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  1. Alfre

    1951 GMC truck

    clean the points even if they look good
  2. Alfre

    Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

    John you can get a new at tractor supply fits allis chamber b,c Al
  3. Alfre

    Model 20: Successful Tour

    When down shifting one must depress the clutch place shift lever in neutral release the clutch rev the engine too approximately the correct rpm for low gear for the equal road speed depress clutch and then shift into low . Al
  4. Alfre

    BUGS how to remove

    I agree with window cleaner works great Al
  5. Alfre

    1962 Lincoln convertible

    The oil sensor is known to fail Al
  6. Alfre

    56 T-Bird Won’t Start

    Check the battery terminals, there is a good chance where the wire goes into the clamp it is very crowded inside. To check pull hard on terminal, it may come of.
  7. Alfre

    Wiring Question

    I believe the start terminal should be labeled accessory and the gas gauge would go there the rest would be correct. Al
  8. Alfre

    1929-1930 Chevrolet oil filler cap

    Stopped raining ,I found cap, It would be easier to contact me at Al
  9. Alfre

    1929-1930 Chevrolet oil filler cap

    If it stops raining I will look for it. I drive a 29 coupe on some vcca tours Al
  10. Alfre

    1929-1930 Chevrolet oil filler cap

    Do you need the fill pipe and cap or just the cap? I may have a cap. Al
  11. Alfre

    1929 Desoto K engine

    You are getting air into the cooling system either at the water pump or leaky head gasket. Al
  12. Alfre

    someone who knows what it's for parts

    I don't have a photo but you are looking for a pipe that is threaded on one end and crimped almost closed on the other also a spring that fits inside the pipe and a rod that goes inside the spring that has an large flat washer that will not go through the spring and has a ball end on the other end that hooks into mount on car frame.
  13. Alfre

    someone who knows what it's for parts

    top part of a hood latch you are missing the barrel ,spring,and center rod that attaches to the car. Al
  14. Alfre

    Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

    Good job putting the tractor back together , can you use your two post lift to position the wheel? Al
  15. Alfre

    Stuck clutch disc

    Warm up engine lock brakes and yank shift into high gear with engine idling do not use a lower gear, should stall engine if clutch does not release. Al