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  1. The Chrysler 70,what’s the price if it’s for sale,please send a p.m. or email me atdavesplace2010@yahoo.com
  2. A friend of mine is a auto paint supplier,he just told me the always dependable aircraft paint stripper has had the formula changed his exact words are it’s not worth a Anymore,if your looking to buy some he says try and find some stock a couple months old,I guess it states on the can the formula has been changed, it’s to bad for years this was the best, Dave
  3. A friend of mine has a 51 ford short bus been setting for awhile, if interested all Ed wertx. 951 212 0097
  4. Try. Lesterharris in minded Nevada youcan google his phone number, he’s been in the antique car parts business since the late 50 s or early 60 s,great guy knows hisbusiness
  5. Try lester Harris in minded Nevada you can google his phone number,he specializes in antique and vintage auto parts and may have and o.e.m. Seal
  6. Please chk the warranty,if it peels they will find every excuse to blame you,in the end they will give you a 50 % discount for the materials to do it over,,you can do as you please but if you have a paint failure down the road you will have blow the car apart to repaint it,been there done that no fun,good luck I hope the paint comes out as good as the rest of your work. Dave
  7. Hello everyone. You guys should try running a body shop,I’ve heard everything from did I sign that work order to thatdent wasn’t there,believe me I’ve heard it all,people used to say I didn’t get the check from the insurance company yet,so when the car was a day away from being finished I would call the ins co,I’ve he’d many customers say I did not receive the ins check and then I’d show them where the check was sent out and cashed on a certain day right away the wife or husband must have got it and didn’t tell them,don’t even get me started on dash warning lights they sware none was on before the accident
  8. You cannot spray the 2 k primer over the epoxy without at least scuffing it off,you have to rough up the surface for the primer to stick,if your using it as a sealer you can spray it then spray you color after about an hour,if you let it set you need to sand it or you’ll have poor adhesion, Dave
  9. Hello rah and everyone,sorry I haven’t been back to this post recently,yes that is one of the steering wheel pullers,they made several different kind,but it’s hard t find the ones that grab the wheel from underneath,I hate tapping on the end of the shaft because I know what I will do,I’m not as heavy handed since I got older but I still can break things if I’m not careful, Dave
  10. I’m still not sure how you are going to attach the Babbitt to the bronze shells,I know the Babbitt is in molten form is it going to be sprayed on the shells,also on the rods might it be easier to look up a later application possibly a truck rod that you could modify easier than to machine a new rod,or are you testing yourself,from what I’ve seen of your machine work you don’t need a test, Dave
  11. Hello joe how do you plan to attach the Babbitt to the rods,cam bearings and main bearing shells
  12. Hello joe. I’ve used simple green many times to clean motorcycle cases,just find a tub big enough to submerge it and let it soak then wash with hot soapy water,maybe give it a try on a piece of scrap, Dave
  13. Yes that’s the type of steering wheel puller,thanks for the info and model number, now I know what to look for, Dave
  14. If it is Pontiac I would be interested if it’s for sale
  15. Does anyone have a vintage steering wheel puller the kind that fits under the steering wheel that they want to sell,been watching eBay nothing available yet