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  1. I created this for the banquet, but we went a different direction. http://web.photodex.com/view/8mwk77x4 (no audio)
  2. Cooler is in place. Crackers are still in the ‘56...
  3. Ok, the cheese & the SPAM are all sliced up! I’ll have a blue cooler by the power box under the trees in the middle of archival row. If anyone wants to deposit some beverages in the cooler, I’ll let them! I’ll be helping Chuck Nixon marshal in cars first thing. I’ll have the name “Dizzy” on my shirt.
  4. Yeah, I was talking with Bruce last night, but he obviously remembered my name better than I did his. Without seeing my credentials, he called me by name, and I was talking to him for a minute or two before my brain clicked, “Oh, this is the guy with the tix!” lol One ticket is gone, and I decided to pass on the other. I need to get up early Sunday, so I’m gonna stick to my original plan.
  5. The wife says I should take you up on this, if they are available (but I have no idea what Bruce looks like).
  6. This photo was asked for, so here it is... *information subject to change*
  7. lol, sorry Speedo... They are very nice repros. There are a couple samples on my table on the south end of the garage.
  8. The only shade I have is at my swap meet table, but it is not fully under cover (right next to Pete). There are some nice shade trees on the south end of the lot where Tux is currently sitting. I’m certainly capable of supplying some crackers and SPAM.
  9. Speaking of the swap meet, BUY SOME ROUTE 66 signs! My wife is getting tired of moving them. 🤣 Every state available except NM.
  10. lol... I saw remotes, but no recievers. The keyless entry reciever for Pepper recently went bonkers and started cycling solenoids randomly. We didn’t get a remote with the car so I just unplugged the box. Problem solved, for now.
  11. The different categories of car as registered; for instance, Tux is a 54-58 V8 car, which is a class H, so it will be roughly in the H area. Those lables are all post-it notes and subject to change. The numbers are based on current registrations. I’m away from the hotel, but when I see Chuck Nixon again, I’ll get a photo of an updated diagram.
  12. WHAT?!? There was a WHOLE ROW dedicated just to you! Do I need to bring my camper up from Thunderbird to fill the space?
  13. My wife thinks the same thing. She doesn’t pump gas though… 50 miles away from OKC! Then I get to go back home tomorrow, load the 56 on a trailer, and do it all over again! Glad I have a tail wind with the camper…
  14. Dex 3 is fine for the transmission. DOT 3 is probably fine for the brakes. Some of us have converted to DOT 5 because it’s not as corrosive, but that is unusual. I’d ask the previous owner to be sure, because 3 & 5 are incompatible, but 5 is fairly unusual. If you dip a towel in the brake reservoir and find that it is straw colored fluid, it’s DOT 3.