. This means that cows in high-density livestock operations such as feedlots or dairies actually produce less methane than grass-fed beef." But for some ranchers, corn fed is prohibitively expensive, so without resorting to a severe reduction in red meat consumption, maybe things can be done to at least capture 10%, of a cow's methane similar to what happened to the car's emissions of the 70's... but I have a sneakin' suspicion that this discussion is drifting a little off forum topic... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ---
  10. '64 built 04D (late April) has the rounded style as per Seafoam65's photo ^^^...
  11. Good day. I did my trunk last year on my ‘64 survivor, more for “looks better than it did” as opposed to a full original restoration. (Maybe someday) Since I had all my originals, it was fairly easy to cut templates out of poster board. I wanted a full upholstered look so, the cardboard is relatively thin but still able to hold the bends after scoring the lines. I found an upholstery that I liked at a fabric store, (that I think plays off well with the blue 621 trim of the interior, middle photo best represents the true colour) and once it was cut to size, simply used a 3M spray adhesive to apply to the cardboard. It was surprisingly easy, especially having the originals for templates. For the non cardboard pieces, (wheel well, upper shelf) I applied the fabric to a thin foam then just used two-face tape since I do want to do a proper body restoration some day and wanted most of this trunk lining to be easily removable. The bottom is a jute type mat cut to size then the fabric simply glued to it. My my wife helped sew the tire cover, the welting was a challenge and it was difficult to get proper dimensions from the original, so it came up a little tight on the tire, but again for me, still looks better than the 50 year old original. And of course, I had to get it dirty trying to affix it to the tire... Anyway, good luck, keep us posted on your progress... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ———
  12. Good day, It's my understanding that the effect is caused not by the tint, but in the manufacture of the glass itself. The tempering impacts the structural characteristics of the glass which affects the polarization of the glass itself. In technical terms, it''s called "stressed birefringence". The effect is also visible in some plastics. Again, the tint doesn't cause the effect, I believe it just 'enhances' the psychedelic 'prism-like' colours one sees through polarized lenses... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ----
  13. What, no reel to reel...😊 Not mine, found this pic on the 'net, Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ----
  14. Fun program... Didn’t go too extreme... yet... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ——