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  1. My Maxwell turns 111 this year and I intend to throw it a party, assuming I have it in running condition this summer... I wonder which of us will drink more that day?
  2. I really liked that movie, but thought them calling the mineral unobtanium was a little tacky, only because we had been using the word to describe car parts for so long before it came out.
  3. I think the most smiles per dollar you can get in this hobby happens behind the wheel of a model T or Model A. If speed is a need, Model A. I am also 6’4” and fitting in either can be an issue. On the A, look at Tudor sedans and the slant windshields, they offer pretty good space. You will be able to fit and drive any A... but the Tudor will be easiest. For me the issue on most model A body styles is the lack of room for my leg between the shifter and steering wheel when in reverse or first gear.... taking a few inches off the shifter is a couple hour project that fixes the issue an
  4. my teen daughter drives a 2006 Hyundai Tucson that I gave the paltry sum of $1,500 for.... It is an appliance more than an automobile and I hate driving it.... but... somehow it has become the most reliable car in our fleet.... I would give the square body burb to the tank!
  5. Likely a wise decision. The 56 4 door hardtop is my favorite of the tri five bowties, but what that car needs compared to what a good driver cost... you would have to enjoy the work as much as the driving... and I do not.
  6. Nah, I was with a non car guy the first time he saw one... called it a back to the future car.
  7. Generally speaking, yes they are and should be. From my youth I recall the term “good faith money” often times a small amount in comparison to the deal at hand, in other words, a deposit. I have seen the money returned when a deal didn’t complete, but only under circumstances where “good faith” was still present. Everybody has a story and it would be up to the guy holding the cash to decide how he feels about that. If a guy handed me money on a Sunday with the promise to show up next Saturday with a trailer and the agreed balance but lost his job or even just lost the transmission on his truc
  8. You could buy it and let Ed know he can’t play with it until you get the Stearns back.
  9. For me it was my first set of brass era tires. All of my drug knowledge comes from Willie Nelson cameos in movies, so I don’t know how much of anything you can get for $3,000... but I assume it is a lot.
  10. December of 1915 was a huge production month for all auto manufacturers, they needed to get the 16 models ready.... or so I have told myself every time I look at anything built in 1916.
  11. The 1922 pikes peak racing claim is interesting. If the vintage racing history is verifiable beyond the photos provided, the bidding was a little low, if it claims don’t hold up (and it sure does not look like the same car to me), all the money in the world and then some was bid.
  12. That seems about right. The overland is a very good performer and a quality car.
  13. The OP has not logged in since the day the first post was placed. @Cgarv12 this may prompt a response.
  14. If a clincher in the size desired is not available, don’t forget you can put a filler (usually a stiff rope) in the groove of the clincher rim and place a straight wall tire on the wheel. It has been done on many cars, even cars that see a lot of touring miles.
  15. Another thought, there are likely enough fake cars on a Stutz chassis out there that there should be a few loose correct bodies for the car shoved in a corner somewhere.
  16. If going to the expense of a rebody, why leave it right hand drive? Even as I type that I don’t know why I or anyone would argue against the vandan plas body on a Stutz, it would be fantastic.
  17. actually a buyer at 45k is either going to get something a little bit bigger with none of the refinements you listed, or something similarly sized but a couple years older and no front doors, an aesthetic difference that people, myself included, tend to like. I very much so agree with Ed that Model T’s are where it is at for brass touring. Even the guys with big collections of big boy cars tend to show up on many tours in a model T. Ever try to get a locomobile stopped at the bottom mountain? A side note on that taking us back to the Lambert, friction drive cars can be put in reverse
  18. https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/19101/lot/617/ Same car in 2011. $16k pre restoration.
  19. The Lambert is an interesting car for sure and there are no lack of people interested in it. Being Built in Indiana (where I live) and friction drive (I have a lot of Cartercar miles under my belt) this car really calls to me, but I am focused on finishing the brass car I have and getting a child through college that starts in less than a year. Also, brass is still a small community and anyone looking at the car on BAT has already seen it and knows the price point the seller is after. Many people are scared of friction drive, so the unique system is not a selling point over a standar
  20. yes, they have axles made of wood. These are obviously not drive axles. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1910-brush-model-d/ This one sold in unknown mechanical condition with a presentable but old restoration a few months ago for $11,500. I watched the auction and thought the sales price was a bit low, but I don’t know the car or what issues it may have so it could have been all the money in the world.
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