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  1. That's what's making me go hmmm...is the notch that is off at an angle. I can't imagine any braking system in the world that would have that sort of offset shoe-to-parking brake lever setup.
  2. I have to wonder how that got bent like that...wow!
  3. Looks great! Can't wait to get body work dust all over it 🤣
  4. $7200 for the 60, and I believe I saw $6400 for the wagon. Wayyy out of my territory...especially sight unseen for cars with an inch of "barn dust" on them.
  5. I was bidding on the 60, but a marathon drive after work on Friday, pickup on Saturday, and a marathon drive back into Sunday isn't in the cards for me. It would be great if there is someone like Lance is asking about. It's like a 16 hour drive one-way.
  6. ?? The 60 is sitting at $1650, and the wagon is at $2800
  7. I'll continue any progress on your thread for this car. Glad to see you here!
  8. David and Craig, you are the perfect caretakers for the 57. And I am more than happy to be able to continue to wrench on it and keep it local! This has been by far my favorite car to own. Have you had any contact with the gentleman who owned it in Palm Springs prior to the collector who had it before me? Bryan Burns is his name. I can put you in touch if you like.
  9. Hey, it's back! New owner needs seat belts installed, electric wiper motor, and speedometer repair.
  10. They did. I had the pigtail plugged into the wrong port.
  11. Previously "repaired" rust is coming back, and likely twice the size as it is showing. I like the 61 E225's...but the hidden rust is a deal killer for me.
  12. Oddly enough, that is not entirely true. This is an original paint car (inside the door jambs)...I didn't paint some of the jambs. The owner was trying to keep any originality he could with it.
  13. It just goes straight in horizontally. The split remains through the door jambs. I'll see if I can find a photo
  14. I wish I could show you...gotta wait until after MCACN 2021! It's killing me not posting photos or video of it running. UGH
  15. Well, it runs and drives now. Top goes up and down. Looks like I'll be taking it to the conv top guy next weekend. I had a couple leaks off the bat when I fired it up for the first time. One transmission cooling line fitting, and an oddball oil leak from the oil pump housing. It seems to have fixed itself, but I'll keep an eye on it. Might end up pulling the pump apart and resealing. Fuel filter housing was dripping, but easy fix with a couple wrenches. It took me a couple hours to get the top working smoothly...kept blowing fuses. But once I got everything lube
  16. The grinder with the adapter for the 3" cutoff wheel...I've tried a couple different variations of that. None of them were ever very stable or balanced. I use one that is specifically for those wheels and nothing else...works great. It's also what I use for 99% of my spot weld grinding/removal. I've tried those round spot weld drill bits...they just walk all over the place it seems.
  17. If you're jacking it up with the rear end, you'll be fighting to get the tire out from under the wheel opening. I typically will jack it up with the rear end, then stick jack stands just ahead of the wheels on the frame rail...then lower the jack until the rear end is hanging free. That will buy some room.
  18. I couldn't get my pedal to firm up no matter what I did, until I adjusted the anchor pins on each wheel. If the shows are not centered with the drums, it will take quite a bit of pedal travel to make full contact with the drums. The adjustment procedure is described in the manual, and it's pretty easy to do.
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