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  1. In 2006, when we blew the honeycomb core at Auburn Cord Duesneberg festival with the 1935 Auburn 851 Sedan, Shawn Miller drove us to AutoZone and we bought the fine copper colored barrs leak and it worked fine - we drove around Auburn, we did the parade, and we drove from Auburn to Cincinnati - then the Labor Day Monday after we tore the front off the car and had the radiator out to take to be repaired and at the radiator shop on Tuesday.
  2. Try Core-Sure my radiator guy swears by the stuff and half the cars in Cincinnati have a tablespoon or so in it given his insistence.
  3. Start contacting owners of the better shops - they all have trouble finding talent that also understand the business side (ie like you really have to show up, be able to talk with the customers, understand quality, and work too).
  4. Doubt given rust if there is enough wood structure to support any use focused on just mechanical. I had a discussion with a friend on weekend (actually he is in a photo looking at the car) and he mentioned that parts are near unobtainium (also said in his opinion a quality running/drivable/presentable parts car was likely needed to manage costs) matched to engines being delicate as to connecting ears on the sleeves and anyone not knowing what they are doing busting them with the slightest bit of "sticking" - exact words were carbon on sleeves tend to swell with any moisture and a novice will quickly do damage.
  5. I think the 36 Super Packard Phaeton that sold at Hershey went too low and I am guessing this was due to it being an original car with upgrades verses fully restored - which is a shame is I would rather have a car in this condition 100 times over a restored car - and basically have always been willing to pay more too. The Standard 8 Phaeton that did not sell was sort of an anomaly like the non-supercharged Auburn Speedster that recently sold (when you hit certain price ranges you tend to want the best of the best example in the Marque verses ...). I disagree with the Millennial argument of Matt's - what I believe is that lots of cars soared up in value and it is difficult to find buyers for so many over 100K priced cars - regardless of peoples age or ... Running a Concours d'Elegance, I will tell you that people love the early stuff, though the problem is they just plain cannot afford it or they can afford one "it" and get something more drive-able/usable. I also I see noticeable numbers of younger people at Horseless Carriage Club events matched to younger people at Auburn Cord Duesenberg Events. And, in Europe younger people are commonplace with older cars.
  6. The "shockingly" has been showing itself since about January. I would call it a car recession or maybe just seeing what happens via tail of a period of possible unsustainable growth - the really choice stuff seems to be doing fine, convertibles fine, exceptional restorations fine (but owners often still loosing on sale values less than restoration costs), certain sports cars doing well and others bouncing all over the board, the decent usable under 20-25K stuff seems ok, and the rest is just getting by or ... Sidenote: The cost of restoring is a real eye openner !
  7. You could also do a "Shay" Ford Model A - I think they are pinto powered - sort of a cult following too.
  8. Question: May I ask where you found the "cup" that the switch is mounted in on the floorboards - nice touch ! I need to do this exact thing in about a week.
  9. No offense to the person who built it as they did a very good job building it, though it just is unfortunately just "off" enough to substantially hurt its value.
  10. Friends swear by their Model A Fords in LA - say they do well in traffic, do well up to 45 mph (which is as fast as they usually go in traffic), often get to valet park right in front at no charge, parts availability in a day, and ... They have a 1935 Ford Phaeton for road trips. I heard wild talk of a 50's 2 seat Thunderbird possibly in their future.
  11. I tend to use a cut off, (with a sidenote that there are plenty on the market not designed for high enough amps, so do your homework) = I had a few regulators fail on the 1930 Franklin over time and each time they took out a $600.00 generator rebuild (or the generator failed and ..., when battery got low it allowed regulator to close or ... - never could quite pinpoint the issue), and as a result I just lost trust and started using cut-offs.
  12. Here is probably one of those interesting points as well - the RR was a New York City delivered new car and it has a blue stop lamp
  13. People who had this had has some 20's cars in their collection at one time - do not know what kind though. The water pump is olive green and has a red hose attached to it.
  14. Could be ! Cadillac alternated between the Stromberg and Carter - not sure the exact locig as my 60 Special was Stomberg with Automatic Trans. and my Convertible was Carter with Automatic Trans.
  15. That PA really is stunning ! The color is great too !!!