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  1. If you want to be noticed and save on fuel, you can't go past one of these,
  2. You blokes are over thinking it. +ve = positiVE -ve = negatiVE.
  3. If you are going to disconnect only one terminal, then ground(-ve) is the better one to disconnect. Having said that, nothing wrong with disconnecting the +ve terminal either.
  4. Good to hear that mate. It was the case with me as well, my not so local distributor (further than the manufacturer) was cheaper to buy from as well.
  5. I am happy to make you an offer if you post a pic of them here or pm me with the pics.
  6. This bloke claims he has them (said he has lots of king pins for many makes) but are all in crates stored away and he will never get to them before his life time....:( @viv w I have an advert indicating the dimensions for the taillight lens, yes, I should have it in my signature as well. FYI, they are the 4" diameter lens. I see the later models for Chrysler/Desoto/Dodge/Plymouth that are 3.5" diameter come up for sale on ebay once in awhile but not the 4" lens.
  7. If fuel is dripping down the air filter, I'm assuming its a updraft carb, I wouldn't worry about the carb yet. You need to confirm your timing and re-check all you ignition parts, ie points, condensor, coil, spark leads/plugs(what is the colour), wiring to the distributor, etc. Does it fire at all?
  8. Hey Craig, thanks for that. Interestingly, my interchange book indicates its the same as 60/70 1927 models but not the 52. Is there any part numbers on the packaging?
  9. Thanks Bill, no I haven't heard of them. Fingers crossed.
  10. BTT If anyone spots this kit at Hershey I would much appreciate the details of the person who has them. Or, if anyone is lucky enough to spot them and kind enough to purchase on my behalf and post to Australia, I am happy to reward at a premium to the purchase price and postage via paypal.
  11. Any one have a source for these?
  12. Have you considered an early electric? It will put a spark into life...😀
  13. Try this mob in Australia,