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  1. Thanks guys I may take you up on it, if I can find a pic of the original I’ll post it, Dave
  2. Thanks John 348 I’ve already put it there,don’t know how to describe the knobother than it looks like it has vertical wings on trans ltsides,dodge 1934 if I can find a picture I’ll post it, Dave
  3. Looking for a dash pull knob for the free wheeling unit,the knob says. F. W. And under that it says in,these were used on several different cars that I know of.somefranklins,Frontenac,devaux and possibly some humps, 31,32,33 era,pleasechk your parts andletmeknow by private message or email meat davesplace2010@yahoo.com, Thanks dave
  4. Looking for a dash pull knob for free wheeling,this is for a 32 devaux,I believe others used the same knob,Frontenac,some franklins etc, the knob says f w and underneath it says in,please look thru your parts and let me know,by message or email me at davesplace2010@yahoo.com thanks dave
  5. Go for it Bernie,nothing ventured nothing gained, Dave
  6. When no one is looking put them in the dishwasher,run them thru twice but only to at a time,don’t get caught, Dave
  7. I would except she’s lived and raised her family in that house.years ago my wife and I bought a Newhouse about a mile or so from this one so the oldest daughter and her family moves in this one they are to keep the house up and make the payment,the wife and I talk about moving to Tennessee,,at that time my wife’s health is failing real bad,just asthingscantget any worse my youngest daughters partner,soulmate husband what ever you call it gets killed in a motorcycle accident,at that time my youngest and her disabled 3 year old daughter move back in,at that time my partner moves away and wants the business sold,well the business was sold with a small down and monthly payments,at that time I receive some sma. Payments but I’m unemployed and have lost my medical ins,a year later the wife is getting more and more frail when the guy buying the business up and dies at 42 years old, after several months of fighting I end up losing the house,at that time I sell my restored cars and motorcycles and move to an apartment.after a year my youngest decides to move out on her own,at that time my wife is pretty frail. So my oldest daughter asks us to move in so she could spend her last days with her,after about a year my wife passed away in August 2017.so here I am once on top of the world now just a pauper,,but I wouldn’t trade one bad time for one less day with my wife, Dave
  8. The only thing keeping me here is my kids an grandkids.i know all to well about back surgery but each day I challenge myself to continue to do as much as possible,I have noticed home prices are rising in Prescott,when I leave calif I’m going to give my home to my daughter so I’ll just have my little savings and about 2.000 a month retirement,but calif is sucking the life out of me and I have to get out, dave
  9. Well I was born in Morgan,town West Virginia,have no desire other than to visit,moved to ferndalemich where we lived for several years have been back for a visit a couple of times like it don’t love it,moved to so calif,have lived here years hate it except for the weather,politics suck,very very high auto registrations,utilities are a killer,,home prices astronomical,more people moving out then in,then there’s immigration,we’ve all heard about calif immigration problems they are worse than you’ve heard,my wife passed away two years ago so I’m alone now I only have to worry about me,personally I’m lookIng at Prescott Arizona,I have nothing to lose,p.s. take care of your partner I was with mine for 47 years and it’s lonely without them, Dave
  10. Go for it sir,you are to young to be setting around,vacation is over now it’s back to work,just kidding,but good luck it looks like a great project, Dave
  11. Does anyone know Lester he deals in antique and vintage auto parts in Minden Nevada,I’ve recommended him for years and bought a lot of parts from him,I’ve tried getting a hold of him for the past month with no luck,anyone know him or talked to him lately,tried the only phone number I have with no luck, Dave
  12. I got into orphan cars because they where inexpensive,in 1970 when I bought my first 31 devaux,I payed 250.00; my buddy bought a comparable 30 Chrysler for 1.500.00 ,over the years it gets a little depressing trying to find parts.but I’ve made some good friends and helped others at times,I remember going to a swapmeet in the seventies with a buddy of mine and a vendor told me he didn’t have no damn foreign car parts to this day when I see my old friend he always laughs and says I don’t have no damn foreign car parts,now I have 3 devauxs and still can’t find any parts, Dave
  13. I own 3 devauxs to 31 and a 32 some times it’s a little depressing trying to find parts when you walka swapmeet and find nothing,and then your excited to find a beat up hubcap,I remember in the 70s a guy telling me he didn’t have any foreign car parts,when I can I purchase any parts possible over the years I’ve helped others with what theyve needed,owning 3 devauxs and a moon tells my story, Dave
  14. Hello. I used the por15 one time,it seemed like a descent product but way to pricey for me,the rustoleum I’ve used numerous times,the rustoleum has a very low u.v. Rating , on chassis and chassic parts it’s good because it doesn’t get direct sunlight and most cars set in the garage or undercover,I found that if you paint the rustoleum then wait about 2 weeks and sand itwithsome500 grit wet and dry sandpaper and repaint it you get a great finish and it doesn’t seem to tone down as much,I’ve been told they have a catalyst or hardener but I’ve never tried it,watch out because this paint gets on everything,very inexpensive product that is a good product, Dave
  15. That’s the same knob my devaux takes.im looking fo one that says fw for free wheeling if anyone has one, Dave