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  1. Thanks Lance for entrusting me with another 57! Depending on how the next car I have here goes, I may be able to jump on it near the beginning of the year. If I end up painting that car, then it will be most likely mid-Summer when I start on it. For now, it will be tucked away in the garage.
  2. Ah the elusive 72 Buick Cascada! Yeah the car looks pretty good, and with not too much effort could be (at least outwardly) much more correct. If it's as solid as it looks and runs decent, I think the price is probably in the ballpark...but yes, on the high side of it.
  3. 5 days until it's loaded in the trailer....I think I can I think I can. Regardless of the completion of this particular car, this show is one "not to miss."
  4. This evening's driveway view...
  5. If glass is available, use it. Plastic windows in convertibles suck.
  6. My radiator guy does gas tank work. I gave him one that looked like this out of a 55 Pontiac. He used caustic soda inside it to soak and dissolve the garbage...and flushed the hell out of it. Then he lined the tank with some super duper stuff that keeps this from happening again.
  7. Ahhhh the ol'd paint brush. I had the same problem with my Laurel Mist 58. Low mileage, and I popped the hood...hence why I detailed the engine compartment. Hank's 60 was the same way. Damn paint brushed everything under the hood.
  8. I'm surprised that domain name still exists.
  9. Have you looked at the filter area while the car is running to make sure it's not leaking from there? That is a LOT of oil to disappear without a trace.
  10. Mmmm...49 woodie... That's a tall order to have it ready by OKC...good luck!
  11. I tend to agree with you Brad, but look at the green material on the front seat when it is flipped forward. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the color combo. Although the money doesn't look too bad. It needs a thorough detail.
  12. I'd be on my way with a trailer if I was within an hour of that place.
  13. I've attended this show for the last several years now, and don't plan on missing any in the future. The Muscle Car and Corvette National Show is a Who's Who of performance cars. Each show has several feature displays for those special groups of cars that deserve the recognition. This year, there is a feature on the 70-72 GSX. Taken from their website: This special display puts the spotlight on the wild Buick GSX models. Certainly not your typical Buick, These cars, produced in low numbers from 1970-72, were the wildest Buicks ever to leave Flint. With the Saturn Yellow and Apollo White versions in 1970 offering 455 cubic inches of muscle, they demanded respect. Flowing up with the '71 and '72 versions, they certainly earned the respect that continues to this day. Among the X's in attendance, the one-and-only 70 GSX show car (known as the Prototype) will be on display. Also, the only known black 71 GSX will be there. I've been challenged to get a 72 GSX ready for this show, and it is no easy task. Some of you are following my progress on Facebook or on I will spare the details. Regardless of completion, we will have it there for representation of the 1972 model year. This particular car, aside from being only one of 44 X's produced in 72, is a Stage1 4 speed. One of only TWO built with this combination. The other one is MIA. It's a real privilege to be able to work on this car. I can't wait for the show!
  14. I called the hotel number directly but I was on hold for 20 mins before I got someone. Maybe it kicked me to the corporate answering deal...I’ll try again later.
  15. So I just booked a room at the Sheraton Midwest City...and the BCA registration form and flyer all state $119 per night. The person on the phone is adamant that there is nothing less than $152 per night, even with the club block of rooms. Has anyone else booked a room yet? And where is the discrepancy?
  16. I had a whole bunch of rusty blotches on my 60 convertible, and did the same thing. Just went over the whole car with a fine brush and covered up all the rusty bits with white paint. Instant 10 opposed to a 40 footer LOL
  17. We'll see how it goes...
  18. It could have been added later at some point, but was never an option.
  19. Sometimes I feel like there is nothing more tedious than window adjustments.