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  1. My Limited did originally but was replaced with a dynaflow. The Roadmaster has a flight pitch. I had it rebuilt just before I sold it.
  3. That sucks...thankfully you didn't wipe out the crank. The 430's are notorious for cracked heads in valve seat area. Hope to see it in OKC!
  4. Sounds like you have the right attitude to get it fixed...glad you're ok, and that's all that matters. I live in a rural area and I've had some really really close calls with deer, but no hits yet. Fortunately, they made 600 gazillion 56 Buicks, so hopefully parts won't be a huge issue. Car has fresh paint so it shouldn't be too hard to match it.
  5. Hey Ed, that's the 350 in my 71 LeSabre LOL Here is a 430 painted correctly. From the factory, the engine was assembled, and then painted.
  6. Yes it is a casting number. Just google Buick head 1237650 and it will take you to it virtually.
  7. It looks gorgeous! I can't wait to see it in OKC.
  8. Progress continues. Thank God for the parts car.
  9. It went very well! are a few shots.
  10. I'll second Steele for weatherstripping.
  11. Lectric Limited does not sell the style listed for the 57.
  12. I told the exhaust guy I wanted it QUIET. He obliged.
  13. Tomorrow, this car is being used for a photo shoot for a pinup model, and some vintage stuff with my wife. So I had to brave the crappy weather today to clean off the blue crap from the white walls and hose off the extra scuzz that has been on the car since I brought it home. It sure would be nice if we had a sunny day once in a while! Looking at the photos, I don't like how high the rear sits. It has coil-over shocks, and I'm sure that is a contributing factor. I was in a hurry to get the car on the ground when I swapped the driveshaft, so that project got sidelined.
  14. I don't know about that guy in St. Louis, he's a weirdo.😂
  15. That's what I'm trying to avoid. Plus, how often are you coming across old T3's in these cars anymore? And who is selling old dead T3's?
  16. So it’s possible to install a pair of new sealed beams and not get dinged for it? That would be nice.
  17. I guess these aren't available anymore? What are the 57 guys/gals doing to ensure points are not deducted? Are we relegated to swapping out out new halogens with old burned out T3's at the nats? Or are judges turning a blind eye?
  18. I got the car back from the exhaust guy yesterday. He’s an artist! Super quiet exhaust note that belongs on a car like this, and with the engine running so smoothly, it’s like a new car. I ran across some other paperwork from the previous collector who apparently had a bunch of cars they never exercised. Here is a log of their routines on exercising this one...
  19. I would also check the side-to-side play on the distributor shaft. Pull the cap and try to wiggle it. If there is slop, the dwell will be all over the place...and is mostly noticeable when the engine is under load.
  20. What are you running for ignition? Points or electronic?
  21. Master cylinder is the next suspect. I just dropped the car off at the exhaust guy. $500 full system with mufflers and resonators. I'll take that!