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  1. Am I the only one that opened this and was slightly disappointed when it didn’t read, “Hey i do have the Not Mine for sale at a cheaper price. Let me know if you're interested... kindly email me at andrewmarcus 231111 at...” lol
  2. I wouldn’t mind hearing about this Poncho...
  3. Location? never mind, just spotted Owensboro, KY on one of your other posts... lol
  4. Oh yes, I’m well familiar... lol
  5. Well, I’d like to put white walls on my 1961 EZ Loader, and these are the first 13” white walls I’ve found! I’ll have to do some math, but I think these should work.
  6. Flex line. They get corrosion in the swaged fitting and turns them into check valves. Seen it a hundred times...
  7. That’s about a 4 hour drive, but I need a (movable) pax window. Did you happen to notice the condition of the glass?
  8. He says it runs, and the price is down to $1k Looks like his email address is on his website. http://www.michaelaccorsi.com/ Put a $500 Maaco paint job on it and drive it!
  9. I said for you, not everyone... lol
  10. Just shoot me a message and I’ll bump your ad for you... lol
  11. He had a crazy custom airbrushed hood on it. For a long time it was for sale with no hood because he’s keeping it, but he’s found a hood to go with it now.
  12. j-body.org is a shadow of what it was; everyone is on Facebook now.
  13. Yeah, the j-body community has been laughing at that one for a long time... Last I knew, his asking price was down to $3k.
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