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Sound Odd But Please Help Identify this Off Set Bolt


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I was cleaning up around the shop today and found this off set bolt that was left behind by the previous owner.  The shop is a former Chrysler dealership with the building dating to 1952 and a previous site to 1936.  They also had the Massey Ferguson dealership at one time if any of those are clues.  With the wide shoulder my first guess was for a brake pedal but why the offset?  



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5 minutes ago, JFranklin said:

Maybe a brake shoe adjuster? Chrysler brakes come to mind.

That would kind of make sense - more of a cam I guess.  I try not to toss out any of the old fasteners since these are the pieces that are tough to find and this looked so different I'm sure someone is looking for one of whatever it is.  

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1 hour ago, drwatson said:

It's similar to this Porsche Eccentric Bolt for Torsion Bar Control Arm or Rear Camber adjust. Not saying it is but 

maybe a thread check is in order;  metric or inch?


Definitely inch but being a Chrysler dealer, torsion bar is also definitely a possibility  

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Unsure about the size, but in the late 50s-60s Ford used a similar cam type bolt that connected the brake pedal to the master cylinder rod. It could make small adjustments to the brake pedal height.  
I think the idea was to match the brake and clutch pedals. 

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It appears to have a left hand thread. The dimensions make it appear to be PART of an upper steering knuckle pin. The eccentric is used for tilting the camber and caster. GM used this method on some mid to late '30's cars. My experience doesn't extend to Chrysler products, but it's possible others in the industry used similar methods in this time frame.  

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