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  1. Yes, specifically 1947-1949 Studebaker clock hole cover. IE: If you didn't pony up the money for a clock the car came with this. A nice design.
  2. Once again a lousy job of promotion by the estate sale company! Vehicles are being sold Friday morning at 10AM. Listing has been up for less than a week. I know of no other place they have advertised this sale. https://beethovensestates.net/?page=upcomingsales
  3. As mentioned before...Richard Quinn is your man for this question. Surprised he hasn't appeared yet. Although chances are better of him seeing this if it had been in the Studebaker Forum section.
  4. And for further clarification, International did not build the bus. They only provided the chassis, engine, and front sheetmetal ahead of the cowl. Bus companies build the body. This could possibly be a Gillig bus (Hayward, Ca.). Many other bus/coach companies (Superior, Carpenter, etc.).
  5. I notice the crown/jewels are missing from the headlights in the museum photo.
  6. If the subject car has the corresponding part on the right side, one would be able to use that when doing computer modeling. Just change one of your x/y/z coordinates.
  7. That Dodge truck should be a 1954 C1-B6
  8. As with most pedal cars, there were variations of Midwestern Industries Studebaker over the years.
  9. Contact forum user RBK on this site. Massive inventory of old Stude parts.
  10. There is wicker or canework shown on a car in this current thread: Although hard to see detail.
  11. It was also used on the K.R.I.T. automobile in their logo. 😮
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