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  1. This hit my area a long time ago. Prices on used stuff always go up for tax return season and they just kept going up for a while. I see plenty of inventory on lots but the quality of much of it may have gone down. A friend just traded his two year old, 9k mile truck on new one. He went from 6.0 small rear doors to 5.3 full rear doors and they paid him. That said, finally seeing some reasonable asking prices on older stuff.
  2. @artie rossi what model of Maxwell are you working on? Although over in Indiana we have some knowledge of the 30 horse G and E series as well as the earlier large 2cyl (n and h) with a few people not too far away with knowledge of the smaller 4cyl cars. If working on an a small 2cyl with planetary transmission there are a lot more people to go to and I could likely find you some contact information, although I have limited experience.
  3. I am simply not the guy to give my contact information (or time) to this or one of the other companies offering such a service... but am idly curious what the rates and actual agreement look like. I wonder if any of the well known collector car insurance companies have done the research as they have certainly been contacted.
  4. I have seen this car.... about 25 years ago. I liked it then and I still do.
  5. 62-68k base price plus the cost of a good quality doner vehicle... but it can have engine issues. Pretty sure I won’t be writing them a check.... but one of the Porsche replicars would be really really fun after they were done with it.
  6. I love talk like a pirate day... It allows me to truly test the limits of how far my daughters eyes can roll back into their heads. We wear AaARRRghile and eat AAARRgtichokes.
  7. Many years ago I was signaling a left turn and the passenger in the car going around me on my left gave me a five. I am very glad that never trusting the guy behind you to see your signal (hand or electric) was a part of my early driver training.
  8. ‘07 with a very similar 2cyl setup to the OP’s vehicle.
  9. We had a Cartercar that didn’t leak oil as quickly as the lubricator supplied it. On tours part of the daily maintenance was to open a petcock and get rid of the oil accumulation in the crankcase. We often talked about dumping that oil right back into the oiler but I do not believe this was ever done.... by us.
  10. If that is the biggest mistake you make through this ordeal.... you are doing great!
  11. At Hershey last year restoration supply sold me everything I needed to get some lights in the Hupmobile. We no longer have the car, but I kept the fire bug for authentic headlight use.
  12. thanks to you, this is my reaction every time something gets posted to the “what is it” section. Glad you and yours are safe.
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