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  1. https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-ground-effects-12521988 https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-molding-12521999
  2. 1984 was the first year for the turbos. Yes, 1987 was the first year the Getrag 282 5-speed was available with the turbo.
  3. Right, T-Type package is independent of the turbo. It probably has the same Opel 1.8 OHC, just TBI w/o the turbo. GM preferred the turbo mated to the auto because it performed the best and was least likely to break. My 1.8 turbo will get 40 mpg if I’m nice to it.
  4. Yeah, those are factory wheels. Can’t be a turbo if its a 5-speed. Only the auto and 4-speed were strong enough for the turbo in ‘84.
  5. Ok, Mudbone already did... This is a crossing light I modified for my dad...
  6. Perhaps a better why of saying it is first digit is series, second is body style... lol Not much difference between ‘49 & ‘50, maybe this will help: https://www.hometownbuick.com/buick-models/1950-buick-models/
  7. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/63104-dynaflow-for-1955/?do=findComment&comment=255243
  8. I’m glad someone has. I get long wait times. With the large variety of colors & materials used over the years, I understand not stocking many materials. What I don’t appreciate is being treated like a jerk because the material they sent wasn’t even close to the samples, the quality was awful, and the replacement material was just as bad, if not worse. My upholstery shop had to borrow my phone because SMS quit answering his calls. I’ll do every car for the rest of my life with the wrong material before SMS sees a dime from me.
  9. As I recall, body numbers are not model specific, so what you have would be an early ‘53 car built in ‘52...
  10. I think we have a spare stamped plate somewhere. If you find a good cast piece, but still need the center plate, let me know.
  11. Wow, this thread is up to 13 pages? I don’t remember seeing this one before, but I’m not going through 13 pages to find out! lol
  12. Hey Gary, thank Vos for spilling the beans! lol
  13. Wow, I hope this car goes to someone who knows Buicks better than the seller, or at least goes to a buyer that’s better at research...