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  1. Cars grow....a lot...when they are disassembled.
  2. Taillights and rear bumper installed..
  3. All ready for assembly...I am installing a few things like taillights and rear bumper so I can get it to my exhaust guy before it goes home.
  4. We will be there sometime in the middle afternoon on the 12th.
  5. I don’t need it, but a coupe rear glass is always worth a long as it’s not trashed
  6. Well, bummer about the upper door panels. Unless I can find a good dye that matches the copper color on the dash extensions for the front panels, I can’t use these. They aren’t detachable without peeling the covers off. So maybe I’ll visit the local auto body store to see if he can match me some vinyl paint. Next small project...cowl seal for the rear part of the hood was completely missing. I ordered a new one, but it’s not as nice as the original one I pulled off the parts car. So I cleaned up that one and installed it. I just need rear hood bumper pads now. Hopefully cars will have them at the show.
  7. Here is a comparison shot to show how nasty these things were. Door panels were like this too.
  8. Maybe when I get some real time to work on it...although it definitely won’t hurt to have the radiator cleaned out since it really has done nothing but sit for the last 9 years. In other news, there are a few items in my interior that are not 100% correct after it was redone. The upper door panels are supposed to be heat embossed, and the ones that are on it are sewn. It just so happens that the panels in the parts car are the correct color, and they cleaned up super nice this morning. I will have to change the dash pad extensions out with the ones on the car, but this is a really cheap fix for authenticity. Also, the headliner and sun visors are a perforated vinyl, and not the correct diamond pattern. The visors in the parts car are surprisingly nearly perfect....sooooo those are going on too.
  9. 10-15 is still acceptable. Oil lights are built to come on at 2 psi....yes TWO 😳😂
  10. 10 PSI per 1000 RPM is acceptable. Looks like your pressure is fine.
  11. I haven't had time to yank the radiator and have it cleaned out, so I will tow the car to OKC this year. I did drive it about an hour one-way a couple weekends ago to Laura Buick GMC, and it crept up to about the 5/8 mark on the temp gauge. I don't like seeing it above the N mark...soon the trailer it goes. I may have a day or two to work on some authenticity details that have been bugging will literally be the day before we leave.
  12. Lack of everyday use definitely contributes to the ease of fastener removal, as well as quality of storage when the car is resting.
  13. How can we assume the block he has, hasn't been rebuilt to specs other than 74 factory? This engine has obviously been cobbled together to make it work...what else is in there we can't see? There is a lot that can be done without changing cams or getting deep. Read this thread about power timing your 455: 71 and later big block quadrajets are rated at 800cfm, not 750. They also have an idle air bleed that the small block carbs no not have. Check out Ken at or Mark at and they will get you the right carb setup for your Buick. I would start with timing. Then look at carburetor. Then exhaust system. Then you can start digging deeper. Rear end gearing will wake up the "seat of the pants" power, but these cars have rear ends that don't have any aftermarket support. You will need to find a rear out of another car if you want to change. Cam, torque convertor, head porting, compression changes, etc will all be considered fairly major start simple.
  14. Thanks guys. It’s hard work, but satisfying.
  15. I checked a small test area on the passenger side door to see if the paint was cured enough to cut and buff. The paint loaded up on the paper just a tad, so that is telling me it needs more time to harden. But I was able to get a small area relatively I took the buffer to it. There are still a few bits of orange peel in that area, but I didn’t want to get too crazy until I know it’s 100% ready to sand. This should look really sleek once completely cut down.
  16. The wind was crazy yesterday, and whipped up a massive amount of pollen. You can see the fenders in the video are highly pollenated LOL Once the exhaust is fixed, it will sound a ton better. At idle, it's a bit "Christine" ...
  17. There is quite a bit of orange peel on the majority of the car. The horizontal panels flowed out really nice but the vertical surfaces are lumpy
  18. Thanks John...I can't wait to get it cut and buffed! That will be weeks away, though. I have to get it running now.
  19. Pretty wild. Reminds me of the 55 Imperial convertible resto-rod that was sold at BJ over the Winter. It went for mid $400k as well.