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  1. As a guy that puts an amp probe on everything he touches.... don’t instal led tubes that require a ballast. Although they are the easiest way to switch to led lights, they won’t save you any money (as the ballast is still wasting a lot of power by making some heat) and the ballast don’t last as long when running led’s. Also watch deals and sometimes whole new fixtures can be had for what led replacement bulbs cost.
  2. I think an 06 Cadillac would have a lever (honestly not sure if shift or brake) on the outside of the body.
  3. I feel as though I am going off topic here... any idea what the vehicle is in the first pic of the first post? I assume a pickup. Drum headlights and disk wheels. The roofline should be a dead giveaway to someone.
  4. gossp


    For ways to kill an hour in NYC it is actually a pretty good value, you couldn’t spend an hour in a taxi for fifty bucks. A friend of mine runs an antique limo company in Indy and although he is running much better cars (for a guy that doesn’t like rods), his rates are much higher.
  5. I am 90% sure I know of a loose engine... also sure that the owner is on vacation so I might need reminded to ask about it in a couple weeks.
  6. I googled: Charlie chase car video: I did not get what I expected. A YouTube only search would be safer.
  7. Just a warning from a guy that tried to look this up: there is now an adult actress named Charley Chase and she has a video shot in a car as well. you might not want to google this from work.
  8. Is it just me, or is the T of the T-head turned 90 degrees from correct here? The connecting rod will hit the cam in this image. t heads have two camshafts, one for intake and one for exhaust.
  9. So easy to overlook a hearse in that garage!
  10. I just know I have seen that National hearse but cannot for the life of me remember where. It would have to be the same one. White and big. ... as for new info, as of a few years ago one did exist because someone snapped a pic of it and put it on Flickr.
  11. Maxwell is correct, but a 1914 model 35. The hood in the op image has a crisp line between top and side. The fender shape still works, and the model 35’s 110 inch wheelbase seems more correct than a model 25’s 103.
  12. I have had a thing for v12 bmw’s from the 80’s for a while. I don’t know why I like them, but they are about the most modern car I can get excited about. On Christmas Day a buddy handed me a signed title to a very nice looking ‘89 750 that hasn’t been on the road in years. I can’t wait to catch up on some other problems enough to bring it in the shop and find out why it won’t hold any transmission fluid.
  13. I have had some experience with professional high dollar clear coat on brass, amateur quality but still not cheap clear coat on brass, and keeping brass polished. If not paying one of the well known brass guys to do the clear, I wouldn’t recommend coating as getting the clear off is a chore. Keeping brass polished is easier than letting it tarnish and then bringing back the shine but myself, I have come to appreciate the look of slightly tarnished brass on a car covered in road dust.
  14. The flip side of that coin... I cry a little bit every time a car I know to be a good runner ends up in a museum. It won’t be a good car after a decade or two sitting. I think museums are the perfect place for pretty cars that never got sorted out to be any fun.