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  1. Resistance value isn’t enough. You need something that can handle the wattage requirements. As noted above, the ceramic is not critical as long as the conductor inside is intact. It is also a heat sink to help the conductor stay solid (not liquid), so if chunks are missing, it’s functional time may be limited.
  2. Ok, so for 1939 there were 4 lines of Buicks. 40 Series Special 60 Series Century 80 Series Roadmaster 90 Series Limited Inside each series is specific models. So for the 80 Series there’s: Model 80C Sport Phaeton Model 81 Touring Sedan Model 81F Formal Sedan Model 81C Sport Phaeton Model 87 Sport Sedan
  3. I love that color. There was a Park Avenue coupe in my neighborhood back in the '90s that was the same color. It always made me drool... lol
  4. For years I've tried to find a factory hp rating for the '56 Synchromesh engines. All published data refers to the Dynaflow cars, with 220 in the 2bbl Specials and 255 in the rest. SM Specials had lower compression and a different cam. I'd guess they were about 200, but it's just a guess. https://www.hometownbuick.com/portfolio/1956-buick-shop-manual/
  5. I’m just wondering when we are going to get to September 2020... lol
  6. In ‘56 the standard Special generator is 30 amp. With A/C it’s 35.
  7. I asked the seller and he said he uploaded the wrong pix... lol
  8. I thought maybe a single action pump off something like a Chevy school bus would be cheaper/easier to find, but never had any luck going that route. We just keep fixing the same old pump... lol
  9. Am I the only one that opened this and was slightly disappointed when it didn’t read, “Hey i do have the Not Mine for sale at a cheaper price. Let me know if you're interested... kindly email me at andrewmarcus 231111 at...” lol
  10. Location? never mind, just spotted Owensboro, KY on one of your other posts... lol
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