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  1. Nice cars, I stop at Cloud III's as just too much fun - and probably should just avoid all together !
  3. Not sure it is any more than say 1980's old.
  4. I admire good restoration work (as well as dedication/care) and interesting cars.
  5. For sake of car collecting, it better be "all for one and one for all" - this may look like a big industry, but the ties that bind are pretty weak and it allows eating on the apple to the core (and then you throw the core away).
  6. Not period of the car is my best guess, but imagine it in a Sy-Fy movie - you could control the World.
  7. Perhaps also put this in the car for sale page/section
  8. Yes, there one Ford in CCCA and possible have been one or two more - super rare "Custom" bodies. And, there are Brewster Fords. However, there are no Cunningham Fords.
  9. You can just barely see it in the photos, but interior is "Leopard" patterned.
  10. Perhaps put a post out on the Franklin forum for: "Tom Kidd, please contact me via PM." and hopefully he will find you.
  11. Tom Rasmussen at Odyessy restorations recast Franklin Model D crankcases and that worked out fine - maybe worth asking.
  12. As mentioned earlier, when my Great Grandparents had the Miller race car made they insisted on a machined bronze crankase and the parts were then fused together (also probably technology that really is not with us a today) - my grandfather use to have photos of the block in the furnace. By the way, they engine I think blew up in 1946, with Duke Dinsmore driving - I think it ran under branding of Vulcan Tool Special
  13. I heard at Auction the 1931 Packard 840 had antifreeze in the oil - not an uncommon issue though as I know of plenty 7th-8th series cars that have had head repair (I saw a 640 that looked almost like it broke clean in half and was repaired - frightening). All it take is a minor imperfection and .... Obviously, water in the oil would scare off anything but the most adventurous of buyers. And matched to green, wrong venue, not prepared for auction, and .... All said though, also heard it's real dual cowl, so worth the effort.
  14. The woman reminds me of one of my best friend's mom.
  15. RE 1931 Packard: I was told yesterday by a fellow I would say very reputable that it was original coachwork and originally also a Dual Cowl on a decent enough car prior to restoration, but it had really gone downhill in condition since restored.