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  1. nice wagon! let me know when you hit all 7's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
  2. problem solved- 57 chevy bumper bullets! that was quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. need some rubber "bullets" for my bumpers. anyone have an idea of what might fit and look close in configuration? reasonable. they sell aftermkt 4 for 150. but arent even close in design. just a driver and looking for something to replace them with
  4. STAVER, THE TOURINGS ARE THE LONGER MODEL AND YES, GENERALLY LESS DESIREABLE THEN THE SPORTING. sorry about the caps............ all basically have the same engine and trans. I was offered a touring for 50k about 6 years ago, but all of the wood was shot and wasnt worth it to me. tons of work!
  5. Greg, two tourings sold at Hershey about 3 yrs ago for around 70k each. not bad. think Shappy bought them and priced them at around 110k each. dollar for dollar today- I would just buy a stutz. same thrill, good looks and 300k will get you in for a bearcat............ a pieced bearcat sold for 200k this past year and a good deal if you arent worried about perfection.
  6. careful on your pricing of the electric. they go for good money and you can see the obvious interest........
  7. yes it is Matt. Why I mention the 26 hp. not a race car, but can hit 50mph with a good wind behind it. The 3 speed is terrific over a T as well!
  8. so it looks like the engine sizes are about identical, but due to gearing and body weight, there are some minor differences? I have a 1912 model 29 and it puts out about 26 hp. but it is def a heavier/larger car then a T.
  9. oh OK Steve no, I wasnt drinking. was just thinking Randy was cornering the market on 31 Auburns. you know, a tuffer one deal!
  10. The engine is smaller then a T? thought a T was rated around 14 hp??????????? prey tel.
  11. I couldnt afford a Mercer in the 70s and certainly cant afford one today. some things in life are unobtanium........................
  12. Like a Race Horse? As I said, this whole thread is very confusing.......................
  13. Waiting for the photo of BOTH Auburns......................PLEASE! 😎 so you bought two Auburns Randy? this thread is very very confusing................................................ are both the same body style?
  14. In closing, and so as to leave no loose ends: the cars were not named after an individual but Mercer County, New Jersey, where they were made.
  15. Very good value and a lot more fun then a model T! good luck with your sale.
  16. Randy, if you dont find a wrench right away, you can make a knock off out of wood. I am surprised there is not a wrench with the car.
  17. did they make an Ovaltine car? Im getting thirsty!
  18. have never seen that windshield on any Mercer and believe the drawing is only a prototype. first Mercer should show as a 1909 prototype with a scuttle type shape by the windshield. Fred Hoch has the first build. Car is red and saw it at the AACA in Cherry Hill NJ around 2007. also, your prototype may have never been built, because the Roeblings went down on the Titanic in 12'.
  19. No whitewalls? Bummer. Black top is a thought. I like the Burgundy wheel color. whitewalls pop with a dark body............... blackwalls pop with the yellowish shade you have, as does the top. lots of choices.
  20. so my choice would be to dye the top black, crimson pin stripes and blackwall tires............ let's hear some other suggestions
  21. Hi Johan, think everyone is afraid to give you a price, because the old car market here has been volitle. on another thread here is a discussion of a packard phaeton in green. Most thought it would bring 100-150k at auction. it brought 56k.............. most everyone couldnt believe it. this is why you are not getting any concrete info. I am sure you will want to hear a high number, but in todays market, that may not be so.
  22. Mopar records for 1923 would be Maxwell. not dat..........but getting close.................... lol