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  1. Not sure...do you have any driveshafts sitting on the shelf that you can photograph for comparison?
  2. We just pulled them in with the winch and steered the wheels by hand mostly. So no wiggling our way out LOL... getting in and out of the 62 Starfire that we delivered to this guy was a different story. Glad I’m skinny for that one!
  3. Had about 2” on each side...threaded the needle...twice!
  4. Snagged it! No comments on the front bumper being dragged on the parts car.
  5. I talked to the driveshaft guy earlier. He said the rebuild kits are not what he needs. There is a piece that is eaten up pretty badly. I contacted James at bestoffercounts and he thinks he has a complete one for me. What a pain.
  6. Looking for a complete two-piece driveshaft for my 62. Any leads appreciated!
  7. Not sure of the range, but Lance and I were talking today and thought maybe 61-62 was a good bet.
  8. Got the bad news today that the driveshaft CV joint is completely trashed. He can't locate parts for it, and neither can I. I posted in the post war forum asking if there are alternatives to having a new driveshaft made. In other news, I now have a gas pedal and new dash courtesy light lenses...and I replaced the headlight dimmer. Now the brights aren't stuck on, but they won't go on with the dimmer switch either. And no luck finding a guidematic eye. I think I'm done trying.
  9. The CV joint in my 62 driveshaft is toast....and apparently it's an obsolete part that no one makes parts for anymore. Any alternatives to getting a new driveshaft made?
  10. That's nice. I haven't seen the red over black combo yet.
  11. That was a great car...I would like to see if I can exceed that benchmark.
  12. Even if it was soda blasted, I would sand to prep metal. That looks like good ol’ sand.
  13. Thanks Ted! 80 degrees with warm water in Key Largo...
  14. I’m never stepping foot in that place again
  15. Yes John, it's a CV joint. The driveshaft guy was kind of surprised to hear it has one, since he has a couple Impalas of the same vintage. So he is going to dissect it this week and give me a prognosis. He said worst case, he will have to lop off the end of the driveshaft and install a new end. 5-7 day tun around time, which is perfect for me, since I'm leaving for FL tomorrow for a week. He has a nice big established shop....I feel much better than I did when I dropped off the chrome and stainless for the 72 GS I'm working on. I picked that stuff up this morning and have a mu
  16. I put one on the 57 this Summer...it was not a great sweep compared to the vacuum one. That is the only complaint the client had about it. We set the wipers up a little higher in the park position.
  17. Yep...according to them in a message yesterday, today was the deadline to confirm my account to link it to a bank account. They are taking PayPal out of the equation and doing all banking transactions in-house. So your sales are reported as 1099.
  18. I made the long trek to the shop today (about 60') to tackle the driveshaft bumpity bump I was hearing when moving the car around. I bought a new center carrier bearing thinking it would be a pretty quick job... Wrong, as usual on this car....
  19. Yeah the epoxy is pretty flat when dry. Although I think the clear coat might have made it too shiny. Probably doesn't matter all that much either way, since it's the inside of the glove box. It's good to see progress on this one! Looking great...
  20. In 20 years of working on drum brakes of various kinds, I had never needed to re-arc shoes, but it the last year, I've had to do it on my 57 and a client's 55 Pontiac. The old shoes would line up fine with the drums, but the new ones we purchased were off by quite a bit (for my 57). But there was a screwup on the 55 Pontiac where they sent a pair of 2" shoes...and they were perfect for the drum. But they were too wide and caused the drum to lock up when the wheel was installed. So we got a set of correct 1 3/4" shoes and they were again WAY off with the arc. So maybe it's just
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