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  1. Joe, I get amazed every day on your ability to come with different ideas to solve a problem and then be able to machine exactly what you need. Very nice work. George
  2. Ted, I like certain aspects of each picture, but I like the front end 3/4 view the most. #6. George
  3. Ted nice description on the whole install process, great idea on the drill with the magnetic base. On Chevrolet engines I use ARP thread sealant on any water jacket studs or bolts. George
  4. Joe, Nice job! I really like following your informulable posts. Thank You! George
  5. Ted, congratulation's that is quite an honor just to be nominated, I hope you win!! George
  6. Ted & BearsFan, thanks for posting the great pictures. Sorry I missed out meeting you guys. George
  7. Ted, your pedal pad came out fantastic, your mold is very impressive. Would you want to make a mold for my Auburn throttle pedal? See you in Hershey. George
  8. Ted your car looks fantastic, your attention to detail pays off, especially taking it for the first drive without any hick ups. Happy Birthday! See you at Hershey. George.
  9. Ted you’re car looks fantastic, don’t stress it you will get it finished. I decided to make the trip to Hershey, do you know where you will park? Would like to meet you and see your car. George
  10. Wow! I appreciate all the great advice, should help to save my legs. Thanks to all!
  11. Thanks for the advice guys, looking forward to this trip. Auburnseeker I have a 1933 8-105 4 door Salon. Hoping to find some Stabilite headlamp buckets and other small parts. Thanks.
  12. I am planning my first trip to Hershey and looking for parts for my 1933 Auburn. Are there areas or rows setup for vendors that may have any Auburn parts or is it just scattered about. Anybody know the location or name of a vendor that might have any Auburn parts. I just don't know what to expect for such a large area. Thanks.
  13. Jerry, Engine sounds great, must be quite a thrill to actually drive it after all you have done. George.
  14. Ted, Wow that looks perfect, all your effort & skill paid off.