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  1. Does any one know who had the Henry J in the car corral at Hershey this year? Could anyone provide me the name or number of the owner who had a Henry J for sale this year. His information was lost and we would like to contact him. Call George at 610 597 5250
  2. We saw a Henry J at the car corral this year but lost the owners information , any help in locating him would be greatly appreciated. I'm a long time member and know there is a car buff out there who can help. Personally ,I'm an early Chrysler guy.
  3. A friend of mine saw a Henry J. at Hershey this week but lost the owners number and name. If any one knows the person's name or number ,either contact me,Jay, 610 863 6955, astheime@ptd.net Or call direct to George 610-597-5250 Whatever help you give will be greatly appreciated.
  4. I picked up some parts awhile back and today I magnafluxed a nice head. After It turned out good so I looked it up. It id a 1926 G model head. 53948-1 6-4-26 The exterior is clean, smooth and very light rust. If interested I will send price and picures. I also have a limited assortment of 6 and 4 cylinder Chrysler , Desoto,And Dodge heads and manifolds. Mostly before 1933. I have one small block 8 cylinder head also. Call 610-863-6955 in Eastern Evenings or astheime@ptd.net. Knowing the numbers will help me help you find the part ASAP. Jay
  5. I have 2 reoroduced red heads for a Chrysler modeld 72 and 75. Aosl a high compression gas cao for sale. Heads are high qualityaluminium . Jay at astheime@ptd.net or 610 863 6955. Will send pictures on request. This will be my last year at Hershey.
  6. E mail me at astheime@ptd.net I'll send you some pictures.
  7. I can't tell you the numbers but I have the fittings. Is vacuum tank a Stwert Warner ot Kingston. Jay astheime@ptd.net
  8. I have parts and possibly pictures. astheime@ptd.net 610-863-6955 evenings only. jay
  9. Send me a picture of the area. I have quite a bit of 72 and 75 parts. Jay astheime@ptd.net
  10. You can divide about 3 quarts of 600wt. oil between the them. Take care if it doesn't pour like honey it isn't 600 wt.
  11. pre1939chrysler


    Look in Hemmings . There are a few good companies listed. They all are expensice because of difficulty of production and mterial source.
  12. Looking for James Papas, he is in the Desoto club and has parts I need. He moved out west and I don't have an up to date phone number for him. Jay Astheimer 610-863-6955 astheime@ptd.net
  13. I found 4 caps but they are only 2 1?2 " I had two larger ones but am not sure I sold one or both. Sorry. j
  14. Sorry, I didn't get back sooner. I don't go on this site often. I have them but haven't been able to get my Hershey boxes out. Broken hand. Kaiser can help if he has it but in theean timi I'll look,. J
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