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  1. I had one when in high school and ran a large newspaper route with it for a couple of years because it was cheap to operate. Had no problems with it and probably a good thing because I had the only one in West Texas at the time as far as I know. And as a teen I did not show it any mercy. Good car.
  2. ArticiferTom offered you some great advice. And your location will be very helpful in finding people locally who may help This forum goes all over the world so local help in things you want to have repaired needs to be narrowed down a lot. Someone in Europe would not be too helpful if you are in Texas for example. I agree the restoration section can point to you to parts and supplies that can be obtained from a distance, and you may find people with knowledge you can use. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress on your great truck.
  3. The size seems to point to an industrial use to me.
  4. I had a 72 Travelall for a couple of years. It was tough as nails and the room inside it was huge. No problems with it and our IH dealer had good access to parts for it and the pickups in the mid 80's. We lived in a small farming community and lots of farmers had IH pickups and trucks because they were very durable, but they were mostly for work because of being heavy duty they were not for the average pickup owner. I think the reason so few seem to have survived is that they were purchased to work hard and usually used up before being traded in or most likely just parked in the farmers land a
  5. Really bad here in central Florida. About 60F but will warm up to the mid 70's later. Since this forum is viewed all over the world, it would be great if you would tell the area you live. The temp would have a lot more meaning if the general area was known.
  6. Someone may come up with a better identity, but I believe it is a 1940 Buick
  7. I believe Torino is the only one with the center emblem. Fairlane was open all the way across
  8. What size is it? Looks more like a center cap than hubcap but nothing to indicate masurments.
  9. Beautiful car. t could come live with me anytime.
  10. Vintage Pickup Truck Antique and Classic Truck Parts and International Pickup & Travelall Parts.com may be able to help.
  11. Lots of good info here. Hope you find what you need. http://oldihc.org/phpBB3/index.php Sounds like you have a interesting truck. Keep us posted, and we always like pictures.
  12. Seen on the back of a black Jeep wrangler "I AM THE BLACK JEEP OF THE FAMILY'
  13. That is a very interesting truck. Please keep checking in here when you can and also share any info or pics you find. I think you are in the right track.
  14. Fire truck is a possibility. Do you have a picture of the back of the cab? It is hard to tell from the pic. but it looks like it may not be the standard way they were built. That would be a clue possibly.
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