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  1. Tells us absolutely nothing to enable us to help you. I am absolutely done playing games.
  2. What it is is VERY important as far as loss of value. A 30's full classic or a 50's resto-mod are a world apart in loss of value. You also state the car is all original - depending on what it is even repainting in the original color may reduce the value. Do you plan on a total repaint or just the one color. Too many variables to even begin to guess.
  3. Try to google the business, "Mike" by his full name, the email address, the phone number, and any other piece of information provided. Legitimate businesses want to be found.
  4. What type of bodywork has to be done? What quality of bodywork and paint are you looking for? What is your anticipated budget for the work and is there any specific time frame you need the project completed in ? Those make a huge difference in what type of shop you need to look for.
  5. I believe in New Jersey it is called a "jug handle" turn and built into the original road design.
  6. Be careful in "cleaning it up". Patina is highly valued. Much like polishing fine antiques your well intentioned efforts could substantially reduce the sell price. Substantially.
  7. Please provide a price, location and title status (number matches car, title in your name). That is basic, essential information. If not present many will ignore your ad,myself included.
  8. In which case look through check registers and credit card statements for a storage facility /
  9. plus it looks like I lost all my "points" or whatever you call the "Attaboys" - what just happened ???
  10. While AAA is not even close to what it used to be .. there are worse. On the other hand check out your regular insurance company - State Farm offers a towing addon for almost nothing and it includes an hour of free labor if they can fix it on the road. So far my two experiences with them have been great...
  11. True, I used to be assigned to Boston 2 or 3 months most years working for the Federal government and hated it, especially taxi drivers., Then I spent 6 months in Puerto Rico -probably 2/3rds San Juan and 1/3 in the mountains. I went directly from there to Boston and never had a problem cutting off cabbies again. No driver is braver than a Federal employee in a rental car.
  12. Sometimes you do get what you pay for. Compare the cost savings between the CCCC covers and any alternative cheaper ocvers vs the cost of rust repair/repaint. How long did the CCCC covers you currently have last? How much extra is it per year for a known quality ? How much of a riak taker are you?
  13. Wait until the body work / finish is done before replacing rubber seals -
  14. The confusion here is that according to the Motors manual Dodge offered the standard transmission both with or without fluid drive in the 1954 model year. If it has the fluid drive convertor then 10W is correct. Search this forum for "fluid drive" and you will find several lengthy threads with a wealth of information.
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