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  1. Com'n, don't sell em short, Canada Post is just as good as the United States Postal Storage... I suspect my copy is safely stored in some postal outlet somewhere between there and here being admired by all the new Unemployment Cheques likely also being stored waiting to meet their desperate owners who are probably only slightly more wanting of their mail than me, all the while the postal services ramps up the delivery of flyers and pamphlets used to help ensure our recycling blue bag is full every week... In other words, haven't seen my copy yet either...
  2. Sometimes close enough, but if you move to Canada, sometimes the math is even easier... -40C = -40F
  3. Holy, moly, *jaw drops to the floor* I'd certainly be curious if you ever remember which drawer has all the the radio antenna masts for a '64, *wink wink, knudge, knudge". Later,
  4. Loving my new commute (to the basement), still working as busy as ever, not a lot of free time, (for now..) but Happy Hour is not quite what it used to be...
  5. That's too bad. Hopefully Kalamazoo will host 2021, I was quite looking forward to going there. Anywho, seems day by day is all we can do now. Thanks for the notice, much appreciated. Take care... Later,
  6. Still early but the way things are going, borders closing, "social distancing" taking grip of the world, I suspect June will be here a lot sooner than we think. Fingers crossed, but I'll be surprised if this world gets back to any resemblance of normal by then... If this continues, hopefully I can get some refunds on what we've booked to date. So much for well laid plans... What a drag, but as mentioned it's still only March... Later,
  7. No big deal either way, Ed, it's all good info, but the first time I heard this two key/valet reasoning was actually by you in a very similar thread a couple years ago... The topic was previously discussed, (like most others I'm sure, this can be a tough forum to search...) but for what it's worth, there was a pretty good discussion regarding keys and the number of keys that came 'standard'. It was this thread where I first heard the two key/valet reasoning. I only ever had the one key for my '64, but unfortunately both locks on my glovebox and trunk were damaged ever since I've owned it so the vacuum release was my only trunk access. So my one key only opened the doors/ignition, but I have no idea how the original glove box/trunk were keyed. I recently had new locks installed and went with two keys, (door/ignition & trunk (didn't replace the glovebox lock yet, but if/when, I'll key that to the trunk.)
  8. Regardless of the vice, one can never have enough, and depending on who you ask, sometimes all we hear is 'enough is enough'. If that's the case, maybe... "Get a new Riviera for your spouse... ...it could be the best trade of your life!"
  9. Good day, Thanks for talking me out of flying to Chicago, ya, that’s a destination all it’s own. We booked flights to Detroit on the Tuesday, staying in Dearborn, then take in the Ford museum on Wednesday. Booked the Four Points in Kalamazoo for Wednesday and Thursday nights. Fly outa Detroit Friday afternoon... Whirlwind tour, but looking forward to it... Thanks again for the input. Later,
  10. Good day, I once had a fan blade break off as I pulled away from a set of lights in a '61 Pontiac in-line 6. Massively loud bang, then running "very rough" to say the least. Shut it down, (cleaned my pants...) opened the hood, scratched my head for a few minutes then spotted the broken blade lodged into the car's frame rail. Like slamming a hatchet into a block of wood. It certainly would've went through the hood if it's trajectory was different. Once I kept the rev's up, I was able to drive the car home and eventually replaced the fan and one of the motor mounts, (she was rockin' at idle...🙂) Long story short, I suspect it can be straightened, but personally, I'd be looking for a replacement blade instead of potentially adding stress to a bend in the metal that may already now be stressed, and knowing the stress a broken blade can cause... Good luck... Later,
  11. Good day, sorry for the long post, I can often type faster than I can think sometimes, so bear with me... Still in the concept planning stages, but I am considering attending this year's event. We have a couple pretty big car shows around here, (+700 cars) but rarely do we see more than 1 or 2 Riv’s, seriously. I can only imagine seeing firsthand nothing but a (?? gaggle, pack, I kinda like a “Bask of Rivieras” (from a “bask of crocodiles”; they’re a bit of a sleeper but they’ll come up to bite you pretty darn quick...😊) Anyway, first step (actually second step, first was the "better half approval to go solo but bringing a friend", check..) is figuring out the best way to get there from here. We can fly to Toronto and drive across the border, but that’s my least favourite option. We’d either fly to Detroit or Chicago ,our flights are both similar, and drive from there. Driving times appear close enough. If anybody can provide any pros or cons, suggestions for either/or, that would be greatly appreciated. Never been to either city but I’m actually leaning Chicago primarily since the Tigers are visiting the ChiSox during the week and I’d love to take in a ball game. Looking at flying Tuesday, take in the Tuesday night game, drive to Kalamazoo Wednesday morning, hopefully blow my socks off in the ‘bask’ Wed/Thursday, drive back to Chicago Friday morning, fly home... Outta curiosity, assuming an average turnout, how many cars would typically be in attendance? (asking for a friend...) Other than that, (for now...) if/when/once we book flights, I'll look into the host hotel, but again, any comments/advice would be greatly appreciated. Hope I can make it work. Later,
  12. Good day. I'm in Edmonton. although I have little experience in this generation Riv', I do have a gaggle of cameras that I could probably get more photos if need be. I certainly don't want to lead the seller on that I may be serious and that I'm just there to cure some(one's) curiosity, but I guess that's part of selling a classic. Also it's hard to know where/how the car may be stored for our winter season, again hate to make someone go through a bunch of effort on false hope... Ronski, what I'd suggest, maybe send a note to the seller and ask him for a photo of the data plate. If for whatever reason he balks, (I'd be concerned, but..) maybe ask if you could have a 'friend' come by to have a look and take some additional pictures. I don't have a problem doing that, it's just during the week, I still go to work in the dark and come home in almost darkness now, so I would do it on a weekend. Unfortunately I wouldn't have time until next weekend at the earliest. Again, ask for the data plate, and let the gen' experts here give you some more feedback from that starting point. What you/we learn from that might also help me to look for specific things if and/or when I go see it on your behalf... Oh, for what it's worth, even in winter, Edmonton has a lot to offer for a day visit... https://exploreedmonton.com Later,
  13. Tom, good day. From what I can find, I don't think that year was issued by any of the major manufacturers of model kits. It may have been done as a dealer promo, but the below website appears to have a pretty extensive database that is easily searchable. (Search; Buick, 214 results, and they will be grouped by model/etc.) Again, your 'holy grail' doesn't appear to come up... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/# Later,
  14. Mike, good day. You could always trying using masking tape to replicate the vinyl top. A little trial and error to figure out how to make the seams (overlay a thin strip) should be relatively easy. Experiment with flat/clear coated or semi-gloss black paints to replicate the colour. For a viewing distance onto your air cleaner, it should represent reasonably well. In lieu, this place sells a scale vinyl kit. No idea if it's any good or not, but at least they're not the cost of a 1:1 vinyl roof... https://www.modelcargarage.com/eshop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=63 Good luck, keep us posted... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB -----