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  1. Does anyone have and old rebuildable fuel pump for a 31 or 32 devaux.the devaux I recently purchased has an electric fuel pump with a block off plate,I’d like to get an original pump and use the electric as a backup.i believe the pump is a Stewart Warner 506 n. Model pump. Thanks for looking Dave
  2. I believe a lot of the 20 s Lincoln’s had bodies by Locke, Dave
  3. Hello Matt,about 10 to12 years ago I bought a 34 Lincoln sedan in peace’s,the guy started to restore it in the early 70s,he sent all the peace’s out to berechromed,when I bought the car the parts where still wrapped up,a gentleman found out I had the car and payed me 3 times what I payed about to months after my purchase,last weekend I found the transmission shifter still wrapped in the old 70 s wrapper from the chrome shop,if you wish to change it just pay shipping and it’s yours,if so please let me know, Dave
  4. hello bill this is Dave in California,I hope the bb1worked out for you.ok before I begin I know I’m going to catch hell from some.billi take it it’s the Chrysler that is going to get painted,if you are painting it black fenders and body a different color I would look for ppl delstar acrylic enamel or DuPont Centauri acrylic enamel for the fenders and black trim.i would spray 3 coats and then about 2 days later lightly colors and with 320 wet and dry,let it set for about 2 to 3 weeks then resend with 400 wet and dry paper and then apply 3 more coats of black.i don’t know what the color the body is going to be but what ever paint you use watch the I’ve ratings somesingle stage such as red fades quickly even with a clear coat,I’m sure you can find the acrylic enamel if you can find the wagon peddlers as they carry illegal products,the acrylic enamel will outlast the basecoat clear coat, Dave
  5. Hello everyone does anyone know of a 1935 Buick 60 series cabriolet convertible that came out of West Virginia in the fifties it was originally a black car painted a sky blue,my father bought this car in 1943 from a used car lot,he had the car until 1947 ,my dad said there was a guy from New York that would always try to buy the car,my father said he would come to town and buy certaincars.after awhile my father and him became friends.my father would deliver coal to businesses farms and homes,my father would keep and eye out for certain cars and let him know when he came to town where they where.the Buick was sold in48 I believe,by then my father had gotten married and started a family and lost touch with the guy from New York.somewhere about 1953 we where back visiting relatives I west Virginia and my father found the Buick for sale at a little car lot in front of I believe hillside auto wrecking.my father finally persuaded my mom into letting him by the Buick back but by then it had been sold and they had no info who bought it or where it went.in68 I was visiting West Virginia and my uncle took me to the wrecking yard I believe it was in Morgantown I asked about the car but they just treated me like some stupid kid.any one remember a car in the area or a story about the car,I know it’s a long shot but I grew up hearing about the Buick constantly. Dave
  6. Hello Matt several years back I bought a 34 Lincoln with the motor out I knew it was possible but since I didn’t pull it out I didn’t want to chime in and sound like a smart ass I knew you weren’t in the mood,I got a price then probably 10 years ago of 12.000 dollars to go threw the motor,that was more than twice what I payed for the car so I sent it down the road,I’ll stick with the devauxs for now there a lot cheaper, good luck. Dave
  7. Hello everyone, This jackass answered my ad a couple months ago using the name Edwin,said his father had just passed and he had just sold the house in Reno and he lived in New Mexico,said his father had parted out a devaux and he had all these parts for 300.00 he wouLdeven put them on a pallet and had a friend at a trucking co and would ship them for an extra 55.00.ill tell you he really had me going until he said he had a continental kit and a trunk rack I’ve never seen a devaux with a rear mounted spare and trunk rack,finally the light came on and I knew he was scamming me,everyone be careful, Dave
  8. I posted this under cars wanted but thought I’d post it here,I have a 39 Pontiac model 262 door sedan,the floor is rusty from setting with the windows down,need either a two door sedan or a coupebody shell,thanks. Dave
  9. Early has to be olds fiesta,, Late has to be 58 Buick limited convert, Dave
  10. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has a 39 Pontiac model 26 parts car,I have a 2 door sedan,the car has Avery descent body doors and fender,the problem is it sat for a long time with the windows down and the floor pan is very rusty,lookIng for either a coupe or a 2 door sedan body shell only,but will consider a parts car,I don’t want to put a floor pan in but I will if necessary, thanks dave,I’m in so calif
  11. Joe if this runs off the back of the camshaft will it nenes some type of seal or oring tokeep oil from seeping out
  12. Hello look forward to watching your progress,I don’t believe a lot of people have the patience to do a woody,good thing that project found you,great quality work, keep it up,looking forward to watching your progress, Dave
  13. Wow you’re really lucky it took him about 8 hours to contact me with my devaux parts,said his dad parted one out,no only did it have the rear spare tire Brit but also the rear trunk rack,wow, Thanks dave
  14. There one for sale on inland empire calif craigslist cheap money sounds like a good project