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  1. As long as you bring that Airstream to OKC in June, I suppose we’ll call it good... we’ll be camping at Thunderbird. Maybe we can share some chilled monkey brain while you’re in the neighborhood!
  2. Apparently, opening a can of fake SPAM with a key is now a life hack... 🤔 I’d say to fast forward to 1:28, but at least watch the clip at 1:09 and tell me that isn’t a brain on a head of lettuce. 🤢
  3. We had smartphones in 2003? lol
  4. Looks like it's been relisted a few times. One auction shows the VIN as 4J47A9G115003. That jives as a '79 Regal built in Framingham, but for the life of me I can't find an 'A' code engine that makes sense for that year. Sure would be nice if they had shown photos of the engine... Edit: This page shows a 1979 A code engine as a 2bbl 231, which is a very believable configuration... https://www.gbodycentral.com/forums/vins/1979-Malibu-ElCamino.php
  5. I recommend verifying all wiring first. There are 3 wires, and if one of them chafes through to ground, you'll get erratic indications. Do you have a shop manual?
  6. I've had better experiences with Facebook Marketplace than anywhere else lately. True story: I was selling a car about 10 years ago. Sold it about 4 times on eBay before someone actually paid for it and picked it up. Reported all of the non-paying bidders. 5 years later I get a message: "Hey, eBay says you reported me and a non-paying bidder. Why you do that? I can't buy/sell nothing because you got me locked up!" "I reported you as a NPB, because you won the auction for my car, and never responded to any emails." "Man, that was 5 years ago. Can you retract the NPB now?" "No, you cost me time and money without so much as an apology. Why would I do anything to help you?" "I apologize. Now will you release the NPB?" "No."
  7. (1 & 2) I'll concede point #1. I wrote that response to the judging manual a few weeks ago in anticipation that it would be mentioned in this conversation, and one of the documents I had looked at had the order listed opposite of the cowl tag. I was obviously mistaken, but I don't know what that other doc may have been that I was thinking of at this point. Maybe I had a link to an old manual? (3 & 4) The current manual states: "Two and three tone combintions werre available, first letter denotes upper color, second is for center color, and third is for lower color. three tone combinations were only ADB,EKH,BML,ASC." I interpreted this as a note for 1956, but there is no 'S' code for 1956. You interpreted this as applying to 1955. Since 'S' is a valid code for '55, you are probably right (but it's not as clear as other notes in the manual). If that's the case, then the current judging manual gives no restrictions on 1956 tri-tones, so it's not even applicable to this discussion. I apologize. I had multiple documents open at one time when I was researching this back in January, but I've slept since then so I don't remember what I might have been looking at that I may have misattributed to the judging manual. I get that it's document written by people and will never be perfect. In the end, I would always prefer to look at original sources than trust someone else's interpretations. Yes, I understand that cars used in product literature are pre-production cars and things are subject to change, but it seems to me that would normally be the exception, not the rule, and I'm certainly not going to trust anything written 49 years after the fact over period correct documents without good cause.
  8. If they build an ANC car like the one in Al's photo, I'll buy one!
  9. I don’t trust the judging manual: The judging manual lists the color codes as top, middle, bottom. The data plate shows bottom, middle, top. Why would you write the manual opposite of what you would see on a car? It gives only 4 combos for 3 years, one with a color not even available in ‘56. 3 options that didn’t change for 3 years? Unlikely. None of the 3 tri-colors listed in the manual match ANY of the pictures in the factory literature. “Buy one of our fabulous tri-tones! (Just not the ones we showed you).” Makes no sense. The same chart that tells the judge the legit body colors also tells the legit wheel pinstripes, even though the manual elsewhere (correctly) states no more wheel pinstripes in ‘56. We have repeatedly seen examples on the forum that prove many more factory combos existed, followed with a “Huh, guess the manual needs updating.” Manual never gets updated. Whenever this subject comes up, nobody is ever able to produce a document that substantiates that any tri-tone restriction existed in 1956.
  10. Do you prefer zinc plated steel or brass? I like brass... https://www.dormanproducts.com/p-24241-565-040.aspx
  11. I smell what you are stepping in. I was going to say that your 6v system should be about 8 with the engine running anyway, and you could probably tweek your regulator up to 9 without much trouble. For a daily driver, I'd have more concerns, but assuming you drive it like most folks do, you probably wouldn't find yourself running through a bunch of bulbs at 9v. My biggest concern would be overheating your generator, or maybe your battery on long drives. I don't know what the availability of 8v generators is like, but I'd assume it's cheaper just to put a 12v generator on it, but leave your current regulator in place. You could also just put a second 6v battery in the system that steps up the system voltage just for the windows circuit. Charging it in the car would be tricky, though. Not impossible, just tricky...
  12. Why 8 volts? I wouldn't think that 2 volts would make much difference on most systems. If the car isn't highly original (what year are we talking about, here?), and you are wanting to improve function & usability, I'd just go to a 12v alternator system. Obviously you'd need to change out your lights, but you'd also want to either dial it down for the ignition system or change the coil. Otherwise, your points aren't going to last long... I've known several cars that continued to use a 6v starter on a 12v system. As long as you aren't cranking for long durations, they usually survive pretty well.
  13. Looks like it's closed. Let see if it gets relisted... Funny, when I shift the Dynaflow in the '56, it's sure noticeable... lol
  14. SPUSHROD Compressed Pushrod Product Incidentally, this photo triggers me. I'm in the middle of an engine build, and I'm anxiously awaiting my custom pushrods. These better not be them! lol