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  1. I am looking for a 1920's oval dash panel bezel like the one in the photo. I have been told that Studebaker's or Gardner's may have had these in the 1920's but I do not know for sure. If someone knows what it was originally used for, that would really help my search. Willing to pay $30 if you have an extra undamaged one. Send me a PM. Thanks
  2. Go to YouTube and search "Kissel Fuel" and a video from "Dave" in Arizona explains how the system works and how to repair the sender. Very informational.
  3. Not mine, but it looks like it is good shape. Supposedly recently restored 6 years ago and was barn stored for the last 2 years. Looks like an estate sale. I like these cars but I don't need one at the moment so I am posting it to see if anyone has any interest.
  4. Are you reusing the old driveshaft or having one made? Also, when you paint the leaf springs, do you take them all apart, paint, and reassemble or can you just blast and paint them? Looks good so far.
  5. I had a question related to a Lycoming 1929 Kissel 8-95 Engine. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to go about finding or having made Con-rods and Pistons for the block. It appears to be a bit unique as the rods are aluminum ad 9.52" long, crank bore 2.125" and piston pin 0.754". The pistons are 2.875". Is there any interchange information out there? Also any recommendations on manufacturers to have them machined? Or any recommendations on potential suppliers of the internals?
  6. Did you ever find one? I am interested in one too.
  7. Any chance anyone has a #4790 Clum Ignition Switch? or a #10677 Light Switch? Late 1920's switches.
  8. What is the diameter of the brake drum? ID/OD?
  9. Ron, Thank you for the information on the fuel gauge. Your car is really looking great. Mathew, Thanks for the original documentation on the fuel gauge. I have no idea how you found the instruction sheet but it really helps me out. By the way, the Quam speedster is going to the auction this weekend in Texas. Not often do the Kissels come up for sale.
  10. Ron, Your car looks awesome, please keep it up and keep posting. I had a question on Kissel Fuel gauge markings. It appears that they had King Seely Gauges but I had a question on what were the original markings on the gauge. I found a photo online that had 0,1/4,1/2,3/4,F and 0,5,10,15 and I asked the museum for a picture and it just had the 0,4,8,12,16 markings. Do you know which was original or were there multiple different marked gauges? I found a gauge but it will have to be restored and I was wondering what is correct. Your car looks top notch and I would be great to see it when completed.
  11. I don't know if anyone has any of the flat backed Ryan Lites like the photo above but I am looking for individuals or a set. If you have any leads, send me a PM.
  12. Nice work. I really appreciate someone taking the time to restore a quality item.
  13. I am looking for Delco Remy 949C generator/waterpump combo. I believe it was used 1927-1930 ish. I am looking for a few parts for an 8-95 Kissel 1928/1929. If you have any other 8-95 parts/body available, I would be interested. Previous 2014 posts listed these cars potentially have them: Delco generator 949-C Auburn 1928 76, 88 Elcar 1927-28 6-70, 8-82 1928 8-78 Gardner 1927 80 1928 75, 85 1929 120, 125 Kissel 1927 8-65 1928 6-70, 8-80, 8-90