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  1. Yes the piers. Handled many cargo ships, until Oakland decided to install the cranes to handle the container ships, then all the business went to Oakland. That's what my brother did, a merchant seaman. We met him a few times at a pier in San Francisco when he came in on a cargo ship, but I think that ended in the late 1970's. Later we would go to meet him in Oakland. ( this view is further back, further away from the bridge, so it includes the ferry building )
  2. Yes If you compare the pic with a 1947 Chrysler, several things are consistent, such as the profile of the front bumper.
  3. Oh yeah, you picked up on that small tip of chrome strip peeking out from behind the pole.
  4. Chrome along the lower edge. Maybe a Dodge. Dodge would have that chrome along the rocker.
  5. Rooms & Liquors That is everything anyone could possibly need or want.
  6. that completely rules out "the '40's"
  7. The photo has been labeled "1940's" and I don't think that matches car in picture.
  8. Do these have a handle extension that fits onto them? Yes these are aviation wrenches. Aviation hydraulic line wrenches.
  9. Company History WF Drake had experience with the Southern Automobile Manufacturing Company . He founded the company in 1921 in Knoxville , Tennessee . The aim was the production of passenger cars , trucks , tractors , tires , bodies and metal parts. Cars, trucks and tractors were made from 1921 to 1922. The brand name was Drake . A total of around 10 to 15 cars and one truck have come down to us. The tires came from the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company , contrary to the initial intention . Vehicles The Four had a four-cylinder engine . The chassis had a wheelbase of 254 cm .
  10. Chevy pickup (oops, I meant GMC) owned by a young man who works at the hardware store. Not a teenager, but early 20's, maybe 25 I'd say. And the Dodge at the Exchange Bank, supposed to be the same model used by Frank Doyle, bank president, to drive the Golden Gate Bridge on opening day in 1937. He was the one who spearheaded construction of the bridge, arranged financing, etc. The original car he used got sold, but they acquired another, supposedly exactly the same model, to put on display to commemorate the bridge drive.
  11. Weber 32/36DGV is the common 2 barrel carb conversion for 4 cylinders. Exactly which version depends. If you are in California you need the Calif compliant one with the automatic choke. They also come with the manual, cable operated choke. http://www.redlineweber.com/carb-kits/auto/ford/
  12. did we miss your broadcast? It was 7-9 AM this morning?
  13. You will need to bring a winch or piece of equipment to load this vehicle as it does not roll well.
  14. Somehow building my own hearse is not something that crossed my mind.
  15. The T-Bird may be worth putting on BAT for auction. But that takes some work. You need to get it running well, and take a thorough set of pictures, including up on a lift photographing under the floors and the rockers to show there is not rust, or document any minimal rust. Also you are supposed to post a video showing how it drives, and how the engine sounds running. So you may need some help with these things but it may be worth your while. Here is a link to one being auctioned 1956 Ford Thunderbird CURRENT BID: $21,600
  16. Sure, if you want to let them go cheap, selling as-is, non running is another option.
  17. Thanks for the picture. They look huge. 8 passenger.
  18. It is claimed "Manufactured specifically for the Volkswagen Beetle" But also came in 12 volt version which VW did not offer anywhere near 1959. So I don't know. Maybe it was made for any vehicle. It had a mounting bracket for the VW dash, but if you wanted to custom fabricate a bracket you could mount it in some other. Also, it just plugged into the cigarette lighter.
  19. They came in both 6 volts and 12 volts coffee makers.
  20. Hertella Auto Kaffeemachine The porcelain cups that came with it apparently had a metal disc on the bottom of them that allowed them to stick to the machine magnetically.
  21. The only place to inquire, so far as I know anyway, would be the company which now operates buses painted white. Maybe you can look them up? WHITECAR COACHES PTY. LTD. Doing Business As WHITE CAR COACHES 39 VICTORIA ST ATHERTON, QUEENSLAND, 4883 Australia Phone +61-740976507
  22. The inaugural trip of Cairns Tableland Motor Service Ltd was down the Gillies Highway on 10 June 1926, the day the Gillies Highway was officially opened, and the company was registered the day before – 9 June 1926. Whitecars became a hackneyed title for Cairns Tableland Motor Service Ltd as the first "buses" were Studebaker cars stretched to include an extra row of seats, and they were painted white for safety. The company was bought by other interests in 1947 and the founder purchased the company back in 1950 where it has remained in the family to this day, officially trading as Whitecar Coac
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