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  1. The dist is most likely a Delco 668-(n) which on Pierce 8s is 668-E used on all 1929, 1930 Models A & B, 1931 Models 41 & 42. Studebaker used the same dist with a different letter suffix; differences are likely advance weights and springs. The Studes used a cap with towers whereas Pierce used a 3-piece cap (body, cover, screw) which captured the plug wires with spikes that give you a lot of holes in your thumbs when installing new wires or caps.
  2. Factory-offered accessory on Pierce-Arrow open cars at least 1914-1920. Some originals survive but I can't find photos today. These were usually canvas with leather-trimmed edges.
  3. A piece of old inner tube under the clamp minimizes damage and gives a good bite without overtightening.
  4. There's a lot of that going around. My friend "Crazy" Schultz says, "Horizontal surfaces are the enemies of order."
  5. That's 'cause you work on semi-modern stuff, Bernie. I'd need a 2-foot flex hose on the old iron due to more ground clearance. So the grease gun body is often braced against my chest while I hold the hose on with one hand and work the handle with the other. Come on, guys, admit you do that too! 🙂
  6. Grimy

    Id car please

    Looks to me like Nash 1946-48
  7. It's actually in Williams, CA, on I-5 about 25 miles north of Sacramento http://www.bigmauto.com/parts.html
  8. Forty years ago (seems like yesterday), anyone could go into a California DMV office, show ID (it was recorded) and pay a $5 fee, and "run" a license plate--so called "public information." Then came the killing of a young actress at her front door by an infatuated, stalking fan. Now it is a felony for any cop or DMV employee to provide that information to anyone without a legitimate, job-based need-to-know.
  9. Try substituting a coil known to be good. That's quick, easy, and non-invasive. Coils frequently break down first (1) under load (i.e., on the road driving) and (2) when they get warm/hot.
  10. Thanks, Charlie. After a third look, the front bumper is different from mine, which is a full-width-double-bar bumper from maybe 1927. Can't tell from stopping the video if it's a 4/5-passenger Larchmont or a 7-passenger Lakewood. Can anyone enlarge those two shots to help us identify this car?
  11. 1914 Pierce-Arrow 38-C-2 7-p touring. 1914 was the only year of a convex curve on headlight ramp until 1932.
  12. That Paige does not have the isinglass sun visor that mine has, but I don't know of another black one. The first thing I learned from a mimeographed old roster is that mine was owned by Al Gaines of West Des Moines (would now be about 120 yrs old) circa 1980, and was bought by Jim Weston of SF circa-1987 then sold to John W of SF (he's still alive but over 90), from whom I bought the car in Oct 2000. At the HCCA swap in Bakersfield in 2019, a friend bought and gave to me two photo prints dated 1973 of MY car (for sure), with sun visor--apparently during Mr. Gaines' ownership.
  13. In Florida -- @padgett can confirm, these are known as Q-tips......
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