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  1. Buy the damn thing,everybody wants to jump and say it’s a parts car,if you don’t save it it just may become a parts car and that would be a shame,everybody talks about cost probably because there financially smarter than me,but if you like it buy it either put it together and get it running or do a concourse restoration,it’s just a labor of love like all others,just make the decision load it up or walk away,just my two cents worth
  2. Just a suggestion,the closer you get to the shape you want try putting 2 or 3 layers of tape on the face of the hammer,it will help shape the metal and stretch it less,also after you push o n the dent try and massage the creases around the outside of the dent it will make the metal shape a lot stronger
  3. After working and owning body shops for fourty years I guess I’ve learned a little,do not take this as any thing but a suggestion,first buy a good body hammer,preferably a flat smooth face,used if you can find one the older the better,these have good strong metal that won’t explode while hitting the fender,secondbuy a four ton porta power,you can get them cheap at certain tool stores,I’ve never used harbor freight,if you can find a used black hawk or porta Ferguson they will do the trick,also buy a dinging spoon,this is a 15 or20 dollar item but is invaluable,first thing put the lower gravel pan back on,then jack up the front of the car take off the frt wheels and put it on axle stands securely,,try finding or making a small block of wood with the same contour as the fender,thiswill go between the fender and the porta power try and find the pointof impact for the block and porta power,slowly will get the job done,also watch wher you push from the crossmember is usually the strongest,if you can’t hook it to the crossmember try and find the head of a bolt to push from,something you might not under stand until your actually doing the repairs is I tried to make all the apprentices understand,this car is a lady,do not beat kick or cuss at it,massage it and it will give you the results you want,good luck
  4. Hello Barry if you send me your info I will send you a bunch of service bulletins from the continental co,a lot of bakes on Durant devaux and continental
  5. PpThe first memorable ride was with a man I’ll call my mentor Harold hoe in his 1911 premier,big beautiful brass car ,I believe I was 12,the car had been restored in the 50 s and this was about 62,the car was later sold to a collector in scotsdale Arizona have since lost track of it,the following week I accompanied him to. His special hardware store about 10 miles away in his 28 Lincoln touring car that he bought from gays lion farm, that car was sold after he passed and I don’t know where it ended up, Dave
  6. I don’t believe so,but if you need one I believe butters in Michigan reproduces many
  7. YI know this is going to sound silly to some of you guys out there,but I don’t think enough respect has beenayed to these pioneers in the early days of collecting,how many people saved 500 cars,or the Long Island auto museum for trudging the barns ,carriage houses and sheds to find these early cars,I know not many of us has the disposable income like bill harrah had,but if we Did I believe view would build the antique auto and restoration facility to preserve the cars of yesterday as they did,I believe a statue of these guys are long overdue at the aaca,I know I’ll donate, Dave
  8. Earlier this year I found a cole roadsterwith a custom body for sale not far from where I live,talked to George thru emails,he was a true gentleman went out of his way to get info for me,unfortunately the friend who was supposed to check it out for me drug hisfeet and it was sold before I could pull the trigger,the hobby needs more George coles, Dave
  9. Wasn’t that guy that had all thos cars tucked away in New York wasn’t his name Richelieu and didn’t he say he had one tucked away, Dave
  10. Hello there just what parts do you have for the 33 olds. Dave
  11. Well if anyone has a 31 or 32 devaux parts car I’m ready and been looking, Dave
  12. Hello frank is there a chance that the guy that worked on the car prior to your purchase had the frt end apart and ultimately reversed the spring, Dave
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