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  1. Hi all, On my 37 Dictator, it has the grease cap at the water pump. I did buy water pump grease at a restoration company. What is the method for filling the cap? Is it as simple as filling the cap with grease and then screwing it on? I don’t see any springs or anything on the inside. I also don’t want it to fall off while driving. Thanks. nate
  2. Hi All, Can anyone tell me how the heater hose was routed on a 37 Dictator with the factory heater under the dash? If I am correct, the hose to the water pump just rests on the passenger fender inside the hood side. Any factory pictures would be amazing! Thanks all, Nate
  3. Thanks Gary, I’m actually calling restoration stuff today so I’ll add that washer to my order. If I have the carb rebuilt in the future, I’ll use Dave T-bow. He does excellent work. Thanks again! Nate
  4. Gary, Thats interesting. I, too, had Benchwick rebuild my EX-23. I was hoping, when I saw yours were gold in color, that someone else rebuilt them and it was the correct sheen. I was a little disappointed at the finish. I just noticed mine is leaking as well at the main jet. Now I know why. Where did you find a correct washer? 7/16 you say? Thanks, nate
  5. Gary, Who did your rebuilds for you? They look awesome! nate
  6. Yes. I visit Jerry often these days. He is not able to answer many questions but I enjoy visiting him. nate
  7. I do have some extra parts. I have a pair of reflectors, some clips, and I have 1 of the stainless rings that keep the lens in place. I have some leads on other parts. Private message me and I’ll share my email and phone number. nate
  8. Hi guys, Do any of you 37 owners have Jerry’s t86 overdrive adapted to their original transmission? My car has it, but I am trying to figure out if/how I should add a cut out toggle into the circuit. Thanks. nate
  9. Thanks guys, I will definitely give rebuilding it a try before replacing it. Thanks guys. Nate
  10. Hi guys, My sending unit is corroded and someone coated the cork with a gas tank sealer. In any event, I'd like to find a NOS or correct replacement. I found a similar sending unit from a 37 Plymouth. Does anyone have a NOS or decent fuel sending unit or has anyone rebuilt one? I'm tempted to drill out the rivets and clean and rebuild it. Thanks, Nate
  11. Got it. So I’ll check ignition first. I will replace the points. It has the original coil and I don’t know where to get a replacement. Thanks. nate
  12. Hi All, What should cylinder compression be on a 1937 dictator with the six cylinder in it. I believe these are 218.8 ci engines. I checked mine today by pulling one plug at a time. I didn’t have throttle or choke open. I got between 85 and 90 psi with one cylinder at 80 psi. The car runs rich but my carb is likely out of adjustment. It runs good, but at idle has a miss occasionally. I didn’t check timing yet. I am trying to decide if my original 72000 mile engine is tired enough for a rebuild. Should a leak down test be done next? Nate
  13. Hi all, I am working on my 37 Dictator 5A. It has the factory installed under dash heater by the passenger side as was common for the era. It has a ceramic rheostat type switch to adjust the heater fan speed. All works as should, but the back of the switch gets hot to the touch. I don’t know if it’s due to original wiring, poor ground, or just the way it is. Was the switch designed to get hot (since it is ceramic)? I did run a redundant ground from the dash to the body. I have a all new wiring harness for the car but the heater wires are original because no one makes replacements. Should I replace the switch? Thanks. Nate
  14. Thank you, Chris. Let me know what you have and we can email or call. You wouldn’t happen to have a front license plate bracket would you? nate
  15. Pretty much everything. I have the housings and chrome rings, but the original owner put sealed beams in and so I need reflectors, all the springs and clips, and sockets and lenses. What do you have? Thanks. nate
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