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  1. You may enjoy this site for old IH enthusiests. Lots of info there. I do not know the answer to your question. Good luck to you and let us know how you progress with your truck. http://oldihc.org/phpBB3/index.php
  2. Fleek

    1965 Plymouth Barracuda

    Area code seems to be Houston Tx area. Is that where the car is located? This forum covers a wide swath of the world so it is helpful to know where the car is located. location is important
  3. Fleek

    C.1925 Fuel Truck - South Australia

    Looks like the same type of truck with a few minor differences . Mobil probably had a fleet of them or this one changed some over the years.
  4. Here is the best in my opinion. Always a good show/swap meet. Just a few miles from Tampa. You are lucky to be here during this event. https://autocarshow.events/autoshows/zephyrhills-auto-events/
  5. Fleek

    Happy New Year.

    Happy New Year from Florida.
  6. Fleek

    1957 buick super cranking problems

    Hello Normann, welcome to the forums. There is a big Buick section below this general forum. You will find friendly folks there with lots of Buick experience who will gladly help you if no one has an answer here. You will enjoy looking around there and the various other forums here. My first thought on your problem if I understand your question would be the switch shorting out or a bad wire at the back of the switch. Good luck and welcome.
  7. Fleek

    Mystery truck 1930s

    Interesting truck. I can usually come close on trucks but two unusual features I see are the long narrow radiator badge and it looks like vent doors instead of louvers on the side of the hood. I do not believe the radiator filler is outside either. I will be watching for someone to identify it also.
  8. Fleek

    Full-Size Standard Shift Cars, 1950-1973

    The first new car I bought was a 63 Dodge Dart, slant 6 ,3 on the tree, AM radio, and nothing else. This 20 year old was very worried how to make the 40.00 monthly payments . It was a good dependable ride.
  9. Thanks to all of you who have helped Blayze with this problem. If you have not done so, I would invite you to go to the International Harvester forums and look at the work this young man had put in to his Scout. He has worked very hard for a long time to bring his project back to life. It is wonderful to see a young person with his passion fulfilling his dream. Way to go, Blayze
  10. Fleek

    1977 Scout II Restoration

    many good people in these forums. Glad you found the info you needed. Your dedication to this project is beginning to pay off for you.
  11. I have never had a problem with the upper control arm clearance so I do not know how to answer your question I have encounter this problem on various column shift GM products and it has always been corrected in steps 7, 8, and 9. if the linkage is tight. The alignment problems causing the levers to not to fall in place is almost always fixed by aligning the levers as described in the above steps as long as the components in it are not excessively worn. I can not find anyone who remembers having a problem with the upper portion of the shifter. Sorry I cant help further. Hopefully someone else has experienced this and will chime in, Keep us posted on your progress.
  12. When I owned a Chevy with this setup, the main cause was not the adjustment, but sloppy linkage. Before you start this procedure, be sure all your linkage connections do not have extra play. This includes where it connects to the transmission as well as above. As I remember there may be rubber grommets involved that can fail, but it has been years ago. It takes very little extra play to cause the shifters not align up properly, so jiggling can make them fall into place.
  13. Fleek

    1949 Dodge Coronet Radio Tone Control

    Basically what the tone adjustment does in these old radios is to vary the sound between treble and bass. Back in my day we would set it to the deepest bass sound but the older folks would set it for a more mellow tone.
  14. Fleek

    Car Vending Machine 7 stories tall in Indiana

    They have several vending machines around the country, one in Tampa.
  15. Fleek

    1948 Chevrolet Other Pickups

    Also the long bed is not as desirable. The main value in this truck is the 5 window cab.