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  1. Debatable via pretty close if not same. Landau Irons could have been added later. I recall something about car referring to it as a "Prince of Whales" and the car was divider windowed with I believe one jump seat (description states two).
  2. Add'l Sidenote - My personal opinion is next owner needs at minimum to add a set of factory optional wheel trim rings and if possible add a factory optional set of "all that jazz" wheel disk covers - super sweet.
  3. Sidenote: If this automobile had sold for 230K to 250K + I would not have blinked an eye.
  4. I have been practicing real estate it takes a lot of time to build a new RE business. That said, my business partner and I have been calling it quits this week and I am in process of changing over to the #1 Coldwell Banker Realty office on the Globe - so expecting even less time (and cars have not seen too much of me either, eating too late, dog is complaining as we are walking too late, and ...).
  5. I know the car very well and for many many years now (a friend and I bought a 25/30 Owens Gurney Nutting Drophead for the former owner and I see the current owner at jaguar Club activities on at least a quarterly basis for 15 plus years) - it is mostly OUTSTANDING original with an older repaint. The owner is VERY mechanically inclined and fastidious in his work - he has spent a CONSIDERABLE time with the car for it to be very dependable and he has driven it "road trip" wise with success. The car has a fascinating original ownership history too. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS AUTOMOBILE !!!
  6. I spent a good solid hour with the car two years ago at the ACD Festival - the buyer has a fine car that technically should have sold higher though did bring a respectable number (ie Well Bought and equally Well Sold !). A friend made the comment to me that it stalled at 90K and I said understandable as that is what most people think they are worth and do not realize rarity, cost to get a good car, what a good car really is, and that there is an unseen marketplace in how the truly well done cars trade hands (word of mouth through our club and behind the scenes dealer activity via dealers who are long term Club members and have ACD product personally). And when it comes down to 851/852's there are maybe 5 to 8 Cabriolets that stack up anywhere comparable in authenticity matched to finished product of this automobile - and this automobile is particularly nut and bolt correct (the owner is one of about 5 of us who know how to do a car nut and bolt correct). Sidenote: there are a lot of nice Cabriolets out there, though most have 10K plus in authenticity issues alone not to mention .... - fast cars that lead fast lives and they are a handful to properly restore). I would say the car was two years ago when last seen capable of 99 or 98.5 points in CCCA judging - rare in an Auburn outside of a Boattail.
  7. talk with Brassworks (they do radiators) - they bought out a fellow who was making them - BUT THEY NEVER WENT BACK INTO PRODUCTION THEREAFTER
  8. Factory or not, I gutted the cording out so the welt was relatively flat, glues it where I wanted it (with super glue), and then wrapped the welt around to the rear of the panel- it looks pretty good, though had I to do it over again i would have upholsterered the panel a touch and put a grove in it at edges for the welt.
  9. I am thinking rear of car is a 1932 Cadillac in a Town Sedan or Town Coupe or possibly a 32 Buick Town Sedan (I would have been quick to say 1931 Cadillac, though the rounded corner trunk would have only on the LaSalle and that would have had different taillamps).
  10. This is a fabulous car !!! And loving its return of blackwalls - "How it won Pebble Beach the first time"
  11. So, a couple of things I have found as issues over years related to running hot - touchy timing, too lean carb mixture, water pump impeller wrong size, water pump impeller not close enough to housing, water pump impeller spinning on shaft, lack of anti-collapse wires in hoses, air locks (I now drill a bypass hole in all my thermostats), lack of thermostats with thermostat being a flow restricter needed for proper cooling, mouse nests in exhaust, wrong exhaust with too much back pressure, bad water distribution tubes, bad head gaskets and bad aluminum cylinder heads, and most recently a little too much RTV blocking a water passage matched to one too few holes in the water pump gasket.
  12. https://www.flickr.com/photos/jonsphotos/sets/72157594180001633
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