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  1. SpecialEducation

    1997 LeSabre--what is this electric motor for?

    Well, if somebody took the air shocks out, that would explain why the motor runs all the time. lol The parts catalog says it’s available...
  2. SpecialEducation

    1997 LeSabre--what is this electric motor for?

    Looks like an air ride pump from here. https://www.gmpartsgiant.com/parts/gm-compressor-22153324.html?Make=Buick&Model=Lesabre&Year=1997&Submodel=&Filter=()&Location=level-control-system-automatic,,612940e1c3842947c9f9dd14490a131d
  3. SpecialEducation

    55 century wagon

    Well, since there weren't wagons on the Super/Roadmaster platform, if it's a clone it would have to have been born a Special.
  4. SpecialEducation

    The Grinch

    It's projected that F*rd will need to layoff 24,000 people, and nobody says a word. GM announces that they are laying off half that amount, and everybody looses their minds... https://www.nbcnews.com/business/autos/trump-s-tariffs-have-already-cost-ford-1b-now-it-n917756 https://www.watchdog.org/michigan/ford-refutes-media-claim-that-trump-tariffs-caused-layoffs/article_0323e6a4-cd96-11e8-b2f7-b7367c6120d2.html
  5. SpecialEducation

    56 rims, hubcaps, n options questions!

    Yep, my grandpa bought a new bittersweet Special in 1956. It was a "spring" color so it doesn't appear on the earlier literature. Also note that it does not specify any limits to the tri-tone paint. You could get any goof-ball combo that you wanted. Not that a dealer would intentionally get something strange and hard to sell, but some customers occasionally would!
  6. SpecialEducation

    Any one else watch Perry Mason?

    My wife loves Perry Mason. For years I have contemplated building her a Caddy convertible like one of Perry's cars, but the drop-top Cadillac market is WAY higher than similar condition Buicks & Olds of the era, so I've never been able to pull the trigger on that plan...
  7. SpecialEducation

    How would you fix this car?

    First, I'd be checking the frame geometry. If it's serviceable, I start looking for a parts car. I would strip the body of the parts car, repair any rust or other issues the body had, and put the new body on the known frame. Personally, I would rather have factory welds & sheetmetal structure and a mismatched body/vin tag than to retain the "original" body with such significant cutting & welding required.
  8. SpecialEducation

    56 rims, hubcaps, n options questions!

    Our wheels, freshly powder coated. The order form showing body color only available with small caps.
  9. SpecialEducation

    56 rims, hubcaps, n options questions!

    Yes, in ‘56 wheels could be black, body colored, or Seminole Red. Baby moons were standard, with full wheelcovers optional. The clips for the small covers are left off of the wheels for the large covers, but they were the same wheel. No spokes in ‘56. Some dealers still put them on for customers who wanted them, though.
  10. SpecialEducation

    Build Sheet Number

    Show us your data plate (cowl tag).
  11. Yeah, I want some like my ‘82 had, so I’ll need the caps, the floating adapters, 3 funny lugnuts per wheel that let the adapters float, a keyed wrench, and the 4 bolts that hold the cap to the adapter that are keyed to match the wrench...
  12. Yeah, they look like mine. Problem for me is that I can’t keep them on the car. Looking for a good deal on ‘80s spokes that are lockable...
  13. SpecialEducation

    56 engine questions..for those who know LMK

    As I recall, the Syncromesh (lowest compression) Special also gets a different cam. Buicks.net lists two different castings for ‘56 heads. Reportedly, one has smaller chambers than the other, but I haven’t had the pleasure of having both side by side to compare. http://www.buicks.net/shop/reference/nailhead_casting_numbers.html For what it’s worth, running the 4bbl on a lower compression configuration is probably a nice compromise on modern pump gas.
  14. SpecialEducation

    56 engine questions..for those who know LMK

    The block & pistons are the same, but other things are different. Compression was changed by the top end. Some say the heads are different, some say it's different thickness head gaskets. I've tried to find a parts manual to get the definitive info, but as yet I haven't. Yes, a Century or Super will have an identical engine to your Roadmaster. If you have to settle for a Special engine, finding a 4bbl intake is not difficult. Not cheap, but not difficult.
  15. SpecialEducation

    1956 questions for you guys

    The headlight doors/bezels are always chrome on all other series. As far as I can tell, yes, the Roady was the only one with eye makeup. There's less chrome around the tail light assemblies of the Roadmaster & Super, too. While '56 wasn't the first year for factory air conditioning, it was the first year it wasn't in the trunk with roof mounted ducts looking like an afterthought. As far as a convertible goes, I'd say it's the first time that combo would make sense.