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  1. https://www.automobile-catalog.com/tire/1971/1245170/international_travelall_1010_4x2_6-232_4-speed.html Here is a link to tire sizes that should work on your truck assuming that the Travellall used the same tires. When working on your truck, remember to order parts by serial number rather than by the year as International made changes during the year as well as the model year changes. This forum is not the best place to find info on mods to a vehicle as most here are dedicated to preserving their rides as original as possible. Nothing wrong with what you are wanting to do, but just keep in mind you may not find info here on making changes to your truck. Keep sending updates. I like your truck
  2. Not sure if it is the same car, but he had a thread about a 65 buick Rivera not long ago. Seems to be another person who thinks we can read minds to determine what they need.
  3. Where is it located? This forum is read all over the world and there needs to be some indication as where it is located. Does it run, drive, stop, etc.? If you list info peop[e need to know to make a decission you may get some results. Good luck on the sale.
  4. Try posting it in the TC forum in the Chrysler section. Lots of TC people hanging out there. Someone may be interested. Jake, yes they did use some 6 cyl engines in the TC.
  5. The last picture probably is more recent. Looks like the photo was taken after a refresh, maybe preparing it for something like parade use.. The lights, siren, mirrors are all different. Also the new Goodyear white letter tires are a newer style. Even the sign on the door has changed from Township to Municipal. Great looking truck. Hope they still have it.
  6. Exposed screws make me think it is aftermarket
  7. How did you check the compression? If it is the same on all cylinders of the engine and the firing order is correct 1 5 4 8 6 3 7 2 then it should run unless there is a blockage inside the manifold, either intake or exhaust. Blockage would seem the next thing to check for.
  8. I can see a number stamped close to the switch in the first pic. Hard to read but I believe it starts N263-----.
  9. Love the unusual look of the Imperials. I almost bought a low mileage one a few months ago, but the price was not in line. To answer Licespray's question it is made by Chrysler.
  10. Could be a bolt not tightened properly that is hitting something. If that is it you need to see to it before it gets worse and causes some real damage.
  11. Tinindian, I believe you are right. That would be one sweet hauler to have.
  12. No dash pics but you can compare other things. http://www.fossilcars.com/plymouth/coupe/620251
  13. What is the reason you think it is a 1945? What difference is there between a 45 and 46 that can identify it? You are right that if it can be documented as a 45 it may have some additional value.
  14. Could be for an industrial machine. Maybe a platform for the operator to stand on. Some early farm plows had platforms for a farm hand to stand on to raise and lower the plow as someone else drove the tractor.