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  1. Sometimes I feel like there is nothing more tedious than window adjustments.
  2. The air cleaner instructions is a decal.
  3. Very curious to see what it brings. There are lots of people out there that really want this being one of them. If I had deep enough pockets, you bet I would be doing whatever it takes.
  4. If the rest of the car is as the interior shows, then I think the price is right. If it is indeed a "coupe" as the ad says. The engine shot and door panel are enough for me to see that it's a legit mileage car. The color combo sucks, though.
  5. Who is to say that car wasn't stripped of all its bright moldings to be decorated like that? I think to positively ID that car, we would have to see a tag. Most others are easy to spot, though. The presence or absence of certain moldings will tell the story.
  6. That's awesome, Tom! I know why I added you to the 71-72 Big Buick group on Facebook.
  7. I just finished this car and had to shoot a few photos with the Mrs.
  8. I am putting resonators back on the 67 Electra I'm working on. The owner wants it as quiet as possible. The Electra isn't meant to have a loud exhaust. I suppose the Riviera could go either way. If you like a good exhaust rumble, leave them out. If you want quiet, put them on.
  9. It just follows the body line all the way down. I did it free hand on Lance's 57.
  10. Not the rubber mat. My 71 had the felt-like material and cardboard liner.
  11. One thing to note is that when the suspension is completely unloaded, the rear end will sit off to one side a bit, due to the geometry of the bar. But I would really try to source one from another car. That one is fubar.
  12. Definitely is supposed to be straight.
  13. CARS has the rocker molding clips. The stainless can be welded but requires an experienced hand with a TIG. My Limited has this same problem, and when I went to assemble it to sell, I just bolted the trim back on and it held just fine without any extra clips or sleeves.
  14. 10 grand?? I need to raise my prices. You chose wisely.
  15. I must have blocked that out of my memory since I pulled one of those off. Man, that was only a year ago
  16. Anyone notice the extra trim on the Limited?
  17. I don't recall the 58 spindles having any left handed nuts.
  18. I epoxied mine from the backside when I had to reattach. The car looks amazing, btw!
  19. Nice! I did a time lapse a couple weeks ago...
  20. Looking for a driver side fender skirt for a 67 Electra. 68 may be the same. The one I have is rusty in the center where the latch is. Any leads are appreciated.