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  1. maok


    Thanks guys for the comments, has anyone taken the tour as yet? My tours are a little different,
  2. maok


    I believe they started early last year, with a decent budget from fund raising program. I first noticed their FB ads here in Australia.
  3. maok


    Yeah, from what I have seen, all the cars seem to be rodded.
  4. Has any one here taken a tour of NYC with these guys? If so, how was your experience? I'm asking to get some feed back on the experience. I do similar tours here in Brisbane (Aust.)
  5. Yep, agree. Many very bad conversions made back in the early days. I would only consider an original 'factory' RHD version, obviously are rare on the streets of Oz. My '28 Chrysler and '37 Dodge are original RHD.
  6. Here in Australia, over the years many LHD vehicles have been imported from the states, and once a pond a time, most states required all LHD vehicles to be converted to RHD but that changed IIRC in the late '80s 0r '90s. It seems there isn't (if at all) price differential between the two these days. I always prefer a RHD version.
  7. If you wish to go this way, you are probably over killing it. I would just use one 6 volt (Optima if you like) to run the car and a single 12 volt deep cycle battery to run your 12v accessories. Keep it simple as possible.
  8. You have the parellel and series the wrong way. 6v and 6v in series ADDs the voltage so = 12volts. 6v and 6v in parallel adds the amps, so still 6 volts but twice the amp hours.
  9. So young at only 64, I appreciated all his posts, especially the ones about oils.
  10. Oh noooo! So sad. I hope he does make a miracle recovery. I never met him personally but he always had wonderful and informative posts. If he doesn't recover, his posts will always live on and assist others in the future.
  11. It's been awhile he/she has posted on these forums, I hope all is well.
  12. You were faster than an electron...😁 You could also install a 6v to 12v step up transformer to run your accessories.
  13. It will depend on the amp hour rating of the battery in your pak.
  14. Hey Craig, I thought I would give you a nudge, any luck finding those king pins?