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  1. Gentlemen, Thank you for the quick reply. Below are the answers to your questions and I also attached additional photos. There is a notch on the back side at 0 degrees and a notch on the front at 180 degrees. To the left of the front notch is the number 3. I have searched all over in all kinds of lighting and see no other numbers. That is what baffles me from what I have read and you have provided. The outside lip is very thin. I am told the person who gave it to my grandfather had a Willy's Knight but no idea on year or validity. Outside Diameter: You said 10-1/4" (It very will could be 10-9/32, I didn't measure in 32nds) Prism Diameter: ? 9-15/16 as close as I can tell Notch location: 0 to 360 degrees, 0 is at 12 o'clock.: ? Rear at 0 degree. front at 180 degrees Part # on outside edge of lens : ? Sorry, nothing but 3 Some "Guide Lens" have a mfgr # like "GLnnn" (n=digit) Again nothing.
  2. I would appreciate any help identifying a pair of Tiltray flat lens that are marked only with a single digit and what they fit. One is marked with the number 3 and the other the number 2. A photo is attached. This number is in an indent on the bottom just to the left of 6'oclock. They are marked with TOP on the top and TILT RAY HEADLAMP GUIDE MADE IN U.S.A. on the bottom. They measure 10 1/4 inches. There are no other markings on the very small side edges. Thank all for their time.