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  1. What body style is your parts car,condition of body,is body for sale, Dave
  2. I posted this under cars wanted but thought I’d post it here,I have a 39 Pontiac model 262 door sedan,the floor is rusty from setting with the windows down,need either a two door sedan or a coupebody shell,thanks. Dave
  3. Early has to be olds fiesta,, Late has to be 58 Buick limited convert, Dave
  4. JustDave

    1939 Pontiac model 26

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has a 39 Pontiac model 26 parts car,I have a 2 door sedan,the car has Avery descent body doors and fender,the problem is it sat for a long time with the windows down and the floor pan is very rusty,lookIng for either a coupe or a 2 door sedan body shell only,but will consider a parts car,I don’t want to put a floor pan in but I will if necessary, thanks dave,I’m in so calif
  5. Joe if this runs off the back of the camshaft will it nenes some type of seal or oring tokeep oil from seeping out
  6. JustDave

    1940 Lasalle woodie restoration pictures

    Hello look forward to watching your progress,I don’t believe a lot of people have the patience to do a woody,good thing that project found you,great quality work, keep it up,looking forward to watching your progress, Dave
  7. JustDave

    1930 StutZ Hubcap wanted

    Wow you’re really lucky it took him about 8 hours to contact me with my devaux parts,said his dad parted one out,no only did it have the rear spare tire Brit but also the rear trunk rack,wow, Thanks dave
  8. JustDave

    Rickenbacker needed for an article

    There one for sale on inland empire calif craigslist cheap money sounds like a good project
  9. JustDave

    1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    Hello Bernie,paint it with a good camel hairbrush and single stage paint,let it set for a week or so sand it with some 500 grit and repaint it save the money for the next project,just my 2 cents
  10. JustDave

    Someone who you didn't acknowledge

    Thanks for the info,word of mouth is the best advertisement
  11. How about a picture of the car and speedo
  12. JustDave

    Need help identifying a chassis

    Tomorrow I’ll get pics of my moon frame and post them looks very similar,can you tell me the size of the wheels,preferably tire size if there is any, Dave
  13. JustDave

    Need help identifying a chassis

    My 1927 moon has external hydraulic brakes,mine is the small 660 series,the larger Diana may have had buffalo wheels,if you can text me some pics from your phone maybe I can post them, dave. 909 980 5766
  14. JustDave

    1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    Hello Bernie. That is looking fabulous glad to see another one coming back to life,and I personally speak for myself.i don’t want to hear this being the last one,I believe it’s people like yourself with that take no prisoner attitude that keeps this hobby alive and brings the dead back to life,good luck hope to be watching in the future, Dave
  15. JustDave

    What's your most 'unexpected' part find?

    About 2 or 3 years after I purchased my first devaux I stopped to look at a 31 Studebaker sedan,I was talking to the old man and I told him I had a 31 Devaux Coupe,he said wait a moment jumped up and went in the house about 2 minutes later came back and handed me an original owners manual,he said here take this I’ll never own another devaux,after that webacame good friends I’d stop and see him every couple of months,one time he told me he was moving to Oregon and while cleaning up he found a 19 inch devaux wheel and hubcap,said he needed 25.00 for them,I couldn’t get the money. Out of my pocket fast enough, Dave