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  2. Tom- It's fairly easy to say what a car is NOT worth. It is much more difficult to figure out what it MIGHT be worth. Much of that is what the car is worth to you. You start from recent sales as a benchmark and then adjust up and down from there to account for authenticity, quality of workmanship, condition, options, etc.. It can take some time. There are real restorations and then there are cosmetic restorations. An expert can help sort that out. For example, just painting the power steering pump does not renew it, like disassembling it, resealing it, and then assembling and painting. It takes research and hours of detailed inspection.
  3. This one was posted on a facebook page of early cars. I wonder if they had worked out where all the kids were coming from.
  4. That’s an interesting bit of parliamentary derring-do: if you don’t like that way somebody votes, dismiss his opinion as invalid and nullify his vote. 👍
  5. Ok thank you. Are they purists or will they be ok with my car? I don’t want to upset anyone. And, other than changing the small block to a big block , this is how I got it.
  6. Ford, Bentley, Ford, Cadillac, Ford, Chevrolet, Mercury, Kaiser, Subaru, Lincoln, Mercedes, Ford. What did I win?
  7. Patents expire after 17 years and the Pierce Arrow headlight patent was issued in 1914. So, anyone was free to copy it after 1931 and they did. The headlight mounting had a serious purpose. The higher and wider apart you mount the headlights the better they illuminate the road. You have experienced this yourself with a flashlight, you don't hold it close to the ground you hold it up if you want to see better. The other purpose was to give Pierce cars a distinctive appearance, so they could be told at a glance from lesser cars.
  8. Tops of both doors painted “cigarette cream” on the top saddle area. Supposed to be painting the majority of the car tomorrow night in my inflatable booth. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.
  9. The best source for Hupmobile parts is belonging to the Hupmobile Club. They publish a "Parts Locator" that is far better that scrounging the internet or flea markets.
  10. 64 ST400's have three gear sets but only two "notches" in the shift quadrant. If you want to manually shift through all three gears, pull the lever into low and step on the go pedal. When you turning the engine as fast as you think is safe, shift into D, that will put the tranny into 2nd gear. As soon as it shifts, pull the lever back to L; the trans will stay in 2nd as long as your accelerating. Then when you're ready for 3rd gear, shift into D. Easy peasy.
  11. Thanks. I guess as far as trying to find any interior parts I’m probably out of luck since they are so rare
  12. Easter Paraders waiting on a stop light this afternoon during our local club's first driving event of the year. I'll entertain guesses on #11 but I reckon it's too far gone to identify. Edit: I discover when I click on the image it links to a higher-res version. That's could be common knowledge to regulars but it's news to me.
  13. FYI miles apart but similar.
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  15. Don't forget that 1/4" thick special washer or you'll be up the creek in no time.
  16. That's why I converted my TV to normal brakes with a master cylinder and vacuum power booster. Read my article Right BELOW!
  17. As good as any car looks and for as long as you've been looking for just that right one, make sure you buy it with your head; not your heart.
  18. Thanks Matt, John, Ben, Frank and Roger, I will keep you posted on my progress. I love driving this car but living in texas reality is it won't get driven much in the summer without A/C! Matt, a full Vintage Air system would probably be the best bet in your 56 but would all be custom. The big challenge would be getting dash vents and controls to look stock. If you want to get crazy you could add an inside roof mounted second unit like my car has to cool the back...
  19. In his post, crowvet says that he has the 401 325 horse engine. The decal he wants is the one that says "Wildcat 445." I don't think the '65 decal says Riviera on it. I think that this one is correct. Surely someone has one out there who can confirm this or post a correct picture. Close Previous Next
  20. Ben, I believe tanks,Inc have an intank pump. On the other hand, the pump I have is mounted along the frame just in front of the rear wheel. Going strong after 15,000 miles and six years. My understanding of FiTech's fuel management system that mounts under the hood and is fed with the original pump is it needs no return line. Ben
  21. Thanks for these Locomobile truck pictures. I am guessing that this truck is in the UK? The colors, of this truck, make me think of the Circus story told above?? Looking at the last picture, I see the muffler assembly. When you get a chance, could you take a closer picture as it appears to be very similar to what is proper for use on my 1909 Locomobile. The pictures show the engine with jugs that look more similar to what is found later in the teens and into the 20's Locomobile 48's. I hope you are able to get, (and share) many more and better pictures of this future Locomobile project truck. If anyone has original Locomobile truck literature, please speak up. Al
  22. Here are some more (woodies, not necessarily Plymouth).
  23. Housewife with pinny using the new fan spray hose nozzle without getting water on the ground?
  24. It is normally not necessary to lock the OD out via the knob when selecting reverse as that is done automatically if every thing is working. Sounds as if the OD is being engaged when it should not be but fortunately not being able to select reverse means at least part of the safety interlocks are functional. Reverse lockout was an issue with R9s when there were electrical problems as well as a mechanical cause or two. By all means get the issue fixed as the OD can be damaged if the car does manage to go into reverse when OD is engaged. In 1947 Packard issued a service counselor article detailing the reverse problem as well as a reverse safety switch kit to ensure the solenoid dropped out when reverse was selected just in case an electrical problem was keeping it energized. The switch could be retrofitted to earlier cars if needed. If you don't have a printed copy of Service Counselor Vol 21 #15 dated Aug 15, 1947 you can go to and download it. It is in the service letters, counselors and bulletins section which you can access from the literature page and would be worth your time to read about and correct the underlying issue.
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