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  1. I checked a small test area on the passenger side door to see if the paint was cured enough to cut and buff. The paint loaded up on the paper just a tad, so that is telling me it needs more time to harden. But I was able to get a small area relatively I took the buffer to it. There are still a few bits of orange peel in that area, but I didn’t want to get too crazy until I know it’s 100% ready to sand. This should look really sleek once completely cut down.
  2. The wind was crazy yesterday, and whipped up a massive amount of pollen. You can see the fenders in the video are highly pollenated LOL Once the exhaust is fixed, it will sound a ton better. At idle, it's a bit "Christine" ...
  3. There is quite a bit of orange peel on the majority of the car. The horizontal panels flowed out really nice but the vertical surfaces are lumpy
  4. Thanks John...I can't wait to get it cut and buffed! That will be weeks away, though. I have to get it running now.
  5. Pretty wild. Reminds me of the 55 Imperial convertible resto-rod that was sold at BJ over the Winter. It went for mid $400k as well.
  6. ...or rust in the battery tray area.
  7. The seal that typically goes into that channel looks a lot like a triangle at the profile. The skinny side of the triangle goes into the channel and tucks up inside there. The clip just cradles the rubber when it's installed. I think you have the wrong rubber, there.
  8. That weatherstrip profile looks weird. Where did you get it?
  9. Pete’s been nudging me to write that since I had the transmission rebuilt. When I finished the build on that 72 GSX this Winter, I wrote up an article on it for our chapter newsletter. I was on a roll and decided to knock this one out too. I remember when it was incredibly hard to write a 500 word essay in I blink and end up with 1500 words without any effort at all 😂
  10. Thanks, John! I was very surprised to see it pop up when I read through it this morning at the office. I had forgotten I wrote it LOL!
  11. I couldn't believe it, John! I think that's a testament to how much the previous owner cared to keep this car in operational condition. He did mention to me that it worked when he sold it. If I can make this cooling issue go away, I may actually drive it to OKC this year🤣
  12. It does have a clutch fan. I’ll have to check to see if it works anymore.
  13. Well, the extended test drive to the show today went fairly well. I am going to need to address the temperature creeping up and not wanting to come back down. I'm pretty sure I'll need to flush the system and replace the thermostat. I found out the AC WORKS! Ha! Clock works, too. I feel the car wanting to wander a little bit, but I think most of it is natural with the bias ply tires. It was happy on the highway, though. I just need to work on the temperature issue before OKC. Brakes are still not happy. I bought hoses for it, so that will be the next spot I work on.
  14. The battery tray is integrated with the inner fender sheet metal. It is proprietary to the 57 Buick. They aren't impossible to find, though.
  15. He did mention that he "touched up" the rocker covers but the decals are original. But in general, it looks very clean. Although it is amazing what a little steam cleaning will do!
  16. Looks like a 60 Buick quarter molding. The flattened portion is tucked behind the bumper. I’m not sure what model had this length though.
  17. What does the other side look like?
  18. Cool, thanks for the insight. I don't know what he put on for mufflers. He's a real old school guy that may not be around much longer, but says he buys only quality garbage. System should last a very long time.
  19. Here is my contraption to keep a hold of the booster nut inside the car while I used a strap wrench to twist the booster off from outside. I tried using a chisel to turn the nut first, but no go.
  20. I didn't measure them, but didn't see anything alarming that would make me think twice. I've verified the mileage on the car is in the 46k range...hoping these are the original drums. You mention checking the shoe against the drum. I did that today before I installed the shoes. They are VERY slightly smaller diameter than the drum...which is why I'm hoping some miles will settle them in enough to start working better. I have a pair of drums from a 60 sitting on the shelf...I may swap them if I get bored, or run out of other ideas. At this point, I should probably start replacing hoses and checking wheel cylinders.
  21. New front brake shoes, repacked bearings, and new seals today...cleaned and scuffed drums. No change in pedal feel. So, off came the booster/master from the parts car. I spent a good portion of the day cleaning and prepping/rebuilding that. I installed it and bled all four corners for a LONG time to make sure I didn't miss any air bubbles. Brakes are marginally better, and I can lock up the front left wheel when I really stand on it. I think I'm going to let that fly for a while and see if the new shoes in front break in better. In other news, the car is really running well. Starts right up, sits at medium idle until I kick it down, and off I go. I think I can put this car to bed for the time being...I have a black car to paint...and I think the owner is getting antsy to see some progress 😁