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  1. Yeah....that looks nothing like any of the color on the 55 chart. 55 Buick Belfast Green POLY is definitely metallic and darker. I had a 55 Pontiac here in October that was pretty much this same bright green...but I can't seem to find it on the 55 Pontiac chip chart either. It was non-metallic, too.
  2. Well, no one has to worry about me bidding on this one now. Sometime in the next month, I'm driving up to MN to drag an orphan and a parts car home. So, I imagine the 62 will be on the block as soon as I can get the interior back together. Car ADD in full force this Winter!
  3. I'm thinking it will end up in the mid 20's
  4. They sent my email to another one of their locations and no response since then.
  5. Thank you Auburncoupe! A pedal should be here shortly.
  6. Still looking. I had no idea how difficult these are to find. I even resorted to calling DVAP. Was prepared to sign away my right arm.
  7. Parking brake isn't hooked up. The equalizer is missing where it connects to the main cable in the center of the car.
  8. The six-window cars that Brian posted don't have any trim. The 4-window factory photo shows trim, yes. But the other photos I see online of those cars without the extra quarter window have that trim too.
  9. I saw that same yesterday...had to come back to this thread and compare photos.
  10. Nice! I guess I haven't logged onto the Performance/Modified forum in a while. A friend of mine had an odd issue with his. He found out that there was some sort of electrical interference when they air cleaner was installed. He ended up installing a non-ferrous/non-conductive air cleaner stud on the FI unit. cleared up the issue. I'll read up a little more on his problem and let you know in case you end up with gremlins.
  11. It’s a reserve auction, so I probably won’t get to their asking price. But it’s fun to dream, right?
  12. Yes. The No Reserve auctions will state that in the title.
  13. Looks like it's working....haven't had it on the road to test the speedometer though. Have to replace the carrier bearing.
  14. Opinions, crituques? I know we are all really good at picking these cars apart...go for it. Because I really like this car....talk me out of it. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1955-buick-roadmaster-2/
  15. Don’t laugh...this is going to resurrect this crappy printed circuit board on the back of the instrument cluster.
  16. LOL I was hoping to find one used that doesn’t break the bank for this car. The picture above is from one of his auctions. I think that one is NOS $400
  17. Little did I know that this 62 Electra is equipped with Guidematic headlight dimmer....and the dash pad has been swapped out. So I am looking for the photo sensor that sits on top of the dash, as well as the pigtail/wiring that connects to the main harness. This is what I need::::
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