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  1. I would guess it started life as a 30s Dodge humpback delivery. Lots of mods done to it
  2. It is a 65 or 66. Picture is not clear enough to tell for sure. Maybe someone else can narrow it down.
  3. Grandson giving Ole Blue a bath after a run to haul trash off.
  4. agree Autocar truck is a possibility but can not find a photo clear enough to see if the A is in it.
  5. I thought someone would jump on it for parts if nothing else. Location is probably your biggest enemy. I would be interested if I lived within a short distance of the car. Hope you find someone to take it.
  6. The problem trying to flip a cheap car is not in the buying price. It is in the extras that come with it. 1000.00 car plus registration fees, plus taxes, plus insurance, plus even minor repairs mean you are in that car for about double the purchase price at best. Any hidden problems that need attention can easily double it again. Not very likely to make money on a flip.
  7. Have you posted it in the TC section in the Chrysler forums below these general forums? It is active and may be where you find a TC lover to rescue your car.
  8. I do not think very many on this site would want a modified car. Just buy a car that was built for a 307 that will be set up to preform the way it should with that engine if that is what you want. The Ford is designed for reliable service with a flathead
  9. This is not what you are looking for but I thought you may enjoy it anyway. https://www.core77.com/posts/80833/Creative-Ways-to-Upcycle-School-Buses
  10. I remember seeing the article but do not know where. Will try to find it.
  11. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas
  12. Steve9, if you look, you will see Keiser gave a thumbs up to my post about the 58 Mercury.
  13. Contact these people. If they do not have what you need, they may be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck https://travelallparts.com/
  14. Do not know if this is correct. https://www.roadsideamerica.com/tip/232