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  1. Kicked the Electra out of the shop tonight to work on a newer car in the heat..
  2. Kind of a medium blue. Same color as the top half of Lance’s 4 door. the Roadmaster does not have AC, but the super parts car does. I don’t plan on converting the roadie, though.
  3. The 57? Not to my knowledge. It was a project in CA. It is currently in MN
  4. Here are some others I stole off Google.
  5. The Garnet/Black combo is at the top of my mist right now...or just all black. I have to get the car here to decide if it's worthy of the black. I am hoping to just fix the small chips and scratches, then prime, seal, and paint. I anticipate having to block the entire car before I prime, though. So it will probably be a moot point. I also have thought about the mid year separation line at the C pillars. Probably not going to go that direction, though.
  6. There are HUNDREDS of photos the seller sent to me. Very well documented and it's obvious he took his time making sure every part was sorted. There is a bunch more chrome than what I posted. The whole rear bumper is there and all rechromed. Under side of the car is nice, just dirty. Pretty much anything that I don't have now, the Super parts car will provide, or I will twist someone's arm to cough up some good pieces for me😀🤣😀
  7. I have absolutely no self control when it comes to cars. It doesn't help when friends dangle carrots in your face like this, either🤣 As a result, the 62 is going to have to go. I wasn't really in love with it, anyway. I just have a few things I want to do with it before it gets listed. Anyway, this is a basket case project. Thankfully, it is a rust free body and most of the chrome is done. It has been painted a pearl white already...but since it was painted, it's been knocked around in storage and moving. So, I am looking for suggestions on FACTORY 57 color schemes. Blank slate here...even with the interior. It was originally all Biscay Blue....which I just don't see that happening. Lots of missing parts, but the deal came with a Super coupe parts car. The crappy part is, that it's in MN...so I'm still working on a plan that will get both cars home.
  8. The 1960 is Lucerne Green. This is Willow Mist. Pretty much the same color.
  9. FB marketplace...searching for Buicks with in a certain range of years and radius from your location. That is dangerous!!
  10. New tires for the warthog. New package tray mesh, front and rear seat bottoms are re-foamed. Waiting on a new headliner and sun visors.
  11. I'm definitely interested, but photos would help on even gauging interest...especially not knowing the condition currently. Is it apart? Rust bucket? Is it complete?
  12. Yeah....that looks nothing like any of the color on the 55 chart. 55 Buick Belfast Green POLY is definitely metallic and darker. I had a 55 Pontiac here in October that was pretty much this same bright green...but I can't seem to find it on the 55 Pontiac chip chart either. It was non-metallic, too.
  13. Well, no one has to worry about me bidding on this one now. Sometime in the next month, I'm driving up to MN to drag an orphan and a parts car home. So, I imagine the 62 will be on the block as soon as I can get the interior back together. Car ADD in full force this Winter!
  14. I'm thinking it will end up in the mid 20's
  15. They sent my email to another one of their locations and no response since then.
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