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  1. Just a little bling to keep momentum.. Also, here is a photo of an original push clip compared to one that TPP sent. This is for the door weatherstripping top corners. The new ones are so big that they won't push into the factory holes. So I cobbled together a set from the parts car, and some others from my hoard. Thankfully I have saved some "stupid" stuff like this.
  2. I got the header vinyl and trimmings installed this evening..
  3. Done...pretty much. I am waiting on a convertible top switch...and have to paint the letters on the left side vent.
  4. I started on the instrument cluster this evening....
  5. Have you sprayed starting fluid down the carb to see if it’s a fuel delivery problem?
  6. It is a stencil with transfer tape. One time use vinyl
  7. Pre-priming the oil pump is only needed to be done until you build oil pressure. Any longer than that, and you are just washing off assembly lube from all the journals and surfaces.
  8. Gas tank and all fuel line connections complete, just in time to go visit Dad today...I also added the US Steel stamp for a little flare.😀
  9. Makes you wonder if you could just use bolts and grind down the heads so they look like rivets on one side..
  10. There were plenty of rivets...but they were all still together. Anything that could’ve been unbolted was. So it’s been fun cobbling it back together
  11. The top frame came to me in a million pieces and all the bolts were dumped in a coffee can. I was able to borrow a local club member's loose top frame so I could use it as a model to assemble mine. Thankfully, I had all the bolts and nuts/bushings in the coffee can so I could get it all put together. With the help of my wife, we stuck it in the car this evening. It goes up and down really nicely. One more BIG item off the list!
  12. Windshield is in! Replacement master cylinder came today, so I bled the brakes and adjusted the parking brake.
  13. If you install a new grommet, be sure to lube the new PCV valve before installing in the new grommet....it will want to push through the intake hole and you'll be fishing it out with a coat hanger.
  14. eBay is probably your best bet for one of those.
  15. Top frame bits are painted, along with a few other black bits that I combined on this round of painting..
  16. I was thinking break-in oil like Brad Penn or Gibbs. Has the engine been run?
  17. Auto City Classics came through again today. New windshield ordered Monday and arrived 4 days later. Beats waiting 6 weeks for a broken one from Summit.
  18. I moved the car into the new shop so I can continue assembly in a well lit place...also to free up the "paint booth" to keep cleaning and painting parts as I need them. The windshield I ordered from Summit was chipped when it came...and also was not LOF logo'ed or date coded like I requested. So I'm waiting on a response from them regarding a claim. In the mean time, I ordered another one from Auto City Classics, like I should have the first time. I have started laying out the top frame to make sure I have everything needed to assemble. It's a complete jigsaw puzzle,
  19. If you're using PPG shopline, just use DC4000 clear. It's under $500 a gallon including hardener. $1300 a gallon for clear is pretty tough. The base prices are in line. You can get away with a less expensive base if you use a quality clear with good UV protection. Stick with the same brand base-to-clear.
  20. I had a big crush on this car. Glad it was finally sold to a good home.
  21. Good deal. You'll be amazed at how good it can look with a cut and buff.
  22. Maybe I've just had crappy irons...seems like they just never get hot enough.
  23. Looks great! What are you planning to do to polish?
  24. I've had much better results and luck with a soldering gun. https://www.amazon.com/Weller-D650-Industrial-Soldering-Gun/dp/B000JEGEC0 ...or one similar. I think you can get them at any of the hardware stores.
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