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  1. If that would work you could make a fortune by repackaging and reselling it.
  2. My shop teacher in my freshman year of high school had a 64 Pontiac wagon with a 421 though automatic. He had a big boat he towed. My lab partner and I were elected to tune it up during class one day. I had hardly seen a V-8 up close much less work on one.
  3. Shoot, your old cars are older than the one of mine I use the most. A 1980 Plymouth Volare 4 door sedan. Can’t get more pedestrian than that. Welcome.
  4. Like many people of my era in Waukegan, IL(home of Johnson Outboards) I spend a year working there. Pay was good, Benefits were too but did not matter to a 21 year old kid. Worked in Die Cast and Coatings Dept. A lot of employees there, three shifts 5-6 days a week. Good discounts for motors and OMC boats for employees. OMC Sterndrive was at the other side of town but I never worked there. Another bit of ancient history I guess. All gone now, buildings and everything demolished several years ago. Lots of pollution from PCBs from the aforementioned Die Cast dept. Enormous die cast machines for casting aluminum parts using hand operated controls. Different world from now for sure.
  5. I have to say despite my earlier issue I still deal with Rock Auto. and usually am very pleased with the results. I especially like exploring their deals pages for my cars.
  6. At least the Studebaker is some what inside of the car, not sitting on the back. Maybe makes no real world difference but optically it feels safer.
  8. Don't know if this is an aspiration or not but just purchased a 2016 Chevrolet Traverse. 2001 Astro more rust than metal
  9. I remember 50 dollar cars.. And if you spent a $1000 you had an almost new one.
  10. I had an issue with them several years ago on a 2003 Cavalier. The mounting was different from the car we had so I returned it as per instructions. I got an e-mail a few days later telling me that they would not accept it as it was not in it's original packaging. The problem was that the motor came loose in a plain cardboard box. I explained that to them via e-mail but they did not believe me. We went back and fourth a few times and then I got mad and requested MY motor back. Silence for a few days and then a note saying that they were making an exception to the return policy for a good customer. And they refunded my payment. I will bet that when I asked for my motor back they couldn't find it and did all that they had left to do.
  11. Where to start, I know, the beginning. Although at one photo a day this will take a while.