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  1. A good color supply house should be able to do a computer match for you. Not cheap but better than guessing.
  2. Pretty nice. Underside a little scaly but looks solid from what I can see. I would like to see how they split the exhaust.
  3. The first car I remember my Father having was a 1940 Plymouth Road King. Our family drove it from north of Chicago to West Virginia and then Virginia in 1958. It was an expidition. I suggest you go here for additional information as this site is 30's to 50's Mopar based. https://p15-d24.com/
  4. A guy I used to hang out with had a couple of them over the years. he made them into pretty quick little hot rods using the 225 and 3 speed manual trans. Lots of fun.
  5. My Father thought of cars as toasters, necessary but get the cheapest one. He often found nice used cars from the wealthy folks on his Mail route and got good prices on them. Still then he just drove them. None of this silly maintaining stuff. No oil changes, no tune ups, no filter changes nothing. Unless it broke he just drove it. He always though my love of cars was silly and when he rode with me when I was practicing my skills for Drivers' Ed he often complained "You just always have to go the speed limit, don't you?" I don't think he ever understood the way I kept changing cars every cou
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