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  1. Joe have you considered spray welding the ball, not sure how you would machine afterwards. George
  2. Ted this truck looks really sweet, another nice restoration, thanks for sharing!
  3. This is by far the most interesting thread I follow. Always some new technic to solving a problem or something like this snap starter with help from others. I look at the detailed drawing but can't figure how it works, I am sure will learn more about it. Thanks Joe & Friends!
  4. You have been busy, I like the idea with the lift arms.
  5. Ed, thanks for the pictures. Very nice. Looks just like I remembered a new one 50 years ago!
  6. Ed, Your Sun machine looks brand new, pretty impressive, any more pictures of it? Thanks
  7. Joe, That's too bad, did the bolt pull the threads out of your support arm?
  8. The machining on the teeth looks great for such a deep cut.
  9. Joe, Let me guess as how this works. So as you crank the table the spindle rotates so many degree's thru the gear reduction. What is the function of the dividing plate? Thanks
  10. Joe, I would love to see a video on how this all works together, when you are finished. You are a very ambitious guy. George
  11. Ted, "but it is now right and up to my personal standards so to speak" From what I have seen, you have some pretty high standards so I am sure its much better than originally built. 🙂 How about some pictures?
  12. Ted, Really enjoyed your detailed explanation and knowledge. Very interesting about the motorcycle. Do you know what kind of bike that is? George
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