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  1. Shoot a picture - it is a one size fits all arm ( part # 1 and part # A-2 ) and should pretty much just clamp up without issue, but then I have put 20 plus of them on cars over time and do understand fit is a little "sloppy" so you may have some concern.
  2. You seem to have the correct clip bracket for the steering column (and the flat stock 3/4 x 4.25 inch-ish bracket /clamp is clanp bracket is what would use to mount the linkage too), you have the correct center pivot (but it may need a spacer for alignment), you have what looks to be the 4 correct clevis's & pins,
  3. May I make a suggestion - Perhaps have your upholsterer open up some sort of slot behind back seat to drop the cord down ?
  4. www.restorationstuff.com - reinforcing as they have proven to be nice quality
  5. A good horse saddle shop, a good pet store, Farm & Fleet, or ... - I would try for Black if replacing.
  6. Sidenote: This may be a 1960's + photo, though is not of car when new
  7. The exterior door hinges are a huge help to the car via usability. When Fran Rozas built the body for J555 it featured the hidden door hinges and as a result you have to be sort of "limber" to get in and out of the car.
  8. That too as RHD has appeal, though more so in such as England. Advantege to particular car was low mileage and always being fairly well maintained car. It comes off as a totally unrestored car, but Barker/Hooper I believe did the cosmetics and a heavy maintenance prior to their closing in late 1950's
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