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  1. Great color combo. I love these cars. If he wants to draw people to the ad, he should list it as a Mark IV. The regular continentals were a nice car but do not have the following or price as a nice Mark IV
  2. It believe he is wanting to go further with the modifications rather than go back original. Most of us here are not familiar with trying to modify cars as we are dedicated to keeping things stock as much as possible. But I do hope someone here will have a few ideas on helping him with his project as he sees it. Looks like a very nice ride.
  3. Fleek

    Danish American

    Closest auto I can find with the louvers so low on the hood is a 1917 Jeffrey which came after the Rambler so it may have been small
  4. I agree with Bloo on the hood. Need better pics showing the front and sides to know for sure. Looks to be early 50's International from what I can see.
  5. Try these people. If they do not have them they may be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck. https://www.travelallparts.com/
  6. I think it may not be for a truck. 120mph and a trip meter are not found often in older trucks, but I do not know what it fits.
  7. Andrew, you are posting on an old thread which will get very little readers. Start a new one with some info in the title sot people who may know what you need. Also try posting in the general section which is read by a lot more people who may have some knowledge in trucks from this time. There is also a commercial vehicle forum and a parts forum all of which may get some attention. Good luck to you on a very cool project.
  8. Fleek

    Timing of old photo

    The Marfa plate is what got my attention. It looks very much like that area. Dry west Texas land a long ways from anywhere. Prone to flash floods when it does rain because of runoff from the hills around the area..Been there many times.
  9. Fleek

    Timing of old photo

    Do you know where these photos were taken?
  10. If the timing is correct then the next step is the fuel supply. Spark timed correctly + correct fuel mixture = a running engine. If it dies out while running that sounds like fuel delivery. If the fuel mixture is wrong causing combustion at the wrong time, it can cause backfire. Could be the fuel filter, fuel pump, or carb. Also if it has been setting for a long time bad gas could be the culprit.
  11. Great cars. If I were looking to buy it, my main concern would be the area under the vinyl top and around the lower rear window. The top looks newer than the finish on the rest of the car. This has the potential to be hiding major problems on GM cars from this time. They were notorious for rusting in these areas even in dry areas of the country and this one is up north.
  12. With left hand drive you have floor space to turn around and get your product from the inside of the truck then exit the truck on the curb side. The workspace is needed between the driver controls and the curb.
  13. Dale, the way to contact someone about this is thru the ad. Nobody on this forum has the info.
  14. It sounds like a timing problem. Or possibly some spark plug wires are going to the wrong cylinders. Check your timing and firing order.