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  1. Before the bitter cold sets in today, I jacked up the rear end off the ground and had my wife spin the tires by hand. It definitely sounds like it's coming from the rear u-joint section, or even the pumpkin. Not 100% sure yet. I guess I can keep my fingers crossed that it's not the transmission at this point, until I can figure out what the lovely noise is at the rear u-joint.
  2. Interesting how most peoples' opinions on the club are based on local chapter experiences. Although, to me, that was also a deciding factor on whether I should join or not. The Gateway chapter had, and still has, a very active membership. That is part of what keeps people coming. Getting the right people, and enough people, to cultivate the local chapter culture is the challenge.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions and thoughts, guys. I think I needed some other insight on this..
  4. Just bought the car...symptoms are as follows... When I first started the car, there was no noise, but the car was sold to me as "transmission is out." He said it felt like it was stuck between gears. I was hoping it would be a linkage issue or something. So I started it, ran great. Upon putting it in any gear, it sounded like it was grinding a gear and not engaging fully. Car never moved, but the speedometer was spinning. I put it back into park, but the noise did not go away, nor did it re-engage back into park. I pulled the linkage off the trans to make sure it was fully in Park, then reconnected and there was no adjustment made to I know the linkage is not boogered up. I also removed the inspection cover to make sure convertor teeth or bolts weren't loose or beating on the bellhousing or something. Aside from removing the transmission and taking it to me trans guy, is there something else I should look for before blowing this thing apart?
  5. A broken axle or driveshaft won’t make noise with the transmission in park, though. I will start another thread.
  6. I've never figured out an easy way to line up those blind/blank splines. I remember fighting my 58 Limited's connection there, and it was nothing more than an engine and trans into an open chassis. Then I finally found out it has a blank spline. DOH!
  7. Maybe I’ll drop the pan before I blow the car apart to remove the transmission.
  8. Nice Thanks for sharing the photo. I got the car off the trailer today and investigated the trans problem a bit. It will not go into park at all. And it is making a gear-like noise when the car is pushed around. I jacked up the car and removed the shift linkage, made sure it was in park all the way, and the linkage still lined up perfectly. So it's not that. I removed the inspection cover and all looks good in there. It looks like this is a pretty major mechanical problem inside the transmission. It will have to wait until I can get it in one of the garages so I can yank it out and send it to my transmission guy. hopes of an easy fix have vaporized. 😐 I did try to start the car again, and it was making the same gear skipping noise, like it wasn't quite engaging a sprocket. Oddly enough, the speedometer was moving. So something was moving inside there at hte tailshaft. I hope the splines aren't stripped in the yoke or driveshaft. Although, I do have a complete parts car sitting in the yard.........
  9. The one I had done was painted with epoxy or something similar, for durability.
  10. I really hope that's the case. It will probably be a couple weeks before I get a chance to look at it, since the snow continually seems to be coming. I currently don't have a garage spot for it. There are three 57 Buick Roadmaster 75's here, a 72 GSX and a 72 GS Stage1. Plus my two drivers. Woof.
  11. That's the plan. I started it today, ran really smoothly once everything was circulating. You could tell it had been sitting for a bit. I tried to put it in gear and heard an awful grinding noise, like the convertor teeth were grinding on the trans bell. I shut it off and put the cover on it. In other news, most of the power items work!
  12. Mine shortly before install.. quickie black paint job with the "red" primer pumpkin.
  13. I haven't seen that cap on any of the cars I've worked on recently. I know what you're referring to, though. I can't recall what it was on.
  14. We got a little snow over the weekend...
  15. I thought you would like the color combo, Joe! It really is a nice car. Dare I say it's nicer than Laurel was (my 58 Roadmaster). It came with a binder containing several pre/during/post restoration photos and a few little literature trinkets. Also, a copy of the November 1996 Bugle with it on the back cover was included.
  16. Call me whatever year guy you want...LOL! I've been a 71, 73, 66, 58, 60, 70, and now a 57 guy. It doesn't appear that the car needs much cosmetically. The paint looked nice. Interior is presentable, aside from having incorrect headliner and dash material. The upper door panels are sewn vinyl, as opposed to heat stamped. If you notice the spare tire well, there is some discoloration on the tire. That's because it was full of water!! It was obvious that it had been sitting there for quite a long time, so I wasn't really concerned with it. Lance found a trash can that we could use to drain the water, so we did. Obviously there is water getting in somehow. Oddly enough, when we looked at the coupe, I laid my hand on the trunk floor mat, and it was wet. The salesman said the detail guy had left he trunk lid unlatched when he was power washing, and a decent amount of water had gotten in. Hence why the lid was already open when we got there. There is a bit of roulette being played here. I have no idea what is wrong with the transmission. Seller says it feels like it is stuck between gears. We were unable even to start the car that day because of a dead battery. He assures us that it runs great but just won't do anything when you try to put it in gear. If you look at the photo of the steering wheel, you can see the indicator sitting in between Neutral and Drive. My hope is that there is some sort of linkage issue, or something has fallen off and needs reattaching. Crossing my fingers for that. Nonetheless, the price does reflect the issues at hand. As it sits,I think this car is in better condition than my 58 Roadmaster was when I bought it. At least this one has all matching paint😁
  17. I had do one for $900 ...but it was perfect.
  18. Yes, it’s an AFB...thankfully. I’ve had pretty poor luck with the Rochesters.
  19. Yep, all gone 😁 It went to TX
  20. Well, I sold my 70 Skylark in October this past year. I kept saying I wasn't going to buy another car for a while, but sometimes they just fall into your lap. I am picking it up on Tuesday (possibly Monday if I can work the schedule). A bit of a long-winded story, but I'll try to keep it short. Lance and I went to go look at a 57 Roadmaster 75 coupe that is currently advertised on eBay. It is local to me, so we made a day out of the inspection. The coupe came from a wealthy collector in Southern CA that is having this dealer broker his cars. Apparently, he is selling anything that is not valued at $1 million or more. Oooook then. We were less than impressed with the coupe, so proceeded to small talk the dealer, and found out the owner has another 57 that he sent over in another building. He said "You don't want to see it, it's a turd and the transmission is out." We said, "we'd like to see it please." So 30 minutes later, a guy brought a key to the other building and opened the door. What we saw was this car in the photos. Yes, the transmission is not currently "working," but I am hopeful that it's a simple fix. Even if it's not, I'm not concerned. It does need an exhaust system, the current one is pretty rotted. It originally was all garnet red top and bottom, but sometime in its life it was painted its current combo. All (or most) of the chrome is original clean, no pits. Interior has been redone is mostly correct fabrics. Dash pad and upper door panels are not quite right, but I can handle that. Headliner has a white perforated material that isn't right either, but that's a pretty easy fix. It's just a clean car. Factory AC and wonderbar radio. Not a speck of rust to be found anywhere. I've been hounding the guy for 2 weeks to get a price from the seller, and he finally got back with me yesterday. Today, the deal is 99% done. I just have to sign some paperwork and pay him. We currently have snowmageddon 2019 happening, so I can't get back out there until Monday or Tuesday. If I could've picked it up today, I would have. Darn snow storm rolled in about 1pm today. I plan to have this in OKC this year. I have to thank Lance for allowing me to buy this ahead of him. We were both salivating at the prospect. I'll have to make sure I get his black 57 extra spiffy for him. This is the "turd"'s better in person. It still has all the grime on it from the trip East..
  21. Thanks for the kind words, Mark. I have another project planned for the 2020 event. Hopefully will start working on it later this year. The show really is a must-see!
  22. Gene is in SC I believe. I still see him at national meets. He's active on Facebook on many of the Buick pages there. Hank's blue car...I remember him showing me photos of the car as he bought it. The color was a much darker blue. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo or documentation of the body tag.