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  1. 4 New tires, Brigstone, for my Buick LaCross, mounted balanced, new valve stems, from Cosco were $800. I have 20 inch tires on a 2015 Ram & the tires are at lease double the size of the Buick. I not supprised at $1,800.
  2. I purchased one 5 years ago & installed for better lighting on a 1931 car. The generator & alternator are driven off the timing chain. It has an internal voltage regulator rather than a cut-out. I still charge the battery when it sits for a couple months. Works best on 2 amp over 10 to 18 hours. People who try using 8 volt batteries should use double 00 battery cables & a 6 volt battery This usually happens when they use 12 volt battery cables. The parts store people will not know of using heavier cables with 6 volt systems. Most restoration shops can build the cables needed.
  3. In 1959 I took drivers training in a Ford V8 automatic. We had a 1956 Chevrolet 6 cyl manual transmission. Dad required me to learn to slide the clutch on a hill to keep the car still without using the breaks. He also taught me to feel the clutch to shift without the clutch. I did it on additional cars with manual transmissions; 53, 40, 49 Chevy, 62 Valiant, 50 Plymouth, & 76 MG Midget. The Midget clutch master or slave unit failed every year of 5 years & I drove home without the clutch each time. The car could be started in 2nd gear if I got caught at a light. however, I was unable to double clutch a 29 Hupmobile without synchromesh. My 31 Hupmobile has freewheeling which was the new thing. One feature is the ability to shift between 2nd & 3rd without the clutch. The advertising claimed you avoided “Clutch Foot” from shifting.
  4. Aware of a Whizzer “REPRODUCTION” with 50 miles. Stored in a heated building. Will need carburetor cleaned & tuned. I believe price is under 600, in Dayton Oh. Update / price is actually $1,000.00. Bike has 53 miles & is in excellent condition.
  5. My 1931 car came with a “monkey wrench” & other tools.
  6. I stopped at a stop light one morning and to my right was a younger women. Eating a McDonalds sandwich, putting on eye makeup, talking on her cell phone, & turned the corner when the light turned green. I went straight & haven’t seen her since. she was in Kettering Ohio where talking on a cell phone while driving will get you a ticket.
  7. A suggestion was to paint 5 letters/numbers 4 ft high on the roof. Most trailers look the same from the air & a sign on the roof will help identify your trailer. Not perfect but will help if an air search.
  8. I worked at the Des Moines, Ia Armstrong plant from 1965 thru 1969. During that time, 52% of their production were Sears tires. They also made Firestone truck tires & Goodrich car tires. The company name is now called Titan.
  9. Doesn’t know the driver’s side trailer fender hinges down to give clearance to open the door.
  10. My father had a 1938 Pontiac & sold it to the dealer after D-day when he went to France. He arranged to get first in line when he wanted a new car afterward. In 1947, with price controls & 6 month wait on all new cars, he ordered a Pontiac & Ford. Picked it up the Pontiac on a Saturday morning, traded in in on a new Ford. The Pontiac was now a used car not under price control. The trade in value was now greater than the price control value & the Ford dealer could sell at any value. The Ford was easier to sell than the fully loaded Pontiac. He advertised the Ford in the Sunday paper and & sold it before noon. We lived on a streetcar line & didn’t need a car. We didn’t get a car till May 1950 when my sister was born. He would sell all the appliances with a complete remodel. Actually, he traded a new kitchen, including a dish washer, for the Studebaker.
  11. I could be wrong but I can assure you that I will be corrected if I am wrong. I am astounded how many knowledgeable people will help. That said, Carfax will not have information of damage and/or repair if the insurance co does not report it. I was rear ended by an underaged driver in an off road golf cart. They paid to fix the bumper & it never got on Carfax. I have used Carfax for the last 3 cars I purchased, none with undisclosed damage. If it is totaled by the insurance company, I skip the car. My father owned a reposition business for banks & those vehicles were usually not well taken care of. Most were sold at auction & carried a discounted value. I bought one from a bank that needed repaired. Price formula = wholesale price - 20% - retail repair value - condition value.
  12. Try posting it in the. Hupmobile forum
  13. Do you have a NADA store near by? i just go to them & tell them my car make model year describing the part(s) wanted. They always apologize for not having one in stock but say I can pick the part up the next day. Great service for a 88 year car.
  14. Yes, that is the truck & it is not a 1936. Sorry, I should have checked first. Thanks for the correction.
  15. Sherry Chrysler, Piqua Oh, 937 753 3037. They have a late 30’s Dodge pickup on their sales floor. I was there but didn’t go over to see it. looked like it had been restored.