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  1. Maxwell lamps were made by Westchester.
  2. You can also just drop the name of any one van company in your area you know of. If it is a cash sale it won’t be an issue. Fake letterhead sounds like a lot of work.
  3. Hvac supply houses will have them. They will even have them with the right look. Most supply houses are wholesale only so they don’t sell to the public, but if you drive an old car as an ice breaker I imagine they will still sell you one.
  4. I completely agree with this. Someone will want it, will come remove it, and will pay something for it. This is is a prime candidate for a no reserve auction. The person that goes to all that effort will likely actually save the thing. If I picked it up for free the deterioration would simply be completed at a new location.
  5. If it makes a difference for you, on that wagon a 2x4 would in face be 2x4.... now, find someone to sell you a 2x4 that is 2x4!
  6. By that logic, post war continentals should be dragging the Model T across the finish line!
  7. That looks like a typical tour with my local club.... one old car and everyone else drives modern. I suppose we now usually have two old cars on local tours, as my family grows I need my dads model A station wagon that he got and restored to be able to take his grandkids on tours, so he gets “stuck” in his T torpedo with only one of them!
  8. A thought concerning the non Imperial 8cyl Chrysler’s. With the CCCA letting virtually everything in now... has anyone taken a recent shot at applying to get them added as full classics? A few years ago I barely understood why they were not included.... there is now really no reason not to let them in.
  9. Find a better looking car for ten times the money!
  10. I have come up with a set of new 26” tires at a steep discount to put on my Maxwell when my rims are wooded this year. They are white walls and I would prefer black. I know there are a lot of tire paints out there. I am looking for first hand knowledge of specific and still available products in use on tires that see plenty of road time. If I can’t come up with a product or plan that I have confidence in... I will just mount them as they are!
  11. Don’t hate on me too much here: wouldn’t a 31 Chrysler roadster (I think the most beautiful car ever made, even in cm6 form and this is the better and bigger car) with a Hudson engine be a little bit... what’s the word I am looking for here... awesome! I suppose if I went to the expense of a restoration I would want to make the car right... but there were likely a couple days many years ago when that thing was a lot of fun.
  12. I have actually had a more or less positive experience with Gateway. I am sure the different staff at different locations will yield different experiences. You can usually talk them into waving listing fees and it’s a great place to put a car all winter with a price on it that won’t hurt your feelings if it disappears. That said, I wouldn’t give them a high dollar car, a too old for their market car, or something I really wanted to sell in a timely fashion because there are guys (a couple of which frequent these forums) that I believe could do a lot better, faster, and with less hassle. To that I add, time is money and a couple thousand less dollars with a two week turnaround on eBay is better than a couple thousand more dollars and keeping an estate unsettled for two years. Look at how the big boys market a car. Tons of pictures, history, driving notes. If you put together an auction listing and have less than a day involved in its creation... you are leaving Money on the table. Having been involved in selling deceased car friends collections off in the past the biggest hurdle is managing their heirs expectations. I have seen people disappointed when a car was “given away” for what I thought was nearly twice real value.... and ecstatic at the high sales price on a car that I thought was sold 15% below its potential.
  13. I visited in the last month or so and don’t believe any club memberships awarded a discount. I strongly encourage making the trip while all the Duesenbergs are there but will warn, some of the buildings are seasonal. Cadillac LaSalle is open, as is Model A and Franklin, but you might miss Pierce Arrow and CCCA if going too soon.
  14. I have no information to offer... but it looks like it was a pretty damned good car show!
  15. Look at how tight some of those top boot covers are! There is no way a top is actually inside them.