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  1. The interior looks like a different car! It was pretty gross in there. What are you using to clean the vinyl - like the door panels and dash pad?
  2. Driver side front rocker corner is done...almost. I have to buy a 3/4" hole saw for the two fender mounting holes. Next I'll take care of a couple little soft spots on the inner rocker, and then the outer rocker repairs. One spot at the lead joint (you can barely see it in the photo) and the rear corner is rotted. After that, I'll move to the passenger side and complete the rocker repairs there.
  3. I believe that is forged, not cast.
  4. If it's a really minor vibration, I have noticed it on most of my big cars of this vintage. It's almost just a resonance, and not so much a vibration. Does that make sense?
  5. A month or two ago, I returned Lance's black Roadmaster to him and exchanged it for the coupe. Unfortunately, I had to stick this one in the queue while I took care of another 57 Special that needed a respray after a bad experience with another body shop. That project has to sit and cure for a while before I cut and buff it. So, I got Gray into position for some advanced rust repair. First thing I tackled was the body mount bolts and cage nuts. Four of them were broken off, and a fifth one just spun inside the cage. To fix this, the floor has to be cut open and the nuts have to be replaced. Once they are welded in, the floor must be re-repaired. I took care of all that this week. Next was the rear-most trunk floor brace where the rear body mount bolts go through. When the trunk floor was replaced, there was an attempt to put a patch in one spot, but the rust was much more widespread than originally thought. I had to lift the entire body up about 6" to access this brace and repair it. About half of the brace was replaced with one from a good parts car. Now, I'm onto the front rocker repairs. I worked on the passenger side today and got it completed. Tomorrow is the driver side. Both of them are completely trashed. Pretty much the entire nose of the rocker has to be fabricated. I wish they made repair panels for these. Most of the 57-58's I've worked on have issues like this here. There are lots of spots on the inner and outer rockers to repair...just tackling one thing at a time, since my time with this car is limited. I'm going to do as much rust repair as I can before the next monster project comes in. I have a year to basically do a frame-off restoration on a 70 GS Stage1 convertible, and get it ready for MCACN 2020 in Chicago.
  6. The 58's and 60's (at least the 4 barrel equipped models) had the ones with the bolt on top to mount to the bracket. But I believe ALL 57's were the type you are looking for. I don't have any experience with the 59 versions. Most of the originals I've come across are warped pretty bad, and it's a 50/50 shot on if I can get them to seal again. I'll check to see if I have any originals in the stash. I think I used my last one on a buddy's Roadmaster locally, though.
  7. You can also order paint directly from TCP Global ( the same website Pete suggested looking for paint color charts. I've used them a few times with good results.
  8. Are you glad we didn't just "fix the bad spots?" 😁 Black Betty is really coming together!
  9. Looks like you found the marker lights? Man those tires look like they cleaned up well.
  10. WOW! The sweepspear trim really makes the car.
  11. All true... the paint doesn’t bother me as long as the body is solid. I don’t know enough about the interior to be able to tell what’s right. A 49 Roadmaster convertible is definitely on my list, though.
  12. If I only had $30k...
  13. That's what he is referring to, Jason. They exist...just have to keep an eye out on ebay.
  14. Just the fabric...I think the cardboard side pieces are in ok shape. Are there reproductions available for the boards?
  15. I have the ball rolling on a new battery already, but thank you for the offer.
  16. I have no problem driving the car. As far as the battery is concerned, I think the look of the original style is great...and seems to be the only way I can find a battery that will fit with the original style hold-down bracket. Since the majority of the car has been worked over, (ie. new paint and upholstery), I am more apt to change out the old tattered hood insulation and trunk lining. Most of the engine compartment has been spray bombed, originality has gone out the window pretty much completely. Time to spruce it up the right way.
  17. Bound and determined for a gold award on the next round of judging, I have to open up the check book. Pretty sizeable order to CARS, Antique Auto Battery, and Auto Zone (for brake parts). The bummer about points being deducted on certain original items like trunk material and hood insulation, is that it's the original stuff. Not that it's in terrible condition, it just isn't great. So, since condition plays a role in point value, I have to replace these original items to clean things up a bit. Things I need to focus on for next time - rechrome fuel door, clean up outside of fuel tank, clean spare tire (oops), install plastic valve stem caps (someone told me to put on metal ones previously), engine compartment general condition (needs a virtual gut job without messing with the AC), clean up all wires in engine bay that are coated in paint, original style battery, replace hood insulation, clean up small stain on driver front seat, somehow procure an orange/brown power brake pedal pad that isn't worn, replace trunk lining material...and I think that's about all I can do at this point. This year's judging score was 375. If I fix all this stuff, it will be around 388 with no mandatory deductions.
  18. No, it's only Archival Elite or simply Archival.
  19. Judging manual states 1967 is the first year radials were offered as an option.
  20. I wasn't aware you could run radials on a 54...
  21. Jim, if you're on Facebook, look up Joe Glickman. He is on the 1958 Buicks page, and has done a nice conversion on his 58. Should all be the same. I believe he actually used a manual brake pedal due to the ratio being different.
  22. I don't care to hover around my car all day, but I do enjoy chatting about it to passers-by when I am wiping it down or putzing in the general area. I really get a kick out of the comments I hear when I am hanging around Mike's red 72 GSX. The general theme is "they didn't make them in that color." I just have to take a breath and realize that I can't correct everyone that makes that assumption.
  23. Reminds me of when I went to go "pick up some free firewood" that my Father-in-law's buddy just had cut down. It ended up being an entire tree that had a 3 1/2' diameter trunk. It took two trips with my flat bed trailer and my truck bed full to get it all. I finally got it all split this past Winter.