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  1. in 1961 I bought this Model "A" Ford for $100. We took it to one of the local AACA club meets (GVACS) and a fellow who had a Model "A" Phaeton and Roadster - both fully restored, offered me $75 for the Sportlight 9yes, sold it on the spot). Not sure what originals are worth today. A few years later he lost both cars to a garage fire - do not use gasoline to clean parts when using a space heater.
  2. Easy to get to their website on google. They state their carrier is American Modern Insurance Group which is licensed in 50 states and have been in property and casualty business since 1965. They are based in Cincinnati, OH, and are rated A+ (superior) by A.M. Best Company. Who knew?
  3. One more time - the only time I have experienced a similar problem (drastic loss of power under load) it was a condenser, and since new condensers have been known to be bad right out of the box, if it was mine I would get another new condenser. Just my two cents - sorry for the repeat.
  4. Did you change out the easy to change ( and cheap) condenser yet?
  5. "thought of the condenser but it fires right up and runs smoothly at an idle. " The condenser could still be the problem - they falter under heat, load and/or rpm. One of the easiest things to replace...
  6. Fair warning - from Ina Steiner's Ecommerce-Bytes Blog. The threshold for 1099's has changed from $20000 to $600. (Some states dropped the threshold last year - this is the new Federal threshhold). "A provision in the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (aka the COVID relief bill) would put some people's online-selling activity in the crosshairs of the IRS. Some might say rightly so, but even people who sell their old stuff when cleaning out their basements and garages should sit up and take notice. If you use PayPal, eBay, Etsy, or any electronic form of paymen
  7. The misalignment of the door trim shown could indicate accident or corrosion damage - not a good sign.
  8. Hope this isn't drifting too far off topic. This came out of my grandparents store in Waterbury Center Vt when they sold it in the mid 60's. They said it was a lamp used on the Waterbury to Stowe Stagecoach. Any info appreciated - sorry for the pix but right now I am concentrating on the Bills Ravens game. Thanks Glass doors are 6 X 7 - height is 22 inches
  9. Thanks so much for posting. I spent summers in Vermont with my grandparents and this brought back memories of life in simpler times. Change has not been kind to Vermont unfortunately - it's hard to recognize my old haunts.
  10. Add another for Firefox (or chrome), or both. I have both on my IMac and find myself using them a lot more than Safari. They take very little time to download and are pretty intuitive.
  11. In the "probably not" category make certain the gas cap vent isn't clogged just for kicks - doesn't sound like the right symptoms but ....
  12. c. 1960 Guess I have a few years experience working on Model "A"s....used the engine as a Science Fair project (chain driven by a gearmotor).
  13. 1991 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer. I am the second owner - ziebarted when new. Previous owner used it only for family vacations and changed oil and filter every year and waxed it thoroughly every fall (including door jamb and the back of the pinch welds - glass smooth)..just turned 50,000 miles .
  14. Whst year Desoto - is it a lever sticking out of the dash or maybe a pushbutton selector ?
  15. Perhaps a cracked cap or bad wires - as noted above make certain that the core is covered with rubber material before the cloth was applied.... If it was mine and not subject to judging I'd get a new cap and make a set of wires from Packard 440 wire ....
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