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  1. Years ago there was one I remember as being huge (I was young) still in Elkhart. I always thought S Ray Miller had one as well, but the one I am remembering was not nearly good enough to have been his.
  2. Wonderful cars. This one is not too far from me: https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/elcar/unspecified/2158932.html it was on Craigslist with lots of great pics (it appears to be very nice) for about a year but recently made it to Hemmings with one crappy photo. On cl it had a $50k asking price.
  3. gossp

    Car Vending Machine 7 stories tall in Indiana

    As Gimmicks go, a multi million dollar tower full of new cars is an interesting one... I say put a lever on the side and make it a one armed bandit! For a simple $35k flat fee you get to pull the lever.... you might get an F type jag, you might get a Kia Rio! All sales final.
  4. gossp

    WTB REO gas pedal

    We recently had this issue on a Willy’s and did a repair with gorilla glue that got us through the summer. Looks like hell on the back side but nobody will see that!
  5. For the last thirteen years or so I have had a part time job as a chauffeur with a company that runs antique cars out of Indianapolis. Meeting your riders rarely requires a cell phone. They tell you when and where to be, you arrive an hour early and bring a book.
  6. She can sit wherever she wants.
  7. gossp


    Over the years I have seen several aftermarket hubcaps that had a script that resembled the company script but for, I assume, legal reasons, did not spell out the oem name. I had 39 Chevy caps with dashes where the letters go and ford caps that said “fooo”. My guess is these are something similar, perhaps for studebaker?
  8. gossp


  9. gossp


    Several weeks ago a good friend of mine found a little toy Maxwell at an antique store and bought it for me. My oldest daughter wanted to take it off the mantle to make room for Christmas decorations this morning and we reached an equitable solution!
  10. gossp

    Unique GM Ignition

    I had a 57 Chevy with an ignition switch like that. While visiting my girlfriends family in college her father hopped in the car and took it for a spin... I had the keys.... and no knowledge of this feature! This was in the early 2000’s.
  11. gossp

    1910 era postcard, Kokomo, IN

    Based only on location: until a more clear image arrives, I am calling it a Haynes Apperson.
  12. gossp

    Lavigne 6 drip Oiler

    Although I like the concept of quickly plummeting prices to get something sold.... your original price was a steal for the guy that needs it! Try the horseless carriage section on here as well as hcca.org. Or, at the rate you are dropping, I will buy it for less than shipping next week and have no use for it!
  13. gossp

    Wanted black lacquer car paint

    Hirschauto.com I have bought both the black and clear that Bill Hirsch offers. Great price and quality.
  14. gossp

    20 years ago - It is now for sale..

    I agree 100% Plugs, wires, tires, and a bath... then drive it. I have only seen these cars over restored or apart for restoration, that one you could drive in the rain and leave in a restaurant parking lot. I would enjoy it more than a pretty one.
  15. When you find yourself overloaded with sellers remorse from getting rid of the burb, I have one just like it sitting in my back yard.... well, just like yours would look after sitting in a back yard in Indiana for a decade.