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  1. Lets hope those dodgy Airflow guys don't post here by accident for help ...😄
  2. If your ammeter (not volt) is showing a discharge when you increase rpm then the previous owner did not reverse the ammeter cables around. It also suggests that the generator is functioning.
  3. Not for long. And or like these,
  4. I always cover my number plates when on a bank robbery...😁
  5. Hey mate, I have a spare 62 head sitting here in my garage with your name on it. I'd imagine the 62 & 65 would be almost identical.
  6. I use Penrite T250 transoil in my '28
  7. Oops, I assumed it was the flywheel ring gear...😯
  8. Hens teeth, you will need to reverse it on the fly wheel. It will need a bevel cut first. I did it for my '28 series 62
  9. That was my initial thought too but it looked like a copper pipe rather than an electrical conduit.
  10. WoW! Without the posted pics, I and others probably didn't believe you, that definitely is a mechanical fuel pump. I wonder if it was a very late '29 block just before the '30 models were released. Interestingly its at the back of the block rather front. Downdraft carb upgrade instead of the normal (for that year) updraft carb.
  11. Curious on what that copper(?) pipe attached to the water jacket bolts is for? There really shouldn't be a need for piping on that part of the engine.
  12. The previous owner may have been considering changing to 12v in the future but never did. And if he/she didn't do any night driving probably did care of the light brightness. Also may have been forced to go with the sealed beam during lack of finding original lenses.
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