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  1. I gave up on that as people can usually tell anyway - now, I just do whatever it is to a 97 to 100 point standard and just don't clean it ever again - some dust, roar dirt, water, sunlight, and ... usually does the trick. Turns out too when time for sale, people really are not interested in big bucks for all original and seem much more happy with dusty 100 point and even happier with dusted off 100 point. Get your wife to go with you in a 1MM something with moths flying around in it or dirt on it - most wives won't and the neighbors have no respect for it either.
  2. That usually means a fat/thick washer is fine - you do not want any cupping into recesses or ... , but a BRASS NUTS ARE ESSENTIAL
  3. Just ask the locksmith for a house call - go to their office and ask in person if someone can stop by on the way home and tell them you are a it on a budget and could they swing you a little better deal.
  4. In other brands this would be a Town Sedan or a Club Sedan
  5. Very rare V-16 body style and quite attractive too - notice it i a 1934 with the bi-plane bumpers, the hard metal roof, and also the lack of side mounted spare tires.
  6. My guess is the auction estimate was low to begin with to attract buyers, but a great car for the money at 43K and really should have done better.
  7. This is a WTF pricing kind of thing (other than it really is a beautiful condition ornament in the big or small picture of Stutz caps that have survived)- from the car of GOD or !!! ?
  8. Go to Autozone (Duralast brand), O Rilleys, or NAPA and get a coil for a 1954 Chevrolet Belair 6 cylinder car - sorry I do not have the part number handy, but I think it was a C809, but that was the project late yesterday afternoon and I had to go about 20 miles to the next autozone, but project is done and they were 21 dollars and change each after tax.
  9. Eric, you will be happier with the 41 Carb set up with the Stromberg AAV-26 unit with the matching air cleaner - we ran one on the 1936 75 Series Town Cabriolet (and it may have lost points, but car was a National Winner in AACA, CCCA, and Cadillac Club - matter of fact it won everything in all those clubs that you could possibly win). I do not think you can put 37 heads on a later engine, but possibly. The engine has a lot of subtle differences, but heads are the largest difference and rest is relatively minor block casting differences.
  10. See the Hershey notice of Cancellation. The problem here is that you cannot get a permit, needed inspections, and ...
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