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  1. I had a fiend who was a g.m. Mechanic he would use bonami and water and mist it in the carburetor while running,I was always a bit nervous to try it,I know you can take the spark plugs out and takethe piston all the way down and fill the cylinder with clean cleaning solvent,let setfor two days then do a different cylinder, if I remember correctly on small block chevies you do two cylinders at a time,do not spray anything in the cylinders upon assembly,always check the oil you,may have two change it before starting, Dave
  2. Rage gold is one of the better ones
  3. Well said Friday.j. We know you are not afraid to get your hands dirty and I think most people respect that,if this young man is saving these cars maybe he has one or ten friends he can influence to do the same,I know some cars will be partedto help five get there’s finished but once there lost there lost forever
  4. Hay berry see if you can find an oldcars weekly dated December seventh 2012 it shows the car setting on the street lt frt view of the car.picture probably 30 s or 40 s. Possibly later,does not look like a manuf type picture, good luck I hope you find the elusive convertible. Dave, p.s possibly you can find it online
  5. Hello i am am going to contact him Sunday morning, thanks for the lead dave
  6. Sorry for the email mistake it should read davesplace2010@yahoo.com
  7. That’s fine it is somewhere to start, my email is. Dave place2010@yahoo.com. Or phone is 909 918 7171 thanks dave
  8. I think that is maybe something I can put him in,is that the right price or and error,if you could send me the info I’d appreciate it. Dave
  9. Thanks Xander that’s what he is looking for,as usual I wa late already sold
  10. Hello everyone i know this is a long shot,a friend of mine is retiring soon and he is looking for a project,he’s trying to find a 32=33=34 terraplane convertible project car,he said he won’t be able to afford a nice one but instead a project he said rough is o.k. Even if it’s body only,talked to him he knows what he is up against,this will be a restoration not a hot rod, anyonehave anything let me know my email is davesplace2010@yahoo.com,my phone is. 909 918 7171, Thanks dave
  11. Hello everyone i have a friend who’s getting close to retirement age and is looking for a 32=33=34 terraplane convert,he said he cannot afford a ice car so is looking for a rough project or even just a body to start with,no hot rod he’s looking for a project to restore and he knows what he is up against,anyone have a project,a parts car or just a body please let me know,my email is, davesplace2010@yahoo.com,or telephone. 909 918 7171 thanks dave
  12. A lot of air compressors have that 2 piece valve and they break all the time
  13. Can you send me some more detailed pics of the cowl,inside and rear of the car thanks dave. my email is davesplace2010@yahoo.com. Thank you
  14. O.k. to start with you are using a solvent base base coat clear coat,you have already sprayed the base,i it wherei,I would take and stick sand the car thoroughly with 800 grit wet and dry wet of course make sure you get every spot every edge,then after drying and cleaning thoroughly I would put three coats of base color then three to four coats of clear coat,wait about two to three days then lightly wet sand with 800 grit wet and dry,wait two,three or four weeks and water sand with 1200 grit,do not sand with your fingers,take two paint stirring sticks and glue them together,then cut them
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