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  1. Hello xander if you put a cloth covering on that hardtop from 20 feet it would look like a convert which it is,with the top up,just a suggestion,something else to ponder, Dave
  2. Hello tim i think this is sometimes the best way to buy them.generally you can get a great deal on the car if they truly want to get rid of it.you said you had bought a home recently so you had a place to keep it and work on it,the price is usually right,so in some ways it is a win win situation,iknowyour grandpa is looking down with a big smile,good luck with the project and remember at the half waypoint you have to start looking for the next project, Dave
  3. I’ve used the kerosene in a Hudson sprayer numerous times,when it’s time to wash it off I hook the hose to the hot water heater then to the pressure washer works great
  4. I’ve worked in body shops in California For many years never used one or seen one in a body shop, I worked as an apprentice machinist in an automotive machine shop when I was 18=19 years old,the owner used one similar to polish crankshafts, Dave
  5. Where is this car located,do you have an idea on price,youca send me a private message if you want, Dave
  6. Hello everyone i put a bid on a car in South Dakota,if I win I’m going to need it transported to Southern California probably January or February,any one coming this way send me a message Thanks. Dave
  7. after Reading this I believe most folks start out with good intentions, maybe some lose substantial income divorce happens a lot out here in California,maybe a lot have a friend who is going to . help With the. Restoration and then there helper died or moved away,I believe once reality sets in they realize it has to go or he passes and the family realize the value is far less than imagined,either way a person new to the hobby can get a great car for a descent price or the vehicle will getparted out and help several folks find what they need,we can all puff up are chest and act important an
  8. Good morning Takerry yeah that’s a tough job ,takes awhile to make it nice,when some people look at the car deeply and see that it’s all clean and polished they’ll ask how hard was that,and you will tell them. Not bad. And you will laugh thinking about this conversation,keep up the good work you could have chosen to leave it alone but instead your doing it right, so I guess the job is not bad, Dave
  9. I don’t think there is a worst part of a restoration,sure we all get aggravated some times,the chassis restoration is the worst,until we have it running starting and stopping then it wasn’t so bad,the wood work until it all starts coming together the doors open and close properly sound like a bank vault,the upholstery until your setting inside smelling that new upholstery,then not so bad,how about paint and bodywork tough until it’s polished and gleaming in the sun then not so bad so to sum it all up the money the tore up hands and everything else. Not so bad, Dave
  10. Tim this is Dave as I remember the top material is stretched over the opening and tacked inside,it has a metal trim that fits in each corner maybe to hide a seam, Dave
  11. Robyn good to hear from you,I sent you a text to make sure you made it home safely and on time,never heard back finally Gary Yelle said everything was o.k. In the papers I gave you there is a picture of the devaux before tear down if that helps with the top,I have some pics of my coupe during the top removal that are probably 50 years old I may be able to scan them if that helps,good luck on the devaux, Dave
  12. I think you guys are being a little negative,everyone wants a low mileage complete car that’s easily restored,but some are attracted to the projects like this I myself love the challenge,it’s just the older I get the longer it takes to get things done,I think it’s a good thing they put this car for sale,it is a project and a starting point for some, Dave
  13. Hello everyone ive notic d recently some interesting early cars coming to the market that someont just entering the old car hobby can afford, the glide I posted about a week ago,also the Paige posted yesterday or Saturday,these cars even being in rough shape are both interesting and affordable,maybe two rough for and experienced restorer. But none the less interesting for a young person with a lot of energy and little money,a lot of us were there at one time,it’s nice two see the people selling these projects have came to realize old and rare is not necessary valuable,I believe the a
  14. Is the Cadillac the one that was owned by frank stokes in calif for so many years,was later restored by Harold hoe in la puente calif,if it’s the same one it was beautiful when finished, Dave
  15. Thanks for the knowledge wayne,when I first glanced at the adi thought I should call a buddy of mine in New Mexico and have him go pick it up for me,but I resisted,I studied the pictures a little closer and figured with a six cylinder and the rounded cowl it was probably late teens or early twenties, god knows I don’t need or want another project but the rough ones intrigue me for some reason,when I was a young man one of my mentors always said if you don’t save them they’ll be lost forever,now I have to stop looking at the ad before I do something foolish, Dave
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