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  1. And here I was thinking that this auction would go through the roof. I know I would love to own it.
  2. If you lived near enough to it to drag it home yourself it would be hard to lose out. Even if you give it up as unfixable you could still get your money back from parts.
  3. In the 70’s a friend of mine’s Father in Law had one. For a time during a garage renovation it lived in my friend’s garage. I was surprised by how small it was and relatively plain looking. I knew what it was of course but still at the time I wasn’t really impressed.
  4. That “car” reminds me of a Kruse auction I attended in the mid 1980’s where the main tent had a pile of parts in similar condition. Apparently a rare sports car from the mid 1930’s. The owner turned down an offer of $60,000 US and as far as I knew toted it back home. I thought at the time it was a $100 parts car.
  5. One of my first real cars was a 1966 Fury III with a 383 but with a four speed. Very much like this one but blue with a blue interior. Memories sort of.
  6. This is exactly the type of thing to get the “Man who has everything”. Although what you do with it after that is beyond me.
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