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  1. This should be missing w/no explanation ever as to what happened to it post this photo. A 1930 Franklin.
  2. I would like this in my garage - also a 1931 Franklin
  3. 1931 Walker Sedan that survives as referenced periodically in these posts - WILD ride
  4. Walt's former car when new 1931 Franklin Derham
  5. Surprising how many cars from this photo have possibly survived, though would love to see more 1932 Chicago Auto Show pictures and sure plenty more cars show there bit the dust.
  6. Saw some Packard Touring Car photos posted a few pages back by Ed - reminded me of this photo (by the way - note how many cars are light colored and how many also have light colored leather interiors)
  7. I sent contact info note to you ! (and perhaps would do a 55 or 56, but really like looks of 57 better)
  8. I think this is the one that I talked to Mark Hyman about buying (it needed a serious total restoration then and want to say it had bad wood too)
  9. Yes, it seems to have, but was blown away when I saw that it existed and have never heard it's story.
  10. John_Mereness

    Paint code

    Here is a start, but doubt it is the best chart as says River Mist Grey is lower color 9 (but say tu-tone and upper color is 10 and with no description AND THAT DIFFERS FROM THE BUICK CLUB JUDGING MANUAL) Your search engine should be "Paint Chip" "1946 Buick" 9 This is from the Buick Club Judging Manual (see page 46) 09 River Mist Grey lower River Mist Grey (Same as Lower) Upper River Mist Grey wheels w/ French White Pinstripe Dante Red (Opt.) wheels w/ French White Pinstripe
  11. Paul, it is interesting that the front doors are designed for a use as a Town Car, though the roof does not have Town Car functionality.
  12. Paul is correct: Not that 1930 Pirate Sedan, as far as the Franklin Club knows about. I want to say in one of the Aircooled News it discusses the car and references that when new it was stolen and vandalized/burnt (that being said wives-tale or not, I believe one or two other Autoshow photos of it exist). Sidenote: What is really interesting is the high volume of Custom Built Franklins - photos so far have not even been even close to tip of the iceberg. Also, while this pirate sedan has sidemounted spare tire (they moved them forward), the wheelbase on a Franklin are relatively small with the large Series chassis being 132" and the unlike other makes it is not uncommon to see custom cars with rear mounted spares.
  13. John_Mereness

    Starter Drive

    I had this company help me last time I needed a Bendix drive issue (they can often provide new and equally can rebuild) on a Franklin, then an Auburn, and .... I found them by a little silver Weldon (their brand name) tag on a reproduction part I bought for another car and thought let's explore.
  14. John_Mereness

    1934 Packard Custom Hunting Car - Restoration

    Nice woodworking !