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  1. I always find it curious when someone puts something up for sale looking like hell and yet in the trunk is a set of shiny hubcaps. And another favorite is also 4 flat tires, but over here we have a new set for it (and the cost of putting tires on at maybe 100.00 tops puts the owner out 5K plus in lost profit if they had made car a little better looking - matched to do you know how hard it is to deal with something with 4 flat tires or ... = your personal boat anchor collection).
  2. 1922 Duesenberg Model A Custom Fleetwood "Doctor's Coupe." ACD Certified, restored, over $60K recently spent full engine rebuild. Show winner. $249,900. I would say price is less than restoration costs and the real plus is that this was probably the finest surviving and lowest mileage Model A in existence prior to restoration - and while it probably should never have been restored, it has been and you will end up with a more fine product long term.