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    How to hunt for an older car?

    Doesn't look like there are any good registries, just attempts that never got off the ground. https://www.camaros.net/forums/15-tag-team/182224-how-many-members-have-68-z-28-a-16.html 10C Dale68Z orangeZZ/Blk std LOS07779 Dana Demo Cowl P. ODT POP BOS 11D RPOL72 Ivory/Blk Vinyl/Gold std. int 11E Jerry@CHP White Survivor#351124 12B 2X4 Butternut Yellow-black vinyl/Blk std RS LOS17444 radio delete 12D Hot Rod Todd Blk/Blk deluxe RS Cowl P. NOM 12D Cook_DW MatadorRed/Blk deluxe LOS Cowl P. no tach/console 12D Clill Special Ord Orange Pt LOS 8L319854 12/07/67 MO w/266 7G20 Sold@Dana 12D 169INDY White/Black- Red Std LOS#320777 302 emblems 12D RSMS EE 719 NOR Orig Paint & Engine Fold down rear seat 12E Westonz28 Butternut Yellow LOS322365 MacNeish Cert. BU rear 01B 68camaroz28 Butternut Yellow/Blk std. int. Cowl P. ODT BOS 02C copojo White/Blk std D80 RadioDel Nor#383394 Cowl P. GM Canada Docs 02D sixd8rs Tripoli Turqoise/Turqoise int. NOM #388484 02D realzed born w/Seafrost Green/blk std ODT 61K miles GM Canada Docs 02E paulbruce@sympatico.ca Rallyee Grn/Blk std LOS 302 emblems 02E bowties427 LemansBlue/Blk Std. LOS#332229 Z/28 emblems 02E X66 714 Corvette Bronze/Blk houndtooth LOS#332262 Z/28 emblems 02E Charlie Dawson Corvette Bronze/Blk Std. NOR 302 emblems Orig. Engine 03A SEK Z28 Matador Red/Blk std. In family since 1970 03A Jerry@CHP Matador Red #392050 03C zeds68 Butternut Yellow/Blk std. M22 8N398XXX 03C 302V8 British Green Std 8N399xxx 03D norcal 302 Lemans Blue/Med. Blue Deluxe int. LOS built 03D 68_Z_Survivor Black/Deluxe Int. Factory spoilers 4.10 BOS 04A ggtsvnv Lemans Blue/Blue std. Crawford Chev.,Slayton TX Orig tran/rear 04A Jerry@CHP Dave Strickler's Ol Reliable #411100 04A pjbizjak Ralley Green/ blk std. #413105 storage over 30 yrs. 04B 68RSZEE28 Matador Red/749 RS w/head rests 04C zeds68 British Green/Blk std M22 8N418XXX 04C enio45 Corvette Bronze/Blk std. Build sheet and POP 04C HuggerSS Tripoli Turg/Blk stripes Deluxe Int. RS 4:56 rear 04D Paul68RS/Z28 British Grn/Wht vinyl/Deluxe Parch. Cowl/headers 04D never2manycamaro's British Green/Blk std #422699 POP 04D 68z28sd British Green/Blk std. #426203 04D ZAPPER68 Lemans Blue w/wht vinyl/Parchement N4265xx POP #'s match 04D 3forme Lemans Blue/Deluxe int. Blk top 04D 3forme Red, Blk Deluxe int., Tilt & defrost 04D ALLZS Corvette Bronze LOS built "Survivor" 05A rodent4 British Green/Blk std. int. 05A Jmoore9622 BRG/Blk std. Dad's #429346 05B fastfreddy OO Bronze/Blk std. #429642 05B sooperdave Grotto Blue/Blk std. #N431070 POP Black stripe 05C ZZMike British Green/Blk std. N4368XX M20 ODT POP Cross-ram 05C Kyvox Sequoia Gr/Blk Std 05C HuggerSS BRGreen POP NOM/Trans RS NCRS rpt Berger 4:56 rear 05D royal67rs Matador Red 8L341406 05D 68zproject ZZ British Green/Blk std. POP 06A Dave V Lemans Blue/Blue std. Interior Original motor/drivetrain & had doc's. 06A Teet58 Tuxedo Black/?? Int. POP & BOS (Canadian) N446969 Headrest 06B Z28X66 BrGreen BlkStd TicToc/Gages NOM N453XXX dealer invoice & MSO Note-currently has N448650's original MO for engine (posted in Orphans/CRG). 06C fuelnut Lemans Blue/Deluxe Black (orig) N4549xx Orig blk/trans/rear 06C rocket74 Lemans Blue/Blue N456800 BX4:88 POP/Canadian Doc RadioDel 07A buzz_mn_58 seafrost green/712 standard int. vin N4630XX 07A Dayton68Z28 Matador Red, cowl plenum #463934 07B bbd564 Lemans Blu/Blk H-tooth Console/Gauges Orig except 1 repaint 07B yankeechaser Lemans Blue/Blk Houndstooth w/headrests Nor#467951 07C Sonet Ermine White/Red std. 2 owner 38K miles POP 07C Shupee Lemans Blue/Blu std. NOM #4754 07C TerryC British Green/BlkH-tooth N468XXX Heavily optioned post #160
  2. mike6024

    How to hunt for an older car?

    In the video this owner says, "It has never been a road car. The original owner brought it home and made a race car out of it." I thought that was an interesting coincidence, almost exactly what you said.
  3. mike6024

    How to hunt for an older car?

    Is this it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixQjOosxi-o
  4. mike6024

    Big find in the south of France

    Copy and paste this link into your browser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BXMwZ10pmA
  5. mike6024

    Lagonda Rapiers

    Are you ready to install the transmission with the new bands yet?
  6. mike6024

    How to hunt for an older car?

    It looks like this "Registry" is of no help! - http://camaroregistry.macswebs.com/1968/1968.html
  7. mike6024

    Alfa Romeo

    This fellow would want it. not at that price though.
  8. mike6024

    Speedster Posts

    https://forums.aaca.org/forum/122-speedsters/ Go to the Speedster section https://forums.aaca.org/forum/122-speedsters/
  9. mike6024

    L29 CORD CRASH == Frank Lloyd Wright?

    This is a really funny quote, from the New York Times no less. http://archive.nytimes.com/www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2009/08/09/automobiles/0809-wright_2.html In the early 1920s, Wright bought a 1929 Cord L-29, which he praised for its front-wheel-drive. Besides, "It looked becoming to my houses," he wrote in his book "An Autobiography." He seemed to have a special bond with the Cord. "The feeling comes to me that the Cord should be heroic in this autobiography somewhere," he wrote.
  10. mike6024

    L29 CORD CRASH == Frank Lloyd Wright?

    Steve Brown Frank Lloyd Wright's 1929 Cord L-29 Return visit to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum in Auburn, Indiana, March 11, 2011. Wright purchased this Cord in the 1950's, not long before his death in 1959. He had the car painted in this color, which he called "Taliesin Orange". It was the second Cord that he had owned. He bought his first, a 1929 Cord Phaeton, new.
  11. mike6024

    L29 CORD CRASH == Frank Lloyd Wright?

    Frank Lloyd Wright, who owned a Mercedes 300 SL, was commissioned to design the Max Hoffman Mercedes dealership showroom on Park Avenue in New York City. Photo courtesy Cooper Weeks. Wright, who owned an L29, described his interest and ownership experience as follows: “I believe the principle of the front drive to be logical and scientific, therefore, inevitable for all cars. The proportion and lines of the Cord come nearer to expressing the beauty of both science and logic than any car I have ever seen.” Photo courtesy Nancy Friday. http://www.hemmings.com/blog/2010/08/04/salisbury-concours-to-feature-the-cars-of-frank-lloyd-wright/
  12. Stoddard Dayton supposedly taken in 1915, location unknown but probably California.
  13. mike6024

    Need help with British tire date code.

    I watched this video, maybe some others might find interesting. Fort Dunlop closed only recently. It has been converted into a Travelodge. Fort Dunlop Fort Dunlop was a motorsport manufacturing operation located in a corner of the original Dunlop factory in Erdington, Birmingham, established in 1891 until May 2014. This factory produced specialised vintage, motorcycle and touring car tyres, and produced about 300,000 specialised racing tyres per year. On 30 May 2014, the Birmingham factory ceased tyre production, ending Dunlop tyre production in the UK.
  14. mike6024

    Ebay Sellers on This Site

    That link above took me tho the Wayfair website whick offered to sell me wall art depicting this:
  15. mike6024

    Ebay Sellers on This Site

    I've seen that on other forums. It is some software that inserts advertisements into the text of some random person's post. For example if i posted something about a question on disc brakes, one of the words becomes a link that takes you to an online autoparts retailer selling brake pads.
  16. mike6024

    Unidentified race track, anyone recognize it?

    These are photos from our local paper, several others in this link - http://www.pressdemocrat.com/news/9008838-181/vintage-photos-show-a-long 1923 "Race" in town Another Stoddard Dayton
  17. mike6024

    GM Oshawa Plant in Canada to Close

    This is the shape of things to come. I've seen a couple of them around town recently. They do not need a long hood because they don't have a V-12 under it. It's a Chevy bolt EV.
  18. mike6024

    1958 VW Alken D2 Roadster

    Here's a link to a bunch of pictures from 1958 - http://purl.stanford.edu/nn936qw6336
  19. mike6024

    Oldest known production VW Beetle

    This is a more informative video on the same vehicle and the owner
  20. mike6024

    Gilmore Duesenberg Museum

    Yes here's their website, and it talks about this display : “It’s a DUESY!” New Exhibit Showcases Most Valuable American Car Ever Built http://www.gilmorecarmuseum.org/its-a-duesy-new-exhibition-showcases-most-valuable-american-car-ever-built/
  21. mike6024

    Old chassis in sand dunes

    It's a work of art
  22. mike6024

    1905? Unknown Car Picture

    There's a website devoted to them, https://holsmanautomobiles.com/ Various models, https://holsmanautomobiles.com/models/
  23. Click on this link, you should be able to see it, and magnify (zoom in to make it larger) and you can also see what book it was taken from. https://books.google.com/books?id=uAojAQAAMAAJ&dq=1926 dodge brothers special touring&pg=PA470#v=onepage&q=1926 dodge brothers special touring&f=true
  24. mike6024

    Lagonda Rapiers

    Here's a couple simple videos on the shifting action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ES_ssNtENw