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  1. Then rear bumper for what I mentioned above.
  2. Does this ad I.D. it, or is this YOUR ad? https://www.rearcounter.com/2949552-parts2254845.html
  3. 47-48 Studebaker Champion? Both years a little different from each other based on location of holes. Are there any holes to mount a license plate?
  4. Looks like it is missing the brake shoes. ☹️
  5. Studebaker, as well as other independents also used them.
  6. The Champion engine and the "Commander" engine are totally different engines. (If that makes a difference here, I don't know. But you will need to check Commander tune-up specs to be sure.)
  7. Nope. Wheels and frame too big!
  8. My listings only go back to 1936. FWIW: Pontiac, Buick, Olds, LaSalle, and Cadillac all shared the same vent window in '36. Maybe the same holds true for '35 as well? I just don't know. The vent window is different between '35 and '36.
  9. The only good yard left in Fresno would be Turner's. https://www.turnersautowrecking.com/ Globe was liquidated and Romo's crushed everything.
  10. I posted on your other thread on same subject.
  11. Within the same body styles, the windshields are the same for 36 Dodge and Plymouth. Sedans take one w/s, coupes take a different one, and convertibles take another different one. The convertible is a shorter height w/s. The coupes and sedans are about the same size as each other, but a different shape. The NAGS pattern number you need is 925 if you have an auto glass shop with old patterns, or order it from someone online.
  12. KMJ in Fresno went on the air in March 1922 and also uses a 50,000 watt transmitter. Saturday mornings they have Auto Shop Talk call-in program. I learn a lot about modern vehicles.
  13. The following cars all share the same glass (and body). All the internal hardware should be the same. I can't imagine GM would change these items, but I don't know that for sure. Pontiac 1941-48 4dr sedan Streamliner Torpedo. Models JB, KB, LB, MB, PB. Job or Style 2609. Oldsmobile 1941-48 4dr sedan Dynamic Cruiser Models 76, 78. Job or Style 3609. Buick 1941-48 4dr sedan Touring Special 40, Century 60 Models 41 & 61 Style # 4409 and 4609. Cadillac 1941 4dr Touring Series 63, 61 Style 6319 and 6109. 1942-47 4dr Series
  14. I came into this late...I can tell you what cars will interchange regarding the doors. But you must give me the "job" number on the I.D. / Trim plate from the firewall. It should be a 4 digit number, also with two letters, probably. GM had so many body styles during this era, and many people use the wrong name or term describing these cars. Having the Job Number eliminates guessing. Or find a Hollander's Interchange Manual at the Library.
  15. 1940 Studebaker Champion center sections, maybe? Aftermarket.
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