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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1962-Buick-Electra-/254911248484?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  2. eBay listing scheduled for 8pm CST tonight
  3. I'll likely be listing it on eBay tomorrow evening. Although I'm hopeful I can sell it without ebay's help.
  4. Manual brakes I would definitely rebuild the master. It's a different type of setup than the power brake system on these cars. Funny, people think the drum brakes on these cars are inferior to disc brakes. On any of the cars I've had with a properly working system will stop as well as any of the modern systems. The 57 Roadmaster I had last year was an anomaly with its system. I couldn't figure out why I had a terrible pedal feel, and it ended up being anchor pin adjustments. After that, the brakes were awesome again.
  5. I am singling out this photo because the way the brace is set at an angle makes it look like it is collapsing. It's not...it is supposed to be in that position.
  6. Or I just have to upload one at a time when I select them through the file manager...
  7. I guess the files I have are too huge to post more than one per post...ugh.
  8. My original intention was to list this car on BaT, but they are apparently backed up for weeks or something. So, I am going to offer it here, and probably FB (lord help me) and see where that gets me. OK, here we have my 62 Electra that I bought over the Winter time. My intent was to spruce it up and drive it for the Summer, and then likely sell. Well, my ability to maintain composure when it comes to temptation caused me to buy another project 57...so this one has to go. I will attempt to summarize all of the major categories in detail, to keep you from being as surprised as I
  9. They were closed by the time I got it home and figured it out. So tomorrow I’ll talk with him about what to do. I just want to spend two hours of my time to drive back out there...and then again to pick it back up
  10. I got my $587 driveshaft back today after an hour drive each way. The nuts that are tacked to the carrier bearing were missing when I got it home. So I tacked new nuts on. Started to install driveshaft, and it's an inch too long in the forward section. Instructions said 33 5/8", and it is 34 5/8" Not happy...but that's par for the course on this car.
  11. Better you than me 🤣
  12. Thanks John! This was a cake walk compared to the vinyl headliner install on the orange 72 GS I did a couple weeks ago. These cloth ones pretty much install themselves.
  13. They look the same. Do the 57’s have a switch on them? These don’t
  14. Done. I could install fabric headliners all day!
  15. Well this is going much better than anticipated...
  16. Man that was a long thread. When I got to the spot where the front sheet metal was going on with this 70, I was specifically instructed to STOP posting photos. So I did😀 I will keep it that way, too. Just until the show is over...or maybe I'll do a live stream of the unveiling.
  17. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1961-Buick-Electra/324516051608?hash=item4b8ea9fa98:g:I9EAAOSw5-lgSXJD
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