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  1. I inherited a 57 Apache with I believe a 6 cylinder three speed in 2014. In a little worse shape than the OP' s. Desert truck near Bakersfield,Ca.. Did not want to try to drag it back to Illinois so I sold it for $500 and considered myself ahead.
  2. In addition to needing a two hour training session to operate a new vehicle the prices today make my eyes water.)(and my wallet pucker up). The most expensive car I ever bought cost 18,000 dollars and I am still driving it. Need a couple of more years to get my moneys worth.(2001 Chevy Astro AWD) (or at least it used to be an AWD)(bought in 2002)
  3. Years ago I Used a tube of powered aluminum to treat a small leak on my daily work driver. Lasted a couple of years and then I traded the car off. No problems noted although I most likely wouldn't do it today.
  4. Thanks for the info. Especially you Jon as having an idea what model to look for is a big help. May PM you later about availability.
  5. I received a personal message today from the spammer you are probably talking about. Laughed at the content and deleted.
  6. Has anyone used one of these as a replacement for a Carter Ball and Ball on a Chrysler Flathead 6. Specifically a 1952 218 cu in. I have been told that they can fairly easily be adapted for use on these cars. Used for what I can see are mostly Ford 6 Cylinders from 170 to 300 cu in. Cost even from Mikes Carburetor is less that the cost of rebuilding a B and B. And a new carb as well. Any input appreciated.
  7. My experience is that a clutch that grabs near the top is nearly worn out. The advice to try adjusting it is good. Do that first.
  8. You know, the ones that sound like a wet fart when going down the road.
  9. Darned Uppity women! (Note: SARCASM!!!!!)(Don't want any exploding heads again.)
  10. You can carefully pull from the cap end to the plug end. Plug end will come through as I have changed my 52 a few times. Just go slow and careful. Worst case remove the plug ends and then pull out the wires. After reinserting wires reinstall or use new plug ends.
  11. Final update on this. I drove it to work today with temps in the low 80’s F and had no problems. Nice to know what the problem is
  12. Looks like you guys might be onto something. Today after working on my wife’s Kia I started my Plymouth and once it idled smoothly I took the air cleaner off and felt around the base of the carb. It was noticeably cooler to the touch and continued to be so as the engine warmed up. I could not see any ice buildup and shutting the engine off left a cloud of fog in the Venturi area. Thanks again to all who helped
  13. When my 52 Plymouth began having trouble idling I did a test with a vacuum gauge which suggested a leak. I then sprayed the areas around the carb and manifold with carb cleaner. The speed went up right away. Manually closing the choke helped also. Turned out the intake gasket was leaking. Replacing it solved the problem.