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  1. Ted, Wow that looks perfect, all your effort & skill paid off.
  2. Ted, The door and the dash look really nice, very stylish for that time period.
  3. Ted, that looks great. Does that material you covered with come in other colors?
  4. I never realized replacing, installing the roof was that involved. It really looks nice!!
  5. Joe, Great work and I enjoyed all the details following this chapter!
  6. Curt, I am looking for a EX32 carb for my 1933 8-105 non SC engine, Thanks
  7. Would you still have this EX32 carburetor?
  8. Curt, Are these are the brake cables you listed I was refererring to on the phone today? If you might still have them I am interested. Thanks!
  9. Joe, nice job. Great to see the whole progression. Thanks