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  1. not a Mercer guy, but the only Stutz I have taken out ran hot enough to roast the pig from where it sits.
  2. I don’t believe full elliptical springs are the only way to get the ride you are after. Yes, franklins with full ellipticals ride nice, but so do many other cars that ran 3/4 or 1/2 rear and 1/2 front. If you flip through the pages of the standard catalog, you will see full elliptical springs to have been very common on cars not good enough to be produced more than a year or two. Challenges to making that setup work well are likely more numerous than you expect.
  3. Absolutely file a police report. In the area in which the money was handed over as well as the area in which you live. Ask the police if they will be pulling video footage from Walmart. If they will not, make a plea to Walmart yourself. When they are not helpful, be public and vocal about their unwillingness to assist. They care lore about their image than the police do. You are already 3k out, give it two or three more hours of your time. I doubt you will collect anything, but... it is a small world and you might go out to dinner and see this guy tending the bar some day and it is the police report that the police did nothing with that will give any possible action some possibility. I had a friend get money he was owed back in full because a three or four year old police report said he paid a guy for a job and the guy never showed up. He got a judgement on an alias that wasn’t even the crooks real name. When the guys drug, stolen property, and cash stash was seized by police, an honest effort to return stolen property included the cash (although it came in the form of a check from the county jail of all places).
  4. I finally paid up to become a life member today. I figured it was less money than the week off work that I won’t be taking and the AACA could likely use my small bit of cash this year more than most.
  5. As I have said before, I always tell myself I am going to go to the AACA tent at Hershey and buy a life membership with my swap meet proceeds... but always spend more than I brought so it never happens. This year, I get a life membership out of all the money I will save on not going to Hershey. Paid for it immediately before this post.
  6. That is an old trick. Cap full or kerosene in a bucket of warm water and rub the car down. No need to rinse. I have no idea what it does to paint in the long term, but it does work great in the short term. I have heard that it is for black cars only... I have no idea why. I was first told of it as a passed down trick from chauffeurs looking to make a car really shine on the quick.
  7. I have for many years had a dream of owning a Model A Duesenberg... and taking it to a MARC national meet.... and acting completely oblivious to it not fitting in.
  8. That truck would be a perfect second Dodge for you to have your son completely wear out a set of tires on.
  9. The wrong word spelled correctly is the true evil.
  10. Sadly, yes. Nearly on topic: I once found a spare tire for my suburban while searching Craigslist for home brew supplies. The tire was barley used!
  11. I am completely sold. Can I have two at whatever 1956 msrp is?
  12. I took my father with me to look at a Packard tonight. It was cheap and my expectations were low... but still too lofty. All new wiring: several rolls of electrical tape. Body is in good condition: rotten to the core... rust through above windows... don’t get me started on the bottom side. New tires: Walmart radials on an old car. Runs and drives: loudest Packard I have ever heard that wasn’t a racing boat with a brake dragging enough that all you had to do to stop was push in the clutch. (The modern edelbrock 4 barrel on a 288 did peak my curiosity... but who straight pipes a Packard). I really was hoping to find a car worth the cheap asking price... I found a car I wouldn’t offer 1/3rd of the price on.... for fear they would say yes. Do sellers not realize it is their own time they are wasting?