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  1. I have this company make all my ignition wire sets - usually just takes them a few days (fantastic service) and they can work from photos too
  2. Try quiet ride solutions - they have made several pads for me know both off the shelf and custom order. Correct about the backing though being somewhat of a challenge to duplicate the original density
  3. Saw Zephyr mention Kentucky and as an FYI best looking into Kentucky personal property tax as historically has been a reason why so few collector cars are in the State.
  4. Hemmings = great value and I sell cars via all the time
  5. I have popped the clutch a few times - by the way, I saw a fellow run to help push start a 29 Packard and he went for the side-mount tire and then lost his footing fell under car for a second and literally I do not know how he avoided injury but rolled just enough to have the rear wheel brush him - it was a pretty horrific thing to see for a few seconds.
  6. I doubt you will find a better one than the one in your hand - find a round piece of metal stock (mandrel) of about the same diameter and spend a little hammer time on the flange,
  7. Actually, the owner may have mounted a hubcap - if you look at the trunk photos there is a correct hubcap on one photo and in another photo is a different incorrect hubcap. By the way - this is a nice looking 55 with V-8 in Scottish Heather
  8. And you have personally hand cranked that Pierce Arrow V-12 to successfully start it ? And I have hand cranked the RR PI at 600 Cubic Inches / 8 litres (or whatever it is) and turns just fine, but I would never dream of ever starting it with the handcrank. Sidenote: I doubt a 49 Chevrolet would have a hand crank (sort of a pre-war thing excepting European cars). Addl. Sidenote: I am not trying to be rude, though my point is if someone takes advice and then gets themselves hurt it is not really a good thing.
  9. That is a reason in itself to not ever buy a car from someone like that.
  10. I read 60 Flat Top's post: My grandmother would talk about "the old people" and she was talking about them right up to her death at 101 years old - it is a frame of mind and there are a lot of "old" 20 year old people just as there are "old" 90'ish year old people, as well as "old" people of every age in between (her point that you can be 101 and "young" is very well taken).
  11. You cannot crank the larger stuff - cranks were more for timing ignition and turning engine over during periods of storage
  12. The proper tool is called a nib file or nib tool - it is basically a very fine file mounted on a block of wood - works great on runs. The only problem is to get one you need a decent automotive paint store or have to mail order from someone like Eastwood. .
  13. Your car will be stunning - Put your car together and go have some fun driving it.
  14. Great car at a near free price for the value that is fine as is and can easily be upgraded with some reproduction emblems and some care/time.
  15. Never understood why anyone would not mount hubcaps on a car they are selling - upgrades looks of car like 1000%