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  1. The second picture he posted shows it was made by Long Mfg. co in Detroit.
  2. I had a 69 Dodge truck for about 15 years. Not very pretty but very dependable. The neighbors named it "Ole Blue" as in May I borrow Ole blue to run to the lumber yard, etc. The name stuck and everyone called it that . Ole Blue had lots of friends and one actually bought it when we moved away.
  3. Best way would supply your own come along. Surely on an open car trailer there is somewhere it can be attached. You will have to chain the truck to the trailer in several spots to transport it safely so just include the come along in your front tie down location.
  4. That is a neat find. Do you have any paperwork with it? Based on the logo on the front it would be several years newer than you are thinking. That logo was first used in the earlly 20's and was used for many years. But I am not sure that radiator shell fits the truck you may have a mixture of parts. Keep us posted.
  5. You are no trouble at all. We are all here to help eachother. The forums are very large and takes time to find your way around. This general forum is a goof starting place. Please feel free to explore and ask questions all you like. And welcome.
  6. Where is the truck located now? Also pictures would be very helpful.
  7. Try gently moving the steering wheel side to side while turning the key. Sometimes this can free the locking mechanism if it is in a bind.
  8. Waiting to get some upholstery done until the shop can get foam rubber. They are not sure when that will be but estimate several weeks.
  9. The more info you include in your ad, the better result. Location is very important. This forum covers many countries and even in the united states distance enters into the equasion. Listing locally may be better as many would not want to travel too far because of shipping costs. Where is the truck located, does it run, any rust issues, paperwork in order? A good local ad covering these topics and any other you can include will get you the best results. Good luck on finding a new home foor your truck.
  10. Any good parts store should be able to get you one I think. Otherwise try here Vintage Pickup Truck Antique and Classic Truck Parts
  11. Think it is a 1976 Oldsmobile Delta 88 with a covering over the back side window.
  12. Paul this is posted on the bottom of a 3 year old thread so most will not be looking at it. Start a NEW thread in this forum and you will get some notice. Hemi Dude almost always responds and is very savvy about these cars. Or send him a private message
  13. There is a very active forum for the TC in the Chrysler section below this main forum. This topic is discussed there regularly by some very dedicated TC people. Please check it out and you will find your answer. Chrysler's TC by Maserati - Antique Automobile Club of America - Discussion Forums (aaca.org)
  14. Now that is a lot of truck. It looks like the body in good condition. If the engine is free, i would start by removing the spark plugs and put some oil in each cylinder and rotate the engine by hand to get the oil in vital places before trying to start it. Change all the fluids and filters, check hoses and lines, service the brakes and inspect the wiring. Also the tires will not be good to use after this time. Take your time and think each step thru and you can have a running truck.
  15. Need more info on what is needed to get her running. Bad engine or tranny, brake problems, front end, rust. Give us something to work with and we will try to help you. That will make a great ride when itiis on the road.
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