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  1. I read that the cost of energy is going up from 6 to 66% depending on what you use. Heating oil at about 66%, nat gas at about 30% and electricity ar about 6%. The paper here today said the average gas heated home will pay about 50 extra each month on heat this winter. I wondered what I was gonna waste that big Social Security raise on.
  2. Underneath the swoopy bodywork (and subjectively corny fin) is an Austin Healey 100, its supercharged engine took Donald Healey to 192.6 mph at Bonneville in 1954.
  3. I was gonna say a little pricy but after reading what has been done on it, if true, and if there is basically no rot maybe not a bad deal after all.
  4. I never even knew that Pontiac offered a four speed on anything but the Firebird by 1973. Another bite of data I might remember(or not)
  5. If you don’t get the information you need here you might try posting at this site as it is Mopar for 30’s to 50’s and has an active truck forum. https://p15-d24.com/
  6. I guess the price is not too bad but the pictures really need to be more complete. A little rust is as well all know often the precursor to a lot of rust. Plus need under side and engine photos. I think that would be a 4.1 correct? And weren't they problematic? Good to see the jacking instructions are still there.
  7. The price is a hopeless dream as far as i am concerned. No where near enough pictures to even begun to justify that amount. I believe the owner has E-Bay fever dreams
  8. When out on a drive in my 52 Plymouth a couple of days ago I met an old open top Model T going the other way. It looked pretty beat up but the young guy driving it was smiling. As was I after seeing it.
  9. In the early fifties brothers Jim and Ed Gaylord, sons of the man who had invented the bobby pin, decided they should build the world's most spectacular cost-no-object car. They commissioned Brooke Stevens to style the body and the car was shown at the 1955 Paris Motor show. The car, with strange radical front fender cutouts, resulted in negative feedback and a refined design (above) replaced it. Is this where the Corvette got its scalloped sides? The car was supposed to be a blend of American styling and European sportiness. It was powered by a Cadillac V8 and was to be manufactured in Germany by the company that had built Zeppelins. The partnership did not work out, only four prototypes were built and the project was abandoned.
  10. Well, these were out there around that same time and no less goofy. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/flower-power-1969-plymouth-barracuda
  11. Of course the original reason to use ethanol was to extend the amount of gas that we were buying overseas. Now that we are an exporter the reason is to keep farmers happy. I can’t get any fuel within 40 or 50 miles of me that doesn’t have it included. I run 87 octane in everything I own. Small engines get run dry in fall or spring depending on what they are. Cars get a good dose of Sta-bil when taking their winter’s nap.
  12. I donno, seems like 16 grand is a lot of money for a 56 Belvedere. Especially a six and a two speed automatic. It is nice but I have seen a lot of theses languishing on sites for a while. A Sport Fury with a 303 in that good of a condition, sure. The 50’s Mopar curse is on it even though it is very beautiful.
  13. Vintage Power wagons has gears and other items for transmission rebuilds. Maybe they have access to automotive parts or know where they can be found. Might ask them to see if they do. They are very good to deal with even if you aren't buying something. https://www.vintagepowerwagons.com/
  14. Twenty-Seventh Annual Boston Auto Show, Boston, MA, held at the Mechanics Hall in Back Bay
  15. I an not terrible fussy regarding cosmetic things although I appreciate an attempt to make a car look nice. I don’t want something that I am scared to death of driving or worried about parking it in public. If the paint varies a bit or there are small dents or scratches it doesn’t bother me.
  16. I try to do as much as I can on all our cars but the 2016 seems to be mostly beyond my abilities. So complex and needing special equipment to do almost anything to it that I let the local pros take care of it.
  17. I don’t understand those who put in their ad that the don’t want any “lowball” offer. Does it offend their delicate sensibilities? Can’t they do as Nancy Reagan said and “Just say no”?
  18. A friend has a 57 Dispatcher two wheel drive model with the stock four banger. And the answer is, not much. And I suspect that the Dispatcher is quite a bit lighter than the Jeepster.
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