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  1. And most importantly, stick your tongue on the F terminal, this will confirm that you have done it correctly....😜
  2. Actually, its an Australian version. I'm not sure about the black though, many other colours that suite better IMO.
  3. Definitely fix the obvious first.
  4. Now that I have seen the pic on my laptop screen, it does say mVolts, so its reading 1.263Volts
  5. That was my initial thought but it's an auto ranging meter. I've never worked or experience d dual coil setup but it's possible the second coil may have some residual stored energy, so that voltage maybe a reflection of it.
  6. Actually the reason the rule does not hold true, is that is not quite the right rule, the power equation (P = V x A)is more appropriate not ohms laws, which is what most people use. And the general rule with electric motors - voltage determines speed of rotation and amperage handles torque required.
  7. Here is one for you, though its more a vintage old blokes tale. That a 6 volt battery supplies/produces twice the amps as a 12 volt battery when starting the same car with the same starter motor.
  8. I don't know the answer of why they mostly chose to use 6 volt batteries, probably lost to time, unless there is some literature from back then that survives. I suspect it was a economic decision, cheaper and easier to manufacture 6v than 12v and the supply chain was setup due to it. The savings on wiring would have been negligible compared to the difference in cost between a 6 & 12 volt battery.
  9. So no Buick in those days did not have the the points re-adjusted and/or replaced, the condensor never failed, the bushes in the shaft didn't wear, distributor cams didn't wear out unevenly and create varying dwell, etc, etc, etc...
  10. It was most likely fact that too much current was passing through the module when you change to the 0.6ohm coil. If you are running the 6v battery then the 1.5ohm coil was correct.
  11. If it happens in my city (Brisbane Australia) I will have to raisemy fee for the art deco tour.
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