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  1. LeSabre trunk will have splatter paint, Electra won’t...it will be sloppy body color with all the trunk boards covering virtually all of the trunk sides. It will also have a felt-like trunk mat to cover the floor. The LeSabre will only have a rubber trunk mat.
  2. I had the exact same issue on my 60 convertible when I first got it back on the road. It would be ok if I was braking lightly, but if I had a heavy stop, it would shake the car pretty badly. Had them turned locally and they were perfect. Makes me cringe when people insist on converting to disc brakes on these big aluminum drum cars.
  3. I'm very familiar with the 60 wagon. Almost bought it about 10 years ago.
  4. I was kind of thinking the same thing. If it were a Roadie, I'd be driving over there with a trailer.
  5. Relisted with BIN OBO https://www.ebay.com/itm/1957-Buick-Roadmaster-75/254682748053
  6. I just installed one on the Garnet 57...the new owner sent it to Ficken about 3 weeks ago, and it came back this week. Works like a charm.
  7. I am listing this for a friend in the club... https://www.ebay.com/itm/254674624046
  8. You'll be surprised at how fast you can fill that dumpster up! I was in one of my "throw everything away" moods last weekend and it took me 3 trips to our shop to empty my truck bed of crap that we've had since we moved into this house 3 years ago....and never used. It's a great feeling to purge some of this stuff.
  9. I had a section of a Zerex antifreeze bottle used as a piece of AC duct in the 57 I just sold. That went bye bye when I pulled the top of the dash off to fix the speedo. The new owner got a kick out of it. Didn't surprise me a bit with some of the stuff I've seen on that car.
  10. It is definitely a consideration...might check voltage at the compressor when it is acting up.
  11. I had the freon topped off a month ago to make sure this wasn't the issue.
  12. The compressor decides when it wants to run right. There are times when it will run 100% on as it should, and then the next time you run it, you can watch the clutch WANT to catch, but it only spins 1/4 turn and stops...then keeps turning slightly every second. Like every one RPM it catches a little and stops. I'll be sure to check electrical connections before blowing it apart.
  13. Hmm. I had just assumed... I guess I need to make some phone calls
  14. The old one is acting up, and the owner is looking to have a more reliable system. We are pretty much going to lean toward waiting until Winter to rip it out and send it to be rebuilt. The front seal leaks and the clutch doesn't want to engage all the time.
  15. Besides sending the old compressor out to a rebuilder, is there an alternative/modern replacement compressor that can be subbed in and still work with the existing plumbing?
  16. Yes, equalizer. Also, if you can't find that nut with the little indent to keep it from walking, just use two regular nuts and tighten them together.
  17. Supposed to have it around the end of the month or first week of August. Crossing fingers
  18. Thank you! I got some more stainless polished and installed today..
  19. The door seals are the new Parts Place latex ones. They fit well, but the fasteners were wrong. Fast forward to today when I installed the A pillar seals...open the box and there is a bag of these...the CORRECT size clips. Hallelujah. Front windshield stainless is polished and installed...sans the cowl piece. That is a real bitch to polish...will take care of it tomorrow.
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