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Big pliers


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Just now, 1937hd45 said:

Think a buddy with another pair along side you could carry a rail road rail with them. Bob 

based on size that was my initial thought, but when you look at the shape it doesn’t work. 

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I shared the mason jar opener idea with my buddy and asked for a junk jar to shatter for a pic... he gave me a few options: I did not take him up on the offer. 




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9 minutes ago, keiser31 said:

Probably from the tool kit that was in Fatty Arbuckle's Pierce Arrow....


Was the tool to help the car or to help fatty out of it?


since you are watching: same guy wants to know what this worthless chunk is from. 


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1 hour ago, 3macboys said:


I keep thinking something a boilermaker from a locomotive works might have used or an old millwright

I would actually go with it being a locomotive tool. Being as primitive as they are, I think the scale is correct for working on trains.

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Every little town had a Black Smith and often they would make their own tools for the job at hand. There are literally thousands of different pliers and tongs for holding every conceivable shape know to man. As they said in the shop, select a pair that will do the job and use it. If you don't have a pair, make it. Dandy Dave.

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