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  1. Beemon

    56 engine questions..for those who know LMK

    I have a 56 Dynaflow lying around from a running car. It unfortunately came with my replacement engine. If you were in the Pacific NW I would give it to you.
  2. Beemon

    56 engine questions..for those who know LMK

    Where are you located?
  3. I can't remember, is 58 the year of the long gasket water pump? I believe 56 and 57 was the same pump base but they changed it later? If its 58 and up, you can still get a new pump from NAPA and it has the AC vanes. Likewise, there's a company called Flowkooler that has made a custom impeller from CNC machining using complex fluid analysis that increases pump flow and decreases pump cavitation, making it one knock out pump. The faster you get that coolant moving, the more turbulent the flow and the better your heat transfer will be. Of course the original pump worked just fine, but with the modern advancements you'll probably gain 1 HP lol. When I get to working on my second 322's bottom end, I was expecting to go this route with a TA performance timing cover and 401/425 fuel pump. I am in Willie's camp in that I have had two water pumps rebuilt now. Luckily my castings have been pretty good and I haven't had any leaks. In fact I have had a lot of things rebuilt, but that's irrelevant.
  4. Yeah the 90 degree sweeps are pretty cool, especially if they have the black ears to hide the rest of the gauge face. I still like my dash of course, but I think the small body 54/55 dash is the hot ticket for the tri-5 Buicks.
  5. I don't care much for the 56 dash, it always felt like an afterthought to me. "Oops we forgot about the heater controls!"
  6. Beemon

    56 dynaflow fluid leak

    Is this an original transmission or a rebuilt transmission? It matters if you're going to use stop leak. The accumulator seals are not sold with the rebuild kits so they are most likely original, but if your other seals are original too, the stop leak may ruin them.
  7. The top of the washer bottle, gas door trim and tissue box can be bought from vendors like Fusick or CARS.
  8. Beemon

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Not much happening these days. I've been violently sick so I did not get to speak at the funeral, but the Buick was there. No pictures... I haven't found the time or energy to swap intake manifolds. The shop lathe at the club house has been used to cope tubes for this season's Formula car so I haven't had time to modify my spare junkyard air cleaner bottom. The ID for the carb air horn needs to be enlarged to 5" or the modern equivalent. The Buick itself is at home. Its been snowing a bit up here, which isn't a scare for me at all around this time. The real issue is getting across Snoqualmie Pass next Friday and it can go one of two ways. I figured its best not to gamble so she's safely tucked away while I've been driving my Jeep around. Today as my last project for the manufacturing class, we did laser engraving. I think it turned out fine, but I didn't account for the gradual taper and it looks a little goofy. Check it out:
  9. Beemon

    Power brake upgrade ideas needed

    That service is also quite expensive and only worth it to someone who has money to throw away or is looking to do a full point restoration.
  10. Beemon

    Power brake upgrade ideas needed

    Do not buy into the aluminum drum idea whatever you do. I've been down that road, it's extremely rare to find a good set out of a junkyard. You cannot use them on your current backing plates and if you upgrade to the Roadmaster 12x2.5" drums on the front, you'll be searching for the more elusive 1957-1960 12x2.5 aluminium drums. You can make the 12x2.25 aluminum drums fit if you have access to a mill and don't feel bad about removing meat from your current backing plates. Otherwise it's a pipe dream. I don't have much else experience with your setup but if you find a modern system that fits under the floor, your pedal ratio should be ok. Otherwise the stock power brake system is cheap and easy to rebuild and is actually pretty nice.
  11. Beemon

    hot air heater duct hose

    Home Depot
  12. Beemon

    56 engine questions..for those who know LMK

    John, your book probably says 55 because done 55s were fitted with "56" engines. If it came with valve cover breathers and the heated carb base manifold, it was a 56 engine. I bet the low compression pistons in the special were 55 pistons.
  13. Beemon

    56 idle speed, ignition timing, etc.

    If you think it's the carb still, you can attempt to purge the idle circuit before tear down. I have used compressed air in the idle adjustment screw hole. Bear in mind this is not the correct way to do things and the dirt or whatever will still be in the carb, but it could work.
  14. Beemon

    56 idle speed, ignition timing, etc.

    What did the other side look like? Drive it how it is and enjoy it. Make sure you start saving now so when it's on its last leg, you can afford the engine rebuild. It could be the carburetor acting up, it could not be, too. But the carburetor wouldn't cause low compression. I have been battling with engine problems since the rubber on my car first started rolling. Seriously, make a tip jar and fill it regularly.