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  1. 1991 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer. I am the second owner - ziebarted when new. Previous owner used it only for family vacations and changed oil and filter every year and waxed it thoroughly every fall (including door jamb and the back of the pinch welds - glass smooth)..just turned 50,000 miles .
  2. Whst year Desoto - is it a lever sticking out of the dash or maybe a pushbutton selector ?
  3. Perhaps a cracked cap or bad wires - as noted above make certain that the core is covered with rubber material before the cloth was applied.... If it was mine and not subject to judging I'd get a new cap and make a set of wires from Packard 440 wire ....
  4. If you have a store on Ebay this is what is being proposed .. https://www.ecommercebytes.com/C/blog/blog.pl?/pl/2020/9/1601049321.html
  5. 1933 Pierce Arrow 836 Personal favorite. I was 11 in 1960 when we drove to Boston to purchase and drive back a 1928 Franklin. The owner hadn’t had time to finish it but offered my dad the Pierce Arrow for the same money. Pumped up a low tire and drove it from Boston to Rochester , Picture was taken about 2 months after we got home, Bernie Weis told my dad he should have waited for a 12 – “they’re a lot more car”. I still love the styling (5 passenger) and road manners (had to wait until I was 15 to drive it). Light steering and braking, Startix starting. lots of torqu
  6. if you do have to use heat drawing wax into the threads (think solder) can help. You probably know that but hadn't seen it mentioned. It;s also big enough you should ne able to come up with a vibrator to hook to it - vibration loosens a lot of things
  7. "wires cut and hanging loose" That was pretty much SOP back in the day. No one ever bothered to strip the old wires out ...... 99 per cent of the time you will find them attached to nothing..
  8. I had a Model "A" when I was 12 - the first thing I did after the fan blade just barely skinned my elbow was to paint the fan blade tips yellow. I did that with every new car I got for quite awhile.
  9. Would not hurt to polarize the generator once you have the battery hooked up properly - only takes a minute but right nowI can't remember the way to do it (it's been 20 or 30 years).
  10. Thanks, we need to dwell a lot more on the good in this world... there is a lot of it out there if we just open our eyes and our minds,
  11. Back in the 60's there was a 39 Merc Phaeton or Convertible Sedan in the Rochester area running 2 - 6 V batteries hooked up to provide a normal 6V circuit and a 12V circuit for the starter. An elegant solution. Of course when my 50 Chevy truck had hot start problems I carried around a 12V battery and a cheap pair of jumper cables until I saved up for a good set of 00 cables from a local welding shop - problem solved.
  12. You will need to find someone with an arc grinder to arc the new shoes to the existing drum as noted by Tinindian above. Ask me how I know.
  13. We had a 1964 stripped Chrysler Windsor with the 3 speed transmission and manual steering and non power brakes. The 3 speed is non-synchro on low gear, the steering and brakes are very heavy. On the other hand it's doubtful you will park next to another one at a car show. If I was younger (and hadn't lost quite so much of my grip) I would be very interested - it is a wonderful example of the last of the big fins.
  14. Check out their dmv site - that's the only way to find out. I believe things have changed.
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