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  1. I am sure the plant will create some new jobs. The issue is that as much stuff Manufactured as possibly is done by machines . Robots, AI, etc. People to fix the robots, program them I suppose as well will be a big part. I am always flabbergasted when I read the cost per job to create one both in Company money and the now mandatory Government tax incentives. Thousands and sometimes millions per job. I do want to see more stuff of all kinds made in North America but can’t help but wonder how to do it successfully. Especially in an industry like autos which is undergoing a significant restr
  2. I have smacked tires back when I drove a truck about forty-five years ago. You could tell by the sound and bounce if it was ok to go. I mentioned that when I started driving school buses five years ago and got strange looks. We don’t do that the Boss said. You just look at it. I said ok, I will let you know when it is flat. I told a bus mechanic one day that I thought one of the outer duals was low. He said no and proceeded to lecture me on how it would look if low. (He was about 25 or so). I said ok and left. Didn’t make it back to the shop before it blew 15 miles away. I just smiled at
  3. Absolutely mesmerizing. Thanks so much for posting it. I made the cat wait for breakfast while I watched it. The cat does not like you but I do.
  4. The loss of a good person is a loss to all mankind. I am sorry to hear of his passing.
  5. And here I expected to see a burned out hulk. Made an improvement in my day
  6. Check here: https://forums.aaca.org/topic/297219-ac-k10-spark-plug-modern-equivalent/ See if it helps
  7. I would probable try lacquer thinner first. I have never dealt with oil that has crystallized but have had some success softening up hard grease with thinner
  8. Out on a limb here but I’m gonna say I probably don’t want to be within 50 miles of this while it happens.
  9. What I find interesting is the idea of cars powered by fuel cells. Sound like a really good way to provide transportation. Maybe someday .http://www.fchea.org/transportation
  10. The year really does not matter as for Mopar distributors like that a parts house needs the distributor number to give you the correct part. Many for the flatheads are interchangeable. When you order parts go somewhere that specializes in old car parts like Kanter. I would be surprised if a young person at NAPA would know that. Old time parts person, yeah.
  11. And here I thought that meant that the previous spirit had left and another one came in.
  12. Great pictures. Thanks for taking the time to post them
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