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  1. Heck there is even a place in my town that makes a pretty good one.
  2. Number one seems reasonable. The others will let you all decide
  3. You probably noticed that I was trying to be funny. Perhaps I failed again. Although I have been told that I am trying...
  4. Warn us before putting anything like that up. Almost choked on my coffee.
  5. About two miles from me sits a 68 or 69 Plymouth Road Runner that has been under a tarp as long as I have lived here(1983). At first the tarp was clean and straight and what you could see of the car looked nice. Now the tarp looks like it has been through a hurricane and the car has settled lower and lower on it’s flat tires. Chunks of rusty metal hang down to the ground. In front of the house on a concrete driveway. And on one of the busier city streets. Still proud of it I suppose.
  6. Padgett, did I miss something? Jeep has a one million mile warranty that lasts for 87 years? Might be enough to make me reconsider my self imposed lifetime ban on Chrysler products. Maybe
  7. I really cannot see any newer vehicles that are even a bit exciting. The only thing I wish I could locate is a 2001 -2005 Chevy Astro with low miles and AWD. My 2001 is still running good at 195,000 miles and 18 years of ownership. It has had issues but most I fixed myself. Been paid for for 13 years. I don’t really drive all that much anymore(less than 10,000 miles on personal vehicles) so it is hard to justify the cost of even an entry level new car and adding the lack of desire for one I just don’t see me ever getting anything until the Astro desolves to the point of being dangerous.
  8. Very clean car at a fair price. Should be reliable as can be.
  9. The first car I painted by myself after my late Brother-in-Law had moveD out of state was our 1983 Chevrolet Cavalier station wagon. I did not have a compressor then and used a vacuum cleaner based system that I rented from the local rental company. Did not turn out too bad but since I was a bit inexperienced in these things I got the adjustment for the amount of paint in the mix a little off. Painted it Volkswagen Signal Orange. There was enough orange peel on it that we began calling the car “The Kelvinator”
  10. I still paint steel wheels with a brush. Classic or daily driver doesn’t matter. Don’t do car shows and at 60 mph at midnight who’s gonna know.
  11. Having learned the hard way I would never go to the trouble of removing a transmission just to check the condition of the disk. Replace everything wear related and be done with it. The pressure plate might be weak or the throw out bearing near death. I once when much younger took a Plymouth New Process four speed out to replace a howling throw out bearing. Two months later had to do it again as the pressure plate failed. Shoot, the last time I changed a clutch in 2006 I even did the pilot bearing, something I never fooled with before. Cheap(comparatively) insurance.
  12. Fantastic find and bought by a serious owner. Don’t get no better than that
  13. I have seen a few brush painted cars that were very presentable and a few where they should have bought a new broom first before starting.
  14. If only I had any space available......
  15. No doubt taking his comb with him. Sigh another icon gone.