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    Any markings or numbers on it? Also size. The more info you can list the better your chances for an ID.
  2. I had the same thought as Dave, but it does not have the parking light under the headlight. So not sure about GMC.
  3. I assume have checked your oil filler cap to see if it is stopped up. It has to be a clean vented cap to work correctly . Also on a rare occasion I have heard of this problem because of overfilling the oil causing it to be forced out of the crankcase vent.
  4. Unless it is a very special type of 13 year old car, I do not see anyone traveling far enough to view It to present a problem. 13 year old cars are everywhere usually at a very reasonable price without having to go hundreds of miles to find one. If there is something special about it that would attract a buyer from a long distance then that creates a whole new dynamic. Unless he only uses a local only bank, he should be able to find a branch of his bank close by if he does not bring cash.
  5. Fleek

    Tail Light Bezel

    Possibly 46-46 Plymouth parking light bezel?
  6. 34 Reo in real life
  7. Keiser, you are an inspiration to many and I look forward to following your dream with you. I know you will keep us posted on your progress. I am happy to feel your new enthusiasm to finish what was started so long ago. A new beginning to a very long story is unfolding before us......
  8. Believe it is a White from about 1910 Letters on the radiator seem to be the White logo,
  9. Reo looks right to me, Keiser.
  10. I am no expert on Nashes. but the fenders look like a Lafayette since they do not have the accent stripes. Also the louvers do not look right to me. They seem small and close together. Since it is an older car I wonder if some changes were made to it at some point.
  11. The windshield wiper mounted above the windshield should narrow it down some. Seems to me most were mounted below by that time.
  12. I bought a certified used Jeep SUV a few years ago and have been very pleased with it. One problem during that time that was fixed quickly. It was off lease and it was explained to me that the dealers only select the best of the batch to certify Seems to make sense to me and with the extended warranty seemed to be a good value for the slightly higher price.
  13. Neat trucks. Please post some pics. See if this site can help. https://oldinternationaltrucks.com/colour-charts/
  14. My eyes must be getting really bad. I do not see anything that looks like air conditioning. What am I missing here? I had a 58 Plymouth and loved it.
  15. Welcome to the forum. Lots of friendly folks here will be happy to give their opinions on your car after you post more info and pictures. Your location would be helpful as this forum has members all over the world. There may be someone close to you that could be very helpful. Looking forward to more info.
  16. Wish I could give it a home. but no room or finances for such a nice vehicle, I have had two Ford wagons and loved them both. A 57 and a 60 You might want to include your location as this forum reaches world wide.
  17. Easy to explain for me. First initial, middle name, last initial. Guess I am not the creative type when it comes to handles.
  18. Looks like a solid car to start with. Being a hardtop is a big plus. Lots of Ford parts available. Seems a high priced to me but if it is what you like and want, then price does not matter as much. Just check it carefully and maybe even take someone along that knows older cars for advice. Two main things is to check for rust and make sure the paperwork is ok. Look in the CARS FOR SALE forum just below this general forum and you will find a 53 Ford Victoria completely redone with a full frame off restoration for $24,000 to give you an idea of value. It has been on for a while so it may be bought for less. You can figure what it will cost to bring the 52 up to this level.
  19. I am sure you were in trouble with the first car you bought if you thought a Skylark was a Pontiac. As to the Ford, be sure what you are looking at and educate yourself about the car. Make triple sure you know what you are looking at before the purchase. It should be fairly easy to find basic parts for that car. Post some pics if you like We would love to see it. Good luck on your hunt for a car.
  20. He can make great money off the 15% return fee if someone was crazy enough to buy it and then discover he had been ripped off.
  21. Look at the link I sent and see if it looks right.
  22. Which series Scout do you have? Whichever it is, as far as I know the smallest tank was a 12 gallon. Cant imagine anything smaller. Be sure and use the serial number when looking for parts.International made changes ad various times and not always by year .http://www.gastanksusa.com/inscnewplgat.html
  23. thanks for the update. Glad it running, As far as the gas tank, it depends on how you plan to use it. I usually try to stay original when it is feasible. But if your plans call for using it where you need a large fuel capacity I would look for a larger tank that can be installed where not much modification is required. Keep up the good work and stay in touch.
  24. The attached ad says the horizontal motors were designed for commercial trucks. That narrows the possibilities down a lot. Also found this. Wonder if there is a connection? http://www.tractorshed.com/cgi-bin/shed.cgi?br98_34.jpg