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  1. PM sent Addenda - rest assured that his discoveries were brought to light to those who provided the access and many were written up in the appropriate media. He was not a collector per se except for things of interest to him - the stuff he kept was valued for it's uniqueness, not it's monetary value.
  2. There is an almost infinite amount of material to be discovered in many places. Alumni have donated libraries, manuscripts, correspondence, art, photographs and etc to Universities for decades only to have them boxed and warehoused, often without even a cursory review of what is enclosed and identified only with the donees name. And yet they continue to add to sorted and cataloged material rather than exploring what they have - I have sold a lot of ephemera to Universities over the years - they are good customers but payment is very slow as all expenditures require board approal (usually measured in months).. I have a good friend who does appraisals for many universities, museums and auction houses and he has made many of the publicized "discoveries" - they will continue to be new discoveries for decades - the volume of unsearched material is truly endless.
  3. I remember you started a few different threads on these and then on a later Oldsmobile. You need to go where you will end up having to get the titles - walk into a rural DMV office and look around for an old timer -- then go explain the situation (you don't need to give your name) and ask what the best way to proceed is. Or you can go to a local attorney who may have an in at the local DMV or know a friendly judge... no idea what the fee is but here in rural NY it ran around $700 o $800 a decade or two ago depending on how many favors were being called in.
  4. SAAB 93 with front opening doors - my dad had a 93B...
  5. "Could be old loggers tongs to rotate logs to complete a cut. " Nope - that would be a cant hook or a peavey (they are different) - used one for many years when we heated with wood.
  6. No telling what the timing is except I know that their agreement with Paypal ends sometime this year. It was surprising to me that they stuck to their guns on the per item fee because you know that the mega vendors aren't paying it........I suppose there will be a day when the word "ethics" no longer appears in the dictionary....
  7. It will not be cheaper - though tight lipped there are a few things that are known, mostly 1) Money will not be instantly available - think they are down to 3 days now -still a lot of "float" money for them. They have also condescended to allow paying for shipping out of funds they are still holding 2) At the last q&a they are holding firm to a 25 cent per sold item charge in addition to the percentage - obvious attempt to get rid of the low end stuff There's more but it appears that it will be more expensive and a lot harder to deal with than paypal Re: the tax issue don't forget that the sales tax ebay collected shows up in Paypal totals starting in November and has to be backed out to make your accounts balance - what fun......
  8. Ebay has stated that they will be requiring all sellers to accept "Managed Payments" and will, by the end of the year, try to incorporate all sellers. Managed payments is envisioned to replace Paypal. They have switched an unknown number of dealers over so far, voluntarily. They are now going to force the issue. You will be getting paid for your sales by Ebay, not Paypal. From the latest User Agreement notice. Key updates: • eBay intends to manage payments for more sellers in more markets in the near future • Clarification of which user agreement applies when you buy or sell in other countries • Know when we hold or restrict seller funds It nay be a few months away for most but the new management states it will happen.
  9. I hate to give new life to threads that died awhile ago but I am curious as to whether or not anyone is using Ebay's "Managed Payment" program that they forced on some sellers in lieu of Paypal. It looks like all sellers will eventually end up being forced to join and am just wondering if it creates any problems. Thanks for any information you can give.
  10. Before you go hooking up a battery make sure you have a GOOD fire extinguisher handy. With the tires dry rotted and rats present there is a good chance you may hsve a short somewhere.
  11. You need to check the Alabama DMV site for items required for registration and inspection requirements appears to have changed substantially since it was used as the primary source of cleansing titles....
  12. I think you should add in the cost of obtaining a title, registration, etc in your name to the transportation cost. I doubt many people are willing to purchase with foreign paperwork, etc as many states require notarized DMV forms etc for transfer....
  13. Hoopes Bro & Darlington produced wagon (and later car) wooden wheels. They did not incorporate until 1903. That probably accounts for both the tag and the new wagon wheels. Sothebys descriptions are only as accurate as those they pay to authenticate are. In this case even a rudimentary glance at historical data would have prevented this apparent misinformation.
  14. Take a look at your regular insurer - I have State Farm and for something under $10 a year they provide up to an hour of roadside assistance plus a tow if they can't fix it. I've also turned in a towing bill I paid and they reimbursed me with no questions. I also used them when AAA took 3 hours to pick us up and I asked them to take us home from the repair shop (2.4 miles) and they said they were too busy - had the car dropped in our driveway and he said there would be no free tow from my driveway to the shop the next day. Mid winter and we are in our 70's. There is no taxi service in our town. I keep them in case we need that 200 mile tow but they have become pretty pointless otherwise. Letter writing to their corporate headquarters was useless - each club can set their own rules and they are under no obligation to do anything but drop you with the vehicle. They sure have changed. When I called State Farm to pick up the car in my driveway and take it to the repair shop they were there in under an hour. The driver asked what was wrong with it and I told him the power steering line blew (2008 Caravan). He apologized that it wasn't something he could fix as part of the tow.
  15. My 2 kids back in the mid 80's playing in what was then our work truck. We hauled a lot of firewood with that.