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  1. Matt, with all that heat the manifolds have experienced, have you check how true they are?
  2. There is a good chance that the diecast/pot metal has swelled. I replaced my 1928 series 62 (now sold on) with a rebuilt Ford Model A speedo (I cant recall if its '28-29 or 30031 version), the trip meter reset stork is different but can be modified to work.
  3. If one plugs their EV into the wall and the power comes from the dirtiest and oldest coal powered generator, the power supplied from the coal burnt would still be less polluting than any gas/petrol power car. Because an ICE is very inefficient, ie only 25% (at best) of the energy content is used to move the car forward.
  4. Gas/petrol will be available, however, its price will increase dramatically in the next 10-15 years due to less demand and as more EV's go on the road. Will people pay $5-$10 per litre ($20-$40 per gallon) for gas??
  5. Similar words were used over a 100 years ago regarding horses and horseless carriages
  6. No worries mate, glad they made it safely. Looking forward to seeing more pics of the airstream.
  7. I call this a tourer, no roll up windows, as Bloo said, like the '20s cars, Ford people seem to use the term phaetons
  8. Does it have wind up windows? If so, 'convertible' sedan.
  9. Sorry Matt, I cant stop laughing, its a terrible human behaviour regarding someone elses misery. Its like watching a tragic greek drama. Now that I have lifted myself off the floor, you have made so much progress, you must go on, its just around the corner. This Lincoln re-birth will go down in AACA history, and we are all rooting for you. From your compression test, its obvious that the heads need to come off.
  10. Once you get the chain on and the marks aligned, check the valve timing to be sure its correct. ie., cam on the overlap, both valves slightly open, piston at TDC'ish. You may (or will) need to remove one of the cylinder head.
  11. Almost as nice as the '36 Airstream, though I am bias.
  12. Has anyone heard from Joe @Moderator and Professor, he has purchased (and paid) a couple Airstream parts from me but I need to confirm his details so I can send it to him. I've tried a couple times with a pm and an email but have had no response in several weeks.
  13. Ben, when I did my series 62 engine, I used Ford model A head stud, the short ones I think. Relatively affordable but slightly longer ie 1/2" or so than the originals.
  14. I'm in QLD and relatively COVID free. And a pic or two for attention,
  15. The keys I found were for the trunk lock, not the ignition. Email sent.
  16. Try doing the same measurements with the spark plugs removed, my guess is that you will get less ripple affect. Why is this important to you, are you worried about sensitive electronics attached to the car?
  17. IMO, the AC ripple (a better descriptor) on the DC line-level is probably direct relationship to the speed of spin of the starter motor, which turns the motor and hence the alternator. The starter motor will hesitate based on the mechanical resistance of the engine and ability of the battery to supply current.
  18. Yes, those Italian gold chains aren't cheap....lol Here is the link to the auction- Citroen SM V6 Coupe (RHD) Auctions - Lot 159 - Shannons
  19. Yep, still available, I think I may even have the keys for it...:) The postage might be a killer from Aus to USA, I'll get a quote.
  20. Funny you mention the SM, a couple of years ago before covid, I saw in person 3 of them at our local large car show, now I am seriously considering bidding on one at a car auction coming in a few weeks. It's a dream car of my.
  21. IMO, its inevitable. Fuel (petrol/gas) will skyrocket eventually, having a ICE powered car will be too costly. If hydrogen does come online then our old cars may still be kept in their mostly original form. My next daily driver will be either a hybrid or full electric.
  22. Hey Matt, I'm sure you know it already, but you can test your headlight circuit by just checking for voltage at the end of the wiring where it goes to the headlight buckets. If you are getting the correct voltages there then I would call it tested and working, then move onto another thing on your list.
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