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  2. Yes, completely different. The Master had synchromesh on second and high. I think the master transmission is physically larger as well, but I can't swear to it.
  3. Weren't a couple different transmissions used in 1936? as well as for Master or standard?
  4. how much inspection was done after you first bought the car? It is always a good idea to drop the pan for a cleaning and mechanical survey.
  5. Did you ever end up changing the turn signals to LED? I want to do both the parking and turns, as well as the rears (not sure if I want to do the Dapper sequentials or just LED bulbs). And probably halos, still not sure. 😀
  6. That 1.224 pin confuses things... My 36 King Prod manual shows two pistons about your size, used in both the cars and trucks... One for 1918-20 F18, J18, K18, T4, T18, U4 and U18 cars, and same year F, J, F Speedwagom 3/4-2T truck Specs 41/8 diam, 23/8 Comp dist, 451/64 length (4.75=48/64 pin diam 1.224...... The other is for 1913-18 R, S, R5, S5 cars and came year F, J, F Speedwagom 3/4-2T trucks...those specs go 41/8, 23/8, 451/64, but pin diam id 1.234 If those two pistons are interchangeable, you might have the later pistons...or the manual might be off... Now, under Reo truck there's also the 31-32 6 cyl 4J, 4K, 4T, 4Ton trucks using a Buda K381 engine, whose piston specs are 41/8, 21/4 and 43/8=428/64... Unfortunately, the K381 doesn't seem to've been that popular...
  7. Congrats on the 41st year of marriage. I hit 30 years.. My wife like this.. I have taken my wife on vacation just to pick up car parts.. to MN or Colorado. I few more trips not car rated.. Any know what car is in the car trailer? I know but this was the first time my wife got to sit in one..
  8. Why is the US Government involved with the sale ? ? Live in a different country so I do not know the story behind the sale.
  9. Carl, I wish you the best on your dealing with RM. This is why the 1925-25S is so elusive. It does not even show in the sales catalog for 1925. The 1925 catalog link is attached. We know they were sold but how they were marketed is different than the normal run of cars. I have not seen pricing either to see what the premium was for a 25-25S. Hugh Buick/1925 Buick Brochure/image24.html
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  11. I would love to have one of these from 1957 if anyone knows of one.
  12. Not bad but I think that 50 Chrysler 2 door hardtop, raised the Mopar bar for deals.
  13. Interesting but I don't care for the top treatment at the rear of the passenger area. Would look better to have a metal body panel across the back of the rear seat and not have the top material come all the way down.
  14. There are a couple of these for sale on e-bay at the moment.
  15. There are quite a members of the PAS that wouldn't even think of using Egge pistons anymore. My Rickenbacker has Egge pistons but they were originally made for that engine back in the late 70's.
  16. Pete I will ship it on Friday Kenny
  17. Congrats on the 41st year of marriage. My other half only goes into the garage to throw whatever she doesn't want in the house anymore just inside the door. So I often open the door and stumble right into whatever she has decided needed to be in the garage now.
  18. Congratulations, we hit 41 in June, she never sets foot in the garage. Bob
  19. How do you intend to handle the rear, tail section? It seems the earlier models (in that video) the rear is very squared-off, with a trunk/suitcase mounted and two spares. The newer ones seem to have that swooping tail. It seems to me either could be done without invoking compound curves and the English Wheel. I am supposing you would go with the earlier, squared-off tail. Or maybe something else of your own design.
  20. Congratulation's on the 41 and that is three events in one day. Would be a major achievement around my place with the wife even coming in my shop never mind giving a hand. But the up side is I can buy a new item and she would never notice it.
  21. Licespray, here you go. Note that some online bids are already well along.
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