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  1. Turner's Auto Wrecking in Fresno.
  2. Sadly, as an old MoPar fan, the Chrysler marque will end soon. No new products in the pipeline. What do they have left besides the Pacifica. Same for Dodge: Challenger and Charger, nothing else. Jeep is where it is at right now. Ram might survive.
  3. Anyone else notice the headlight openings/surrounds do not match? Let me guess: Set up that way for racing?
  4. You know, with the headlights coming out of the fenders, I was just certain this was a Pierce Arrow...but then the VW Beetle front turnsignals threw me off! 🤯

    car emblems

    Your red Studebaker emblem came out of a cereal box. Seriously. 🙂
  6. Thank you for your help.
  7. Since Chevrolets share the same windshields as Pontiacs during this era, it shouldn't be too hard. Start with http://bigjims.net/products.htm (they seem to be having some trouble with the website when I checked) 53 and 54 will be the same.
  8. My parts catalogs escape me right now...I picked this up at an estate sale. It is complete, unopened. Thank for your help. I probably saved it from the trash. Kurt


    I found it to stand for Fix It Again, Tony!
  10. This is referred to as the Deluxe Triple Duty heater for all 1937 Studebakers (Which should include the Coupe Express). Accessory number AC424. The motor spins, but I have not tested it. I see no signs of leakage, but again, have not tested it. Appears to have been re-painted. One of the fine metal trim lines that wraps around the corer has been bent. Otherwise in nice condition. Figure about 14 lbs shipped from California.
  11. Actually, 55-60 are the same. Then on the largest trucks Dodge made, they continued with that same basic cab design using the same windshield through 1975, and later on some low cab forward. Not common, but never know what's lurking in a salvage yard. If it's a Dodge and has that same basic shape to the windshield, it is the same. Some autoglass warehouses will still have this windshield numbered W425. Modern NAGS# DW0425 or DW00425.
  12. If it fits a C-1, that would be 54 only. Is it a NAGS DW333 ?
  13. It is important to know if this fits the sedans and wagons, or the hardtops, convertibles, and Nomads. They are different windshields.