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  1. I made a feeble attempt to clean off the blue stuff from the tires today in the shop, but it will have to wait until I can get it outside with the hose and some comet. But I did wipe the crap off the car that's been collecting on it for who knows how long...cleans up nice! On another note, I have been in contact with the previous owner (before the French billionaire), and he verified the mileage is correct at 46k, and sent me a massive pile of receipts from his ownership AND the previous owner to him. This car has been well-loved and it shows. I did find out that he named the car Jackie. So, that is what its name is now.
  2. I think I will do that guys. I’ve had enough time under the car for now. I need to start on another 57 that’s been patiently waiting for my undivided attention.
  3. Yeah they are both bent about the same.
  4. I'd look at the transmission before any engine issues, as long as you have eliminated fuel or spark. Engine bearings or ring issues present themselves differently than what you are describing.
  5. Transmission works great now, except I have no PARK. I am using the other dynaflow issue thread to try to sort that out. Wondering if the park pawl is accessible without removing the transmission.
  6. I got the car back together this evening. All gears work really smoothly as I run through the shifter. I'm short on fluid, but it is working for now. I'll grab some on the way home tomorrow. Only issue now is I have no PARK. Is the parking pawl accessible without removing the transmission?
  7. If you're referring to the tires behind the new ones, they're not really a concern, as they are the ones that came off. They seem to be in reasonably good shape, so if anyone needs a set of 8.20-15 tires, I live in St. Louis.
  8. Coker classic 8x15 with 2.5” whitewall
  9. After nearly a full day of shopping (sigh), I tackled the parts car and went as far as I could go before having to clean up and get ready to go out this evening. I was able to remove the rear end/tube, extract propeller shaft, reinstall other shaft, and reinstall the rear in the car. I will tighten everything back up tomorrow when I have some time and daylight, since I am working outside in the driveway for this. So, the prop shaft that came out of the parts car is in great shape. Splines are greased really well and u-joint has zero slop. They look slightly different, as seen in photos. I believe the one in the "good" car has been replaced at one point. Hmmm...although the bad shaft did seem to lock into the parts car rear ok. I made sure it was all the way in so it would reach as much of the spline surface area as possible. Maybe I'll get lucky and be able to drive this car around the yard as much as I need to. I'll try to get the good car back together and the new tires mounted. I got them back from the shop today and they were fighting them all day yesterday. I figured they would, with how they were packed. He said they left them in the sun and a heater blowing on them all day. $60 to mount them, though...can't complain. It looks like tomorrow or Monday will be the only good days to wash that blue crap off, with the temperature dropping like a rock this week.
  10. Or how about using an allen head and grinding it to a smaller diameter?
  11. That's my plan for the carrier is to do a re primer/brown color that closely matches what is on there now. I went ahead and painted the tube and rear black for protection and uniformity, but I did recreate the stripes. I'll paint the large white brush stroke on the bottom of the pumpkin as well. The rest of the underside is virtually it's not winning any beauty pageants any time soon. Thanks for the detailed photos. They add a lot to this thread.
  12. You could grind down the diameter a little bit if needed....but aesthetics aside, you could put a bigger ding in the header without worrying about killing performance.
  13. Yes..just just the drop-out section.
  14. Did you notice a big wide white paint mark on the bottom of the rear end center section? That was the only paint I could find on the entire rear itself.
  15. I ordered tires from Summit since they have free shipping. Those will go to the tire store tomorrow to get mounted. I have the two pieces of torque tube and rear end painted ready to be assembled. I still need to spray some red primer on the differential. The parts car is now in position to have the rear end ripped out. I need to blow this thing apart anyway...might as well start now.
  16. I considered that...if the car was original I definitely would have gone with no refinishing. Since it's been painted and interior is redone, I decided just to "over-do" it. Never heard of anyone getting docked points for having a black rear/torque tube.
  17. I'm going with black, and recreating the stripes. It does appear in the photos that there is no surface rust, but it is cakes pretty bad mostly on the top side where the undercoating was not covering. I couldn't get it to look right, so I am painting it semi-gloss black. I will paint the pumpkin primer red as it came.
  18. A good friend of mine now sells Advantage Lifts exclusively, so if you are interested in getting one, I can put you in touch with him.
  19. I'll look into the other parts of the assembly and see if they are worth trying to cleanup and clear coat. Otherwise, I think I will lean toward black.
  20. Damn now you guys are going to make me scrub all the nasty undercoating off the entire rear end 🤣
  21. Thanks...I’ll look into that. I couldn’t let the car just sit there and tease me, so I had to jump in😁
  22. I already screwed up the short half of the tube by blasting it. I don't think I can get it to look right anymore.