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  1. If you have not done so, check with your local International truck dealer. It is amazing what they have access to or have a lead you can follow. Remember the K3 falls in to the heavier equipment side, so adjust your thinking toward that when looking for parts. Truck salvage yards may have what you need sitting in the back lot also.
  2. The hole is where the bolt goes that secured the heavy hubcap to the wheel. These wheel covers were used on several different Olds models and they would just use different inserts to match the car used on,
  3. If it is a 14inch, I think it goes to a mid 80s Cutlass supreme.
  4. Interesting mix of autos. Something for everyone. It does not take a lot of cars to have a good time.
  5. That was true for most makes of trucks even into the 1950s qnd 60s, even later. Ford ,Dodge, Chevy were like that too. The stock bumpers were not strong enough for heavy work and various needs of a truck owner, so they were made locally to fit the needs of the individual owner. Most trucks back then were work vehicles and very few were used for pleasure or family use.
  6. Try these guys. Look to the left of the page for a link to the K and KB section. Good luck with your project http://www.travelallparts.com/
  7. The woodie is based on a truck, which came with no bumper because most people buying a working vehicle wanted to build their own, or have a local shop fabricate what they needed, so not many stock bumpers were sold.
  8. Gmc and Chevy used the rectangle lights all thru the 40's and in to the early 50,s I do not believe they ever used a round one.
  9. Looks industrial or farm to me.
  10. It is not just the high end cars either. On our 08 Dodge Avenger, to my surprise, when I need a new battery, I had to pull the left front wheel off and remove a panel behind it to slide the battery out.
  11. I was lucky that my step-dad gave me my first ride. Not so lucky that it was a 55 chevy pickup that he had used in the oillfields until he could not depend on it any longer I kept it patched and running for a while then traded it in on a 60 Renault because I had a paper route and needed something easy on gas.
  12. Not a lot of detail to work on in the picture, but it probably be a Cambridge or a Cranbrook
  13. Your K 3 should have a 3 speed synchromesh transmission, so if nothing has been modified, any K series transmission should give what you need. I do not see where International used a 4 speed in this series, but is possible it was an option
  14. If it is a 3 speed International transmission it should be a synchromeshed transmission. What transmission do you have?
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