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  1. I would guess poster needs interior windshield garnish.
  2. I would like a trunklight also. PM sent.
  3. Well I was only 9 years old in Modesto, Calif., but my Dad explained the cruising he did a decade before George Lucas had his experiences that were later immortalized in American Graffiti. Five year later, my older brother spent many nights cruising McHenry Ave in Modesto---downtown 10th Street having been abandoned in favor of wide open north Modesto.
  4. Kaliforniafenderskirts in Dinuba, California can probably help you. He has an amazing selection. https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Community/WEST-COAST-Fender-Skirts-665503476865792/
  5. Yes, I'll get in touch with you via private message. Thanks, Kurt
  6. 2137T is the pattern number for 57-58 Cadillac Eldo Brougham front door, but that doesn't look right. What are the measurements (maximums)? 2173T (transposed numbers) is the pattern number for 57-up International truck vent glass. That looks like it. Perhaps why they didn't sell. Mis-marked? Again, give me the measurements and I'll possibly narrow it down.
  7. Gee, you must drive your cars every three days? Doesn't that kinda fly in the face of the Greenies trying to get people to drive less...
  8. Gee, you must drive your cars every three days? Doesn't that kinda fly in the face of the Greenies trying to get people to drive less...
  9. And yet, still no Studebaker in his collection. 😲 He has been asked about this--I think-- and he's always kinda vague. Of course not just any Studebaker would do. Maybe a 4 Seasons Roadster? I think he's waiting for one of the 9 Avanti R3s that's to his liking to become available. Or maybe a 1956 Golden Hawk with a dual quad 374 Packard under the hood... P.S. Oh, yeah. He has a Baker Electric doesn't he?
  10. Well, renewing through Amazon turned out to be IN our favor! My wife contacted Amazon, they looked into it and wham, bam, thank you Ma'am, we got a full refund from Amazon, almost instantly.
  11. A very good magazine. No ads. Just good reading. My wife recently renewed my subscription through Amazon, something new to us, because it was a better rate. Whoops! Now how do we go about getting a refund? We could claim we didn't get the goods we paid for. But I think the well is dry.
  12. I know I've seen lots of these over the years...
  13. I've been a SDC member for over three decades, and use the Forum extensively. Just decided to start here. I know both Roys. BBill, the radio I'm looking for will say on the back: S-5327 Studebaker Philco.
  14. From what I see, yes, the younger generation is buying these cars.
  15. Thanks, Brad. I have contacted Dan and heard back from him. He may have what I'm looking for, but still looking for more options.