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  1. My friend handled everything. Never signed a contract or even met a movie person. Never a problem except I once allowed "make up" to be put on my Volare that was to make it look rusty and was supposed to be easily removed. i had to wash it several times and even then I ended up using 'Goof-off to get the last of it gone. So I would suggest not allowing that if asked.
  2. When I did my 52 I replaced everything. Lines were already replaced but I did all the cylinders and the master just in case. Purchased them from a guy in Penn. and they work great.
  3. You shouldn't say that about his Mother.
  4. You know I realize that this is Blasphemy but I did my 52 without a gauge and have no issues with the brakes. Good pedal, No problems with pulling and pretty reasonable stopping power. I. just kept playing with it until I was happy. I am sure an Ammco gauge would have been faster and better but Hen's teeth...
  5. Perhaps this might help:
  6. In reference to what Matt said about 30 years ago she and I went to an auction by Kruse Auctions not too from from our home. As we were walking through the lot of cars to be auctioned she remarked that to her this lot seemed like the cars the bidders drove to the auction to bid on the real Old Cars.
  7. i earned about $750 for my Volare to sit on a lot as a prop in 2014. 3 days at $250 per. Did several gigs near that time and in total earned about $1200 or so. Friend from POC had a company that found cars for movies, TV shows and comercials. Haven't heard from him for several years now so I don't know what the current rates are.
  8. Much rather see a small section clearly that that mess
  9. i don't know about you but I love the pink slippers on the girl on the right
  10. Did you order the parts using the distributor number? Critical to getting the right parts. Several varieties are out there.
  11. but this time i mean it;
  12. Well I just replaced a Farm and Fleet battery I bought in 2008. Still held a charge and had good reserve amps but i thought that 11 years was long enough. Used a tender and disconnected the ground each winter.
  13. There you go again. Reduce food prices indeed! In reality farmers would most likely get less and processors get more. More supply seems to only affect the original producers profit.
  14. Who is old enough to remember "Mechanized Death" from Drivers Ed?
  15. The Forum does seem to be lightly used. I believe most have gravitated to the FaceBook page.