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  1. Wow, this thread is up to 13 pages? I don’t remember seeing this one before, but I’m not going through 13 pages to find out! lol
  2. Hey Gary, thank Vos for spilling the beans! lol
  3. Wow, I hope this car goes to someone who knows Buicks better than the seller, or at least goes to a buyer that’s better at research...
  4. I pulled a lot of parts off this Roady a few months ago. It had some pretty good tools in it, including a nice tire repair kit, and a 12v impact kit.
  5. I remember when Kansas first started the K-Tags, they had front license plate frames with transponders built-in for cars with incompatible windshields. Great for a state that doesn’t require front plates, huh? lol No idea if they still have anything like that today...
  6. Winter is when I get work done. Firewood to heat the shop is cheaper than the electricity for a/c.
  7. ‘56 was the first yeat for permanent (ethylene glycol) anti-freeze. There was a service bulletin in late ‘56 that explained that with the change, customers were complaining about running hot, because the water temp needle was buried in the red. Buick engineering’s solution: Remove the red from the gauge. If it’s not boiling over, it’s not overheating.
  8. Most torque specs have a range. Use the higher end of the range if you are worried about the flex of the extension. If a range isn’t given, it’s a pretty safe bet that +\- 10% is acceptable. Put the crow’s foot or torque adapter 90° to the wrench centerline and you don’t have to do math.
  9. I wish you well, those things are horrible. We had a local welder that's good with aluminum patch ours back up. That was fun to watch. I think there's a thread on here somewhere by someone who fab'd one from scratch. If I had it to do again, and didn't have time to fab one, I'd probably try patching it with HTS-2000. Dad has gotten pretty good with that stuff. If there's not enough left to patch, I'd probably cut the top & bottom off the original and weld or braise in a new aluminum tube in the middle with the HTS-2000. If you are game for that option, but can't find the aluminum tube, I've got a local yard that probably has the material in stock. I could go get a piece and mail it off to you.
  10. Vogue sells whitewalls with and without the gold stripe (and also blackwalls), but when most people refer to putting Vogues on a Buick, I imagine they are usually talking about the gold stripe version. Since Vogue has been around since 1914, there could be lots of applications that should be perfectly acceptable. Since I remember my grandpa having gold stripe tires on his Caddy in the 80's, I don't think it would be fair to say a gold stripe would be period incorrect on a Reatta. His were Uniroyal Royal Seal tires, with the gold stripe in the center and the whitewall outboard; Vogues are often reverse of that... Of course, what a judge would be looking for depends on what class you are being judged in, but here's the wheel & tire guidelines. Note that "(Mandatory deduction) " is only used in a couple places, and tire brand is not mentioned once: i. Tires - Type Check tires for correct type (radial/ bias-ply). Radial tires were first offered as an option in 1967 on all models. One point is deducted for each tire which was not a factory authorized option for model and year. j. Tires - Size Check tires for correct size and whitewall width for year and model. A non-authentic type tire must also receive a deduction for non-authentic tire size. If neither the standard nor alternate tire size is currently being reproduced, the next closest tire size up or down may be substituted without a deduction. A non-authentic tire size includes an obviously incorrect (more than 1/2-inch variation from factory) whitewall width. One point is deducted for each non-authentically sized tire. k. Tires - Condition Check tire tread pattern; tires should match in pairs. Spare tire need not match any pair of tires on car, but if two spares are carried, they must match. 1 or 2 points should be deducted for excessive wear, dirt, or damage. Non-authentic tires (type or size) are not judged for condition. l. Tire Carrier and Cover Check for correct hardware, covers and accessories for trunk, sidemount or rear spare tires. m. Tire Valves / Stems / Caps / Covers Check for correct type for year of manufacture; valves, caps and stem covers (early years). Points should be deducted for painted stems and weights. Hubcaps and wheelcovers must match and be correct for year and model. 1932: First rubber valve stems. 1951: First plastic valve caps. n. NonAuthentic Wheels (Mandatory deduction) Check for correct wheels and / or rims for year and model. On newer cars sport wheels may be on car, but spare may be original steel rim. Incorrect wheels result in a mandatory 10 point deduction. o. Wheels / Trim Check condition of wheels. Points should be deducted for cracks in wood wheels, pits in metal, particularly on snap rings and steel spokes, for excessive paint chips and spalls around the rims. Beauty rings, pin striping, etc. should be correct for year and model. https://www.buickclub.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/bca_judging_manual.pdf [My internet connection dropped when I tried to post this 5 hours ago. I wasn't going to retype all of this, but when I relaunched my browser *POOF!* it was here!]
  11. Our ‘56 didn’t have throttle start when we got it, so swapping in an alternator was easy. Generator bracket was cracked, too. Had to do something... lol
  12. Unless the car was modified to something other than the factory vanilla 3800, premium is not necessary.
  13. What is the goal for this kill switch? Theft protection? Stuck relay? There's no need to interrupt the high current side if all you want to do is disable the starter. I have had starter stuck on before, so I do understand the desire to kill the flow of juice quickly...
  14. HA! I usually get emails on those, but I guess it hasn't caught up to me yet!