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  1. Bummer! Hope he realizes Good Stude truck fenders are hard to come by...I saw quite a few there.
  2. He seems to know what he's doing, I guess. No mention of it, but I sure hope he changed the oil before cranking it over in an attempt to start it!
  3. I worked at summer camp that had a lot of "vintage", sometimes donated, sometimes surplus purchased vehicles. We had two White vehicles. A firetruck from Newman, Ca., and a school bus. Always puzzled how to read the nameplate on the side of the hoods. Was it White Super Power, or Super White Power? Either way, potentially a bit awkward today... BTW: I now see the link to the early White logo on Ed's vehicles with the extend wing motif.
  4. The most popular big rig windshields are back-ordered 4 months from overseas. In some cases, this prevents the trucks from passing inspections to go to the ports of entry to pick up the shipments of new windshields. Catch 22.
  5. Gary, I was hoping you would respond because I figured you had this info. But I know you've been busy. I was also hoping Skip would respond on the Truck Forum, but he didn't. Looks like the dimensions were pretty close to the Datsun bed, but it sold over the weekend at an estate sale. The Datsun tailgate was perfect, so I figured I could have sold just that and recovered all my cost for the complete package.
  6. What is the width of the bed? What is the wheel bolt pattern? Found a trailer made out of a early Datsun pickup bed. Would like to change it to an M5 bed I have located.
  7. That grille started in 1974. May have continued through '76.
  8. Push-button door handles (which this has) started in '52.
  9. That Nigerian man must be really nice. I'll bet it's the same one I hear from occasionally that is related to a Prince that wants to send me $800,000.
  10. Specifically the hood badge is 48-49 Studebaker Champion. Commander is very similar, but the colored part is a separate plastic, or cloisonne insert. The Studebaker horn button is from a low trim level, but I don't know the years it was used, possibly 53-54 Champion.
  11. 32 louvers in my pic. 32 in TerryB pic. 32 louvers in 3macboys' ebay pic.
  12. How is it not a Dodge grille? The two halves are bolted together instead of having the separate center section (about 3" wide") in between. Just asking.
  13. Appears to be a '37 Dodge car grille. Missing the center strip. '37 Dodge trucks are different. Can you believe it ? I beat Keiser to it!
  14. There was speculation it is '37 Studebaker. But looking at this thread: The construction isn't the same. Pictured grille has 32 slats. The restoration subject has 38. Were there aftermarket grilles for '37? I know there were for the Champions (39-40). Side view: Each one of these slats has a right angle on the end which is spot-welded to the outer frame, un-like the resotration thread.
  15. Then rear bumper for what I mentioned above.
  16. Does this ad I.D. it, or is this YOUR ad? https://www.rearcounter.com/2949552-parts2254845.html
  17. 47-48 Studebaker Champion? Both years a little different from each other based on location of holes. Are there any holes to mount a license plate?
  18. Looks like it is missing the brake shoes. ☹️
  19. Studebaker, as well as other independents also used them.
  20. The Champion engine and the "Commander" engine are totally different engines. (If that makes a difference here, I don't know. But you will need to check Commander tune-up specs to be sure.)
  21. Nope. Wheels and frame too big!
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