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  1. maok

    FS 1929 65 rebuilt engine and parts

    Thanks Spinney, I have one flying over to the great southern land.
  2. maok

    1929 Chrysler Imperial 77 VIN

    Look up Fedco system here or on Google.
  3. Maybe I am missing something but what is wrong with simply 'qouting' like you have above.
  4. Yes, totally agree Spinney. I am hoping it will make enough difference to improve day time performance.
  5. It's more about repairing/replacing the generator than an issue with the chain. I agree, this step up is a good step up for the chain, ie being able to tension the chain.
  6. Sorry mate, I know nothing about most things, especially Franklins
  7. Two things that I will suggest, 1. Avoid a car with external contracting brakes bands, like my '28 Chrysler, 'Chrysler from 29 onwards had internal expanding brakes. Why? In the wet, the contracting brake bands slip....😕 2. Avoid cars with generators intergrated into the block and turn with the timing chain. Again my '28 Chrysler had this but not from '29 onwards.
  8. Thanks, I did try them. Pricey though. Thanks Ben, I always forget about them, I dont know why, they are great to deal with but not cheap. I got the pistons (piston set was reasonable considering the other options) and full gasket set from them. I did find a NOS unit on US ebay. For others benefit, specs are 49 links, 1 1/4" wide and 1/2" pitch.
  9. maok

    FS 1929 65 rebuilt engine and parts

    Hi Rob, do you have a timing chain with or with out the gear set for sale? Thanks, Moe in Australia.
  10. Hi all, does any one know if this timing chain and/or gear sets are availlable new from any vintage vendors? I have had a good look around but no luck so far. The chain looks to be common to most Auburns 1927-33 engines as well. (corrected from Dodge) Or know of someone who has a spare they wish to turn into $$$$?
  11. Update on the crank and bearing clearances, I took the engine block, crank and rods back to my machinist and they did their magic and now we have end play about 0.003" -0.004" end play, no binding of the crank with the bearings, and a happy Moe. Its tricky to install these pistons with rings from the inside of the block. Lucky this was a dummy up, I over tighten the piston pin bolt to 40ft-lb, should be 25-30ft-lb, to check how high the piston sticks oout of the cylinder and confirm the short timing chain turns over without issue. This chain and gear set seems to have a lot of slack but I have notice there is a half link that I will remove to see if it will be ok. The other issuse that arised was the position of the oil filler tube on this older block, had my local engineer fabricate an attachment to the tube from the other engine. Now we can run the alternator again. Slight engine mod, ported the inlet of the inlet manifold about 2 mm and took off the casting marks from the outlets. The reason for this is that Brisbane is sub-tropical and hot, I can really notice the difference from day and night driving. May or may not make a difference though.
  12. WoW!!! The $15k (this 1929 is a bargain IMO) and $25k (1931 the dash is very similar to a Chrysler 77) Franklins are just wonderful.
  13. Have you looked into series 70's (years 1928-30) Chrylsers?
  14. maok

    1935 Lincoln K Club Sedan

    I don't know that you should be cursing the Lincoln gods as yet, it still has to go back in.....🙄
  15. If you are looking for a more robust build and mechnical quality example then don't go for a Ford or Chev from the '20's. However, like others have mentioned, parts availability is easiest for the Fords by a long way, and very cheap too. Regarding hotrods, try finding a non hotrodded Ford model B ('32 onwards), I have never seen an original one here in Australia.