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  1. It’s not a winner, but it’s clean and in one piece. I cut the bottom board a little narrow. Oh well...Next!
  2. The tires on the 62 are from 2012, and don't look great. Likely will be buying tires before Spring...any idea what looks stock or what is correct? There is an 8.00x15 spare in the trunk that really looks original. And it has what appears to be about a 1" whitewall. Curious if that's what it came with.
  3. I got the new trunk boards today. Close enough I guess
  4. I should be good on front end and brake parts. Mostly little electrical things that are plaguing the car. The carpet came today...so I ripped out the seats. Found a couple small-ish holes at the front toe board corners...and ca couple spots next to the front doors that are not pretty. I’m just going to ignore them. Carpet is installed now. I’ll be talking with my upholstery guy to see if we can rebuild the foam in the existing lower front and back seats. And searching for a matching green dye to get the color back into the fabric and door panels. headliner
  5. Someone please buy this car before I try finding more money!
  6. Prefer to find a green one, but I'll take any color as long as it's not crumbling like the one on ebay right now.
  7. It has been painted, and I can see several of the typical areas where cars rust are bubbling. Bottoms of quarters and a few spots on the doors. It's really nice 15 footer. I think the inner seat foam was just dry/brittle...and the last owner must have used the back seat a bunch, and it just crumbled to the floor. The same issue with the front seat. My HOPE is to kind of surgically remove the seat covers and rebuild the foam, then reinstall the covers. The seat fabric is in pretty good shape....just dirty.
  8. Look how faded the green fabric is on the seats.
  9. Back seat and package tray are out. I’m going to have to consult the upholstery guy to see if I can save these seats without rebuilding everything.
  10. I’m tackling replacing the trunk material myself. Wish me luck🙃
  11. LOL figures... I have a couple ground down line wrenches...but they just don't have the strength they used to, after grinding half the sides off. Imagine that.
  12. I started to break the bleeders loose and then just snug them back up a bit, before I install them. It seems they can be nearly impossible to loosen when in the car out of the box.
  13. Thanks but I'm not sure what year those are. The letters I need are all separated. No frame or anything. They will be loose. And the studs are rectangular and take those impossible to find rectangular barrel clips.
  14. It looks like it's supposed to be bent like that. Can any other 49 owners check on this? If it was bent due to an accident, don't you think the metal would be boogered up in the bent spot? It looks like it was formed that way.
  15. Getting the exhaust system sorted out...need to get rid of those horrible glass packs. also found out that carrier bearing is toast. Add it to the list
  16. Like I said...I could be wrong but it's difficult to tell really what the paint is doing in the photos. It would require a personal inspection. And it would definitely be on my radar if I hadn't just picked up that green 62.
  17. Is the entire left side 1" lower than the right side? Like, front and rear? Or only front?
  18. The tube that is to be welded is stationary and does not spin. So welding it should post no issue for balance. The propeller/drive shaft is INSIDE this tube. To weld this properly, you have to take it apart. It should be clear on which way it goes back together. Clean the metal and lay a big fat bead around the outside of the tube. Then put it back together. If you try to weld it in while it's in the car, you run the risk of burning/melting the shaft seal...because it is right there at the break.
  19. I could be wrong...but usually a milky spot like that indicates delaminated clear coat. Here is a nice example of a black coupe for some inspiration: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2819792028116800/?ref=category_feed&referral_code=undefined
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