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  1. The one car from my youth I wish I still had was a 66 Plymouth two door hardtop Fury III. 383, 4 speed trans. Manual steering and brakes. Lured away by little British sports cars. Wish you well on your project.
  2. You might PM Carbking here as he knows all there is to know about carbs. Website is: https://www.thecarburetorshop.com/
  3. Looks nice and in good shape. Not immaculate but a good car to be proud of and not be afraid to drive.
  4. Before reading your post 6T-Finseeker I was thinking the price was a bit high. You kinda confirmed it for me.
  5. Our first cordless phone was in the early ‘90’s and was an analog in a big bag. Paid $150.00 for it at a Boy Scout fundraiser. Had it for three or four years until it was hacked(remember phones being hacked?) and it got traded in on smaller hand held. My wife carried the family phone as she often had kids with her. Now I have been trained not to leave the house without it. 🥴
  6. And then along came Starbucks and Dunkin Doughnuts to ruin a great plan.
  7. Is it possible that the photo was taken in the Philippines? A lot of material was left there after WWII.
  8. Rental property of a small landlord. The $100 it cost me wasn’t worth the trouble but coincidentally a couple of years later she had the whole row of trees on our mutual property line cut down. And a couple of others on the opposite side line as well.
  9. Well I know what happens when a neighbors tree falls and damages your garage. You or your insurance(or both depending) pay for it. Act of God clause.
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