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  1. Did the Nash models of this year have shell style of bearings or still babbit?
  2. Just having a guess Matt, my '28 Chrysler was also a timing chain driven generator and it could be adjusted in and out to tension the chain, no idler gear though. Does it or even the idler gear have adjustment capability?
  3. An affordable, very drivable and mechanically well engineered option would be any Mopar from '35 to 39. Plymouth/Dodge at the lower price range and Desoto/Chrysler models at the higher price range. Simple and easy mods can be made to make them a daily driver.
  4. Its not the actual install of the module into the distributor that is an issue, actually, in most cases, its easier than installing the points and condensor, its making sure the primary resistance of the coil is correct. Pertronix's instructions are very clear about this but most home (even pro mechanics) mis-understand this step. Could the Pertronix fail, yes of course it can, but so do points and condensors. How many have been completely fooled by a condensor failing and driving a mechanic crazy in diagnosing the issue? @Bloo, I have both a 12 volt (Airstream) and a 6 volt ('37 D
  5. Hey Joe, I know I have the push button starter but not sure about the ignition switch, I will check my hoard of Airstream parts.
  6. It definitely would have fixed the dodgy new 'points & condensor' issue. My experience with Pertronix has been 100% so far on 3 vintage cars in the last 3-4 years. IMO, most problems with Pertronix issues are installer error, though, like any parts, regardless of being electronic or mechanical, they have a life.
  7. So maybe the Pertronix module may have solved this problem....😁
  8. Small hack regarding the the gearbox, if you use a very heavy gearbox oil, you can change gears (upshift slowly) without double clutching, though you will need to double clutch when down shifting from 3rd to 2nd. I used Penrite T250 Transoil in my former series 62.
  9. I wonder if the magnetic/electric transmission is more or less efficient than a regular mechanical transmission, both would have some degree of energy loss to the rear wheels. I also watched the Jay Leno video by chance last night, he does a very good job of explaining to the lay-person the functionality of most of his cars but obviously he struggled in this case with the technicalities. I don't think many could explain it well.
  10. After pressing the new bushes in they need to be reamed to the correct size for the king pin. It's probably not a home garage job. The king pin sets are hens teeth unfortunately.
  11. From what I have read so far, anyone's guess is good as another....lol! SC38DLS, I feel for you, this must be driving you nuts, I know I am going that way reading along. Disconnecting the exhaust/muffler maybe a good quick check.
  12. Yep, grid of those old archaic points and condensor, stick a Pertronix in there......😉
  13. Grimy, I agree on the independent front suspension, my '36 Airstream is wonderful to drive because of it.
  14. I wasn't thinking 'not adequate' Ed, just the effort to make them work correctly and on a regular basis. Though, I have never had a vehicle with mechanical brakes, only have heard 'stories'. Like most, if not all here, I am familiar with hydraulic braking systems. I'm on the hunt for another vehicle, my preference years of styling is 1930 to 1937-8, after that, IMHO, most manufacturers lost the plot in regards to styling, though, I'm sure there are some exceptions. I have seen a wonderfully restored 1934 Nash Ambassador and a beautifully styled 1930 Buick tourer but bot
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